Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 34

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2002 on FOX

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  • "Writer's Agent" is about murder and coming back to life. "Crypt Ghost" is about a documentary gone wrong. "The Doll" is about reincarnation. "Hubert's Curse" is about a curse on tools at a factory. "Shared Vision" is about a strange doctor that helps a t

    All these episodes leave you wondering. In "Writer's Agent" you are left wondering due to the fact that ghosts seem to exsist. "Crypt Ghost" leaves you wondering because the feeling of being trapped in a crypt of doom. "The Doll" leaves you wondering because you think reincarnation can't happen, but maybe it can. "Hubert's Curse" leaves you wondering because there are no such things as curses, people say. "Shared Vision" leaves you wondering because there have been stories in "Beyond Belief" that are about strange, mysterious people that help girls. This is by far my favorite episode
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