Season 3 Episode 50

Welcome to My Nightmare

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 23, 2005 on YTV

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  • Brooklyn is in shock after his loss. boris sends crusher and ming ming to beat up the grev's beyblades, uncertain of the upcoming battle. hiro decides brooklyn, not garland, must blade for the final battle. but the task proves difficult..

    i loved this episode! although it did make me sad. the fact that boris would, in fact, resort to the dirty in dire circumstances reveals that he hasn't changed, whatever he says... and poor, poor brooklyn! i don't know, but it seems a teensy-weensy bit unfair to brooklyn, the way he lost so suddenly. and of course unrealsitic, kai couldn't have won merely on spirit like that! brooklyn totally overpowered him in 'now you're making me mad'. crusher and ming ming's case seemed a little pathetic but relistic, at least. and i guess tyson was also feeling the tremendous heat and i didn't think he'd have a hope of beating the new brooklyn. but then the writers are always partial to the main character..! the whole episode set a pretty good stage for the next and greatest beybattle, which also (very sadly) happened to use up the last two episodes.
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