Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 4 Episode 1

Episode 33

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2002 on FOX
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Episode 33
Segment 1: "The Devil's Autograph" - A man lies about not murdering his wife, and was not guilt in the court of law. The man told his lawyer after the case he murdered his wife, and gave him his $1,500.00 pen. The lawyer chased the man into the elevator and told him he didn't want anything of his, and he would get the devil's autograph, but the man just laughed it off. The elevator door shut him in, and he fell to the floor and the pen went through his heart.

Segment 2: "Mail Order Degree" - A business man made a lot of money off of cheating people and scams off of his commercials. He had so much money, that he had to hide it behind a hidden door behind his work chair. When he went into the parking lot one day after work, a man came up to him asking for a refund, but the business man refused and called for security, so the angry man threw a VooDoo doll at him which instantly caught on fire. A few days later, the business man started feeling drastically sick, but one day his secretary came in and found him dead and almost bald in his chair. It ended up that the room he hid his money in was filled with radiation, and died of radiation poisoning.

Segment 3: "The News Stand" - A fifteen year old kid his poor, but he has his father's belt buckle that he used to beat him with, just to make him remember to not trust anybody. One day, the teenager found a book of "Mysterious tales" under a garbage can in perfect condition, so he went to a news-stand to trade it in for $20.00 cash, and the news man's sandwich. The man hires him to work at the news-stand, and was really good to the teenager, and he started trusting the teenager so much, that he let him run the stand alone for sometimes days at a time. One day, the newsman didn't come for for a full week, but the teen received his answer by a man in a cloak saying the man was diagnosed with a tumor in his head six months beforehand, and gave the boy a note. The note revealed that the news-stand man was his father that beat him, and he was sorry, so he gave him everything he earned in his life.

Segment 4: "The Murder Of Roy Hennessey" - Two girls were doing a project in a cemetery, and see a man run out of the cemetery with a handgun. After his departure, the girls ran to see what he shot, he shot a man and the man was in critical condition - almost to the point of death. The man's last words were "Tell them that Roy Hennessey was killed by Jerry Fletcher. Tell them! Tell them!". The girls told the police the story, but when the police went to investigate the man's dead body, it was nowhere to be found. The police had Jerry Fletcher in the police car, because Jerry had ended up robbing someone's house and was in police custody for seventy-two hours. It turns out the girls saw a murder that took place two years beforehand.

Segment 5: "Mysterious Strangers" - Two wet men showed up at an old's lady named Zoreld'a house one evening. The asked if they could step in near the fire, so she accepted and told them to change out of their wet clothes and into her husband's clothes. She told them about the death of her husband, and how she had to borrow $900.00 to get by in life, but she had to trade in her house and land to pay off the debt, and she had no other place to go, and the story seemed to make the two men think. The next morning, Zorelda work up and discovered the two men not there, but a note that said "Here is $900.00 in nine $100.00 bills", so when the banker came to her house, she gave him the $900.00 bills. When the banker left her house, two men robbed him and took off their masks, and they ended up being the two wet men that ended at at Zorelda's house the night before. After the robbing of the banker, the two men took off their masks and revealed themselves as Frank and Jesse James.moreless

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