Season 5 Episode 37

The Compass of Fate: Byxis

Full Episode: The Compass of Fate: Byxis


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Dr. Ziggeraut uses his arrangement system to program Zeo with data on Team Excalibur to get them ready for the next battle. After failing to adapt fully to the program, Zeo is sent after Ryuga with a time limit of bringing him back before Damian's arrangement system download is completed. Meanwhile Madoka finishes repairs to Eagle and Libra. While trying to test the repaired Eagle and Libra, Gingka and Masamune get distracted by Zeo pursuing Ryuga. Zeo ends up revealing his hatred for Masamune leading to a battle. Damian's arrangement finishes and Ziggeraut sends him out to retrieve Ryuga as well. Instead of running into Ryuga, Damian runs into Yu and Tsubasa and decides to test his Hades: Kerbecs blade on the newly repaired Eagle and Libra. Masamune, Gingka, and Zeo get distracted by the appearance on Hades: Kerbecs. Zeo returns to HD Academy knowing his time has run out while Gingka runs to find his friends badly hurt and their blades fully destroyed.

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