Season 2 Episode 45

Zeo vs. Ozuma

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 06, 2004 on YTV

Episode Recap

The Beyblade World Championship Finals are underway and eight teams convene to compete for the title. The Bladebreakers are shocked to see that their old friend Zeo is in the competition and Tyson confronts him to find out why he has decided to compete against them. It turns out that Zeo is the son of Zagart, an old colleague of Mr. Dickenson's who stole the ancient rock that contained captured Bit Beasts. Zagart has already made it known to the Bladebreakers that he wants their Bit Beasts and he's going to use Zeo to get them. Once the competition begins, Zeo's team member Gordo makes short work of Dunga. Then it's Zeo turn. He goes up against Ozuma and it is clear to everyone watching that Zeo's Blade is no ordinary Beyblade. After a very intense battle Zeo defeats Ozuma surprising the entire audience and putting him in a position to move on to the next round where his team will battle the Bladebreakers!!