Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 11

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1998 on FOX
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Episode 11
Segment 1 : "The Land" - A Farmer makes the ultimate bargin to make his land furtile for his family in the future.

Segment 2 : "Titan" - A Writer creates a short story that parallels the fate of the Titanic. The story matches the details almost to the letter until it is revealed that the story was written over 14 years before the Titanic set sailed.

Segment 3 : "The Diary" - A young high school girl sees the future and records it in her diary. Two other girls who read her diary to tease the young girl only discover that she has written they are going to die in a car accident.

Segment 4 : "Town Of Remembrance" - A women who has lost her memory discovers on the way to an appointment with the doctor a town that she finds familiar. She discovers a name of a boy that died in a car accident years before and visits his grave only to discover another grave with a photo similar to herself.

Segment 5 : "The House On Barry Avenue" - Mysterious fires continue to break out in the house without explaination. The house was ordered destroyed and in the ashes a scrapbook was discovered pointing to the wife's childhood as a super natural cause.moreless

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      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "The House on Barry Avenue") Could this story have actually taken place? Can spontaneous combustion occur with no scientific explanation? Or could the fires have been caused by some repressed spirit sent to punish a woman who had crossed the gods of flame in the past? Is this story real or unreal, that is the burning question...

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "The House on Barry Avenue") Many say that fire is Man's first great discovery. For centuries, it has allowed us to cook our food, heat our dwellings, and light our pathways. And everything that has been invented since either relies on fire or imitates it. But fire is inspiring something else in the lives of Stuart and Laura Freeland, the destruction of their security. And when we cannot control our own safety, then all we have left are the fires of fear...

      • (After "Town of Remembrance")
        Jonathon Frakes: Did our Jane Doe actually live a past life in the town she was visiting? Was it really her who died in that accident years ago? Or was that photo in the cemetary someone who looked like her? Is this the first time you were being asked to judge the truthfulness of this tale? Or, as that great philosopher Yogi Bera once said... "Is this deja vu all over again?"

      • (Before "Town of Remembrance")
        Jonathon Frakes: The human brain, much to complicated to be understood... by the human brain. Repressed memory, total recall, deja vu... all found here. And all basically unexplainable. Jane Doe has no recollections of her past, yet on the blank wall of her memory images appear that she seems to remember. You are about to enter her world, to experience a tale of amnesia you will never forget.

      • (After "The Diary")
        Jonathon Frakes: Our story ends before we find out the exact fates of Rasha and Daley. Sad to say that shortly after reading Kim's diary they were involved in a fatal traffic accident. Was their untimely end really predicted by Kim? Or were they so frightened upon reading the diary entry that they were driving in a state of blind panic, bringing about their own demise? But then, how do you explain the accuracy of all those other "prophecies" in Kim's computer? This story maybe fact, then again, it may be fantasy. What's your prediction?

      • (Before "The Diary")
        Jonathon Frakes: Once, private thoughts were kept in locked diaries hidden away from prying eyes. Today's high-tech generation are more than likely to record their deepest secrets on a computer. Kim Matticks is a lonely girl who feels safe recording her thoughts on a computer. But what happens when outsiders invade the private sanctuary of her inner most feelings? We're about to see the frightening consequences.

      • (After "Titan")
        Jonathon Frakes: An amazing story... especially when you consider "The Titan" was written 14 years before the Titanic ever sailed. Could Harris Fisher really have imagined all of those parallels to the Titanic? Was there some newspaper article about plans to build the Titanic that he lifted his ideas from? Or was it another example of art foreshadowing life? The same way Jules Verne wrote of submarines long before thier invention or Da Vinci sketched flying machines centuries before the Wright brothers? Is or story of the ship that hit an iceberg the truth? Or is it simply... a Titanic hoax?

      • (Before "Titan")
        Jonathon Frakes: A luxury liner, very much in our thoughts these days. The image of a giant ship cutting through the waters combines out fantasy of opulence with the undeniable romance of the open seas. No wonder these miracles of the waves have a way of capturing our imagination. This next story, the seafaring disaster is set in a time earlier than most of our tales, but inspiration of its telling is as fresh as tomorrow.

      • (After "The Land")
        Jonathon Frakes: Did Joss Myrtle really disappear and become part of his land? Or did he simply go away one night, never to return? Was his daughter dreaming when she saw him hit by lightning that night? Then how do you explain the sudden greening of the Myrtle farm? And what about that pile of clothes and who was the mysterious stranger? Is the truth blossoming here? Or is it just another home grown lie?

      • (Before "The Land")
        Jonathon Frakes: What mysterious forces cause some soil to be fertile while other gardens yield nothing but wilted dreams? What is the secret of the green thumb? Joss Myrtle doesn't possess a green thumb, in fact, lately most of his efforts to cause his land to bloom are all thumbs. But Joss Myrtle loves his land, and even though he has no financial resources, he is determined to see it thrive again, no matter what the cost...

      • "Follow the Clown as he turns the corner - Our circus is about to begin"

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