Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 08

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1998 on FOX
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Episode 08
Segment 1: "Firestation 32" - When a boy alerts a firefighter about a major blaze, unexplainable events take place.

Segment 2: "The Computer" - A couple's baby sitter often brings her laptop to the job, one night as the couple is driving to a restaurant the wife notices that the babysitter has left her laptop behind...

Segment 3: "The Girl Next Door" - A man falls in love with a woman who lives across the street. She then explains that she was once cheated on, and the man afterwards realizes that it was him, and that the woman is a ghost, who was buried in a curchyard across the street.

Segment 4: "The Wallet" - A young teenager discoveres his father was rich and inheirits the money after his death.

Segment 5: "The Woods" - Someone in a wheelchair saves a young boy's life, but was it a doctor or a legendary ghost?moreless

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      • (After "The Woods")
        Jonathon Frakes: Is there a logical explanation for this story? Did Randy become delusional from the snake bite and simply imagine a man in a wheelchair? If so, how did suddenly develop the skills to save himself from being poisoned and how could his description match the story of the doctor in the legend so perfectly? Could it be that the doctor had faked his own death years ago and was now living as a hermit by the lake, only appearing at those times when he senses people need help? Does this story of a snake bitten young man saved by a spirit in the woods have a hint of truth, or are we just putting the bite on you?

      • (Before "The Woods")
        Jonathon Frakes: (Holding a mechanical replica of a rattlesnake) Meet one of nature's most feared, reviled and dangerous creatures. Our hatred for this reptile goes all the way back to the garden of civilization. Yet to the serpent's credit, they rarely choose to venture into our world. We more often are the invaders in theirs. And once we become the intruder, should we really be surprised if we should encounter a snake in the grass? (The mechanical snake shakes its tail)

      • (After "The Wallet")
        Jonathon Frakes: A needy, young man without a family will now inherit a fortune from a relative he never knew existed. What collusion of circumstances allowed Jason to find that wallet, at that time, in that location? And if Mr. Neeman was housebound for two years before his death, how did the wallet get outside in the first place? Did some undetected thief break into the Neeman house years ago, steal the wallet and ditch it in the grass? Or did fate place that wallet there for Jason to find? When you dig for the truth in this story, will you find the content empty?

      • (Before "The Wallet)
        Jonathon Frakes: (Going through his wallet) If you ever lost a wallet, you're immediately jolted by how much else you've lost. Aside from cash and precious photos, you could find yourself without authorization to drive, travel, shop or even be admitted to a hospital. So what is your obligation if you find a wallet? How far would you go to make sure that it's returned to its rightful owner? Jason is a young man with very little in the way of material things. He's been raised by foster parents and is working hard to get into college. He's about to come across a lost wallet and what he'll choose to do with that discovery will certainly change his day. In fact, it may change the very course of his life…

      • (After "The Girl Next Door)
        Jonathan Frakes: So, our Casanova loses the love of his life because he couldn't stay true. One can only hope he will treat others with more honesty and respect in the future. But did this story really happen? Was Florence really a ghost or a flesh and blood person who choose to leave on her own terms? But then, how do you explain the gravestone with her name on it? Could it have been her mother's grave or her sister's? Or maybe there is no explanation? Is this story of the man with a roaming eye true... or are we just playing around?

      • (Before "The Girl Next Door")
        Jonathan Frakes: For the modern Romeo, the computer microchip has replaced the little black book. Enough names, numbers and statistics can be stored here to accommodate the most active social life. But all the information about the opposite sex is meaningless unless it's accompanied by an understanding of the heart. That's a lesson that the playboy in our next story is about to learn.

      • (After "The Computer")
        Jonathan Frakes: What happened here? How could both Mr. and Mrs. Drummer have seen the computer in their backseat when it was in their home all along? Could it have been an optical illusion caused by some odd convergence of light and shadow? Or was it some... "other worldly" message sent as a warning beacon to lead them back to their home? Perhaps the answer was created by one of our writers working at home... on her own computer?

      • (Before "The Computer")
        Jonathan Frakes: In the age of communication, we can always be reached. Our kitchens are posted, work numbers, pager numbers, car phone numbers, emergency numbers, neighbor's numbers, but all this seeming security can't change the one apprehension we all share... anything can happen when we're gone. And if you're nervous parents, like Joseph and Sarah Drummer, leaving your child in the care of a new babysitter, your fears multiply. The fact is, no matter how well you set up your lines of communication, our true security is not in the hands of the people we hire, it's in the hands of fate.

      • (After "Firestation 32")
        Jonathan Frakes: Was this an out of body experience? When Stevie came to warn the station house about the fire, was he already dead? Did Roger only imagine that he was talking to Stevie seconds before he discovered his dead body? Or maybe Stevie destined to be an angel whose job it was to save the lives of people who would have otherwise perished? A true story of faithful proportions... or simply a false alarm?

      • (Before "Firestation 32")
        Jonathan Frakes: Almost every boy at one time or another wants to become a fireman. And why not? Firefighters are constant reminders of heroic behavior, risking life and limb on a daily basis to protect us and our property, and they get to ride on a red truck, too. Stevie Hanson hung out with the men of his neighborhood firehouse, they've taught him to polish the truck, check the equipment and slide down the pole. And then there was the day where he was the one who taught them...

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