Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 12

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1998 on FOX
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Episode 12

Segment 1 : “Bright Light” - A lost, scared women stops at a bar to review her map when Gunner, a local bar regular, approaches her offering to buy her coffee. She declines and carefully leaves to continue her travel. While on the road, Gunner drives behind her flashing his brights and honking and eventually pushes her off the road. Gunner draws his rifle and forces her out of the car. To her surprise, he then orders a rapist hiding in her back seat to get out and holds him until the cops arrive.

Segment 2 : “Magic Mightyman” - Lenny Fields, a comedy writer, jogs in the park daily and meets a local bag lady named Gloria. While continuing his jog, two young guys mug him of his clothes and money and lock him in a cage. Gloria lets him out and lends him a costume to wear, which gives him super strength when the guys try to mug him again.

Segment 3 : “The Student” - A frustrated teacher questions her dream of teaching until a student named Rudy inspires her again in an essay he wrote. He soon ends up scaring her into moving out of the line of a drive-by shooting, which she finds out was the way he died years before.

Segment 4 : “Scribbles” - Earl Potter buys a life insurance policy before his pregnant wife gives birth. Four years later Earl has a heart attack and dies. A week later while the widowed wife and her sister Bonnie pack to move to Bonnie’s house, the son is drawing. Bonnie recognizes symbols in the drawings, which are short hand, which tell Marlene where to find the missing policy to claim the money.

Segment 5 : “Count Mystery” - One day, a little boy named Tanner wanders off and that night a local news crew reports the story. They remember another story about a horse with psychic abilities, which they decide to ask for help.


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    Dante Basco

    Dante Basco

    Ghost of Rudi Hernandez, Segment "The Student"

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    Lisa Langlois

    Lisa Langlois


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      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "Count Mystery") Could this story possibly be true? Can an animal possess psychic powers? Doesn't the farmer's almanac base mysteriously accurate predictions in animal behavior? And haven't dogs and cats been known to predict earthquakes? But this story of an equine psychic? Is it an honest retelling of an actual event? Or is it a horse of a different color?

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "Count Mystery") Horses have long been thought of as magical creatures, from Pegasus the winged stallion to the diving horse of Atlantic City. They've been applauded, gambled on, even worshiped. The horse you're about to meet never ran a race or carried a soldier into battle, yet he is the stuff that legends are written about.

      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "Scribbles") What's the answer here? Did Aunt Bonnie know the truth all along and chose to secretly add the symbols to Billy's drawings? Or was a father's spirit really guiding the hands of a child? Could a child, far too young to even comprehend the symbols of shorthand, communicate those symbols so perfectly? Aren't there child prodigies who can play the piano before they can talk? Is this story of automatic writing an honest one? Or does your instinct tell you to simply... write it off?

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "Scribbles") The imagination of a child. What really goes on in a mind that is still unspoiled by most of the conventions and inhibitions of society? Should drawings like these be simply thought of as the expressions of innocent minds? Four year old Billy Potter is drawings lots of pictures lately. Pay close attention to them, analyze them, appreciate them, but what ever you do... don't dismiss them as childish scrawls.

      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "The Student") Was Vanessa actually visited by the ghost of Rudi Hernandez? If not, who was that student whose paper she read? Someone caused Vanessa to suddenly move away from the window out of harm's way. Was it another student using Rudi's name? If so, where did he go? And what happened to the paper he handed in? Is this classroom story based on fact... or are we simply telling tales out of school?

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "The Student") Is there a more important job then that of a teacher? To influence, inspire and educate young minds is the noblest of occupations. Vanessa Robinson is a born teacher, but lately she's become disillusioned. The paperwork on her desk seems like a mountain, the minds of her students seem closed, but she's about to meet a student who will change all that. A student in a class by himself...

      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "Magic Mightyman") So, was it the costume that gave him his new found strength? Or did Lenny have the inner courage all the time? History is filled with stories of magic clothing: Joseph's coat of many colors, Jason and the golden fleece and the millions of soldiers who have suddenly found untapped courage by wearing the uniform of their country. Is our tale based upon reality? Or is this story stitched together by a thread of lies?

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "Magic Mightyman") Some call them bag ladies, to others they are vagrants, and some consider them angels of the streets. Are these street people merely collecting castoff rubbish or are there treasures to be discovered in their receptacles? Gloria was more than a bag lady, she was a treasure hunter. And within her treasure chest is an item with a power so great, it could do battle with fate itself...

      • Jonathon Frakes: (After "Bright Lights") An intriguing story to say the least. The man we perceived to be a villain turns out a hero. The bright lights that seemed so threatening were really beacons of protection. Does this story of terror on the highways seem false to you? Or is your judgement being blinded by the truth?

      • Jonathon Frakes: (Before "Bright Lights") When you're behind the wheel at night, is there anything more disturbing than someone behind you who is driving with bright lights? Sometimes drivers do it to let you know they want to pass, sometimes they're unaware their brights are on, and sometimes, as in our next story, the reason is much more ominous...

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