Season 3 Episode 50

Welcome to My Nightmare

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 23, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

Boris doesn't want to risk losing everything, so he sends Crusher and Ming Ming to take out Tyson. He also demands that Hiro do everything possible to make Brooklyn ready for the final match. Meanwhile, Mystel overhears Boris through the window but refuses to acknowledge the order. He informs Garland of what is happening, and Mystel and Garland rush off to Tyson's place. At Tyson's house, he is doing some last minute training because he can't sleep when Ming Ming and Crusher attack. The other G Revolution members hear it though, and Max, Ray, and Daichi prevent the attack from happening by launching their own blades. Eventually Ming Ming and Crusher reveal that Boris forced them to join BEGA by paying for various items they own. Mystel and Garland appear and promise to help Ming Ming and Crusher out. Garland also tells Tyson he will be fighting Brooklyn in the final. Tyson thanks Garland, but thinks it's also a trick. The next morning, the G Revolution members visit Tala quickly, and then they head to the BEGA coliseum for the final match. The episode ends with the G Revolutions looking down a tunnel to see who Tyson's opponent will be, when out walks Brooklyn setting up the final battle.
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