Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 34

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2002 on FOX
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Episode 34
Segment 1: "Writer's Agent" - A writing agent promised to give his client, Mary-Jane Layden, a deal to get her book, "Love Tides" published, but he wanted her to give him $2,500.00. She refused, saying she already gave him $12,000.00. They started fighting for a little while, until the writing agent pushed her to the floor and she died. The man hid her body beneath the company's plants, and took off. The agent himself thought the book, "Love Tides" would be a hit, so he decided to create a fake person by the name of Lucille Carns, and pretend that she wrote the book. When the book was released, it soared to the Best-Sellers list. The company wanted the agent to bring in Lucille Carns for a book signing, but he refused and said that Carns was a very private person. The same day (?), the company called the agent and said Carns was at the book-signing, so he went to investigate, and saw the ghost was signing the books. He left in a hurry, and went to see if the buried body was still there, and it was, but the police got an anonymous tip telling them to follow the agent. The agent was sentenced to jail.

Segment 2: "Crypt Ghost" - Three young adults film a documentary of going into a cemetery and looking into the casket of a Vietnam General. When the opened the casket, one of the girls shouted the the hand moved. They shook it off, and one of the boys reached in a took the General's boned hand, and took the sword out of it. Immediately after he did so, the casket slammed on his hand, so the other two people ran to get help. They found a man, and they propped the boy's hand out of the casket. The boy looked at his hand, and it had a big "V" on it, and the sword was back in the General's boned hand. The "V" ended up being the General's signature.

Segment 3: "The Doll" - Susan always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and her dream came true. After the first day of school, a little girl named Ashley asked the teacher to give her doll back, but the teacher was dumbfounded as to why the child thought she had the doll. Later on, Susan went through her box of dolls, and she saw the exact same doll that Ashley claimed belonged to her. Susan's Mother told her that she had a friend as a child named Ashley, and she and her mother died in a car accident due to a drunk driver. Susan brought the doll into class the next day to Ashley, and Ashley said that was the doll and was suddenly happy. Susan said that there were a lot of dolls with pink dresses and brown hair, but Ashley said that only doll had a big red heart, and Ashley said "remember?". Susan then remembered the day that she and Susan were playing with their dolls, and Ashley put a big red heart on the doll, and suddenly, Susan remember her friend Ashley.

Segment 4: "Hubert's Curse" - George is a new employee at a factory, and everybody seems to be nice, expect one man is supposedly an oddball. After talking to him for a little while, George took one of the man's tools, but the tool bounced off of his head. The factory worker then showed him a sign above his tools reading that whoever touches the tools without permission, they would get Hubert's Curse put on them. The "oddball" factory man said that Hubert was his ancestor. One night, George wanted to get ahead on his work, so he needed an electric screwdriver but didn't ask for permission, so when he used it he got cut. The next day, he revealed he didn't ask permission, so the factory man got angry and told him he had to ask for permission first. The next day, George ask the factory man to borrow his ladder and he said yes. When George went atop of the ladder, he fell off of it. A few seconds later, the light blew out - the curse saved his life.

Segment 5: "Shared Vision" - The doctor was about to meet with a patient named Katie, but realized he had a new secretary, who said she was filling in for the day. Katie didn't want to put on her Hearing Aid because it hurt her head when she did, so the Doctor and Katie's Mother went out of the room to talk. The nurse and Katie started playing guessing games, and the nurse keep winning because when the Katie and herself held hands she heard Katie inside her mind revealing the answer. Katie then asked the nurse if she could stop the pain inside her head, so the nurse put her hands on the girls head and started seeing images. After the appointment, the nurse told the doctor to order a cat scan on Katie's head because she thought she had a brain tumor. The cat scan later revealed Katie did have a tumor in her head, but was in the early stages and it could be fully treated. The nurse wasn't a fill-in, and ended up being never seen again.moreless

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