Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 4 Episode 4

Episode 36

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 04, 2002 on FOX
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Episode 36

Segment 1: "Second Sight" - A woman is blind, but when another women is murdered, she gets her sight restored and a second chance to see. While eating at a restaurant in the country, she sees a man that she can't stop looking at. The man approaches her and asks demandingly why she is staring at him, and she just said that he was familiar looking and she was sorry. When she went back to her hotel to pack her bags and leave the town, he came up behind her and handcuffed her and threw her on the bed, and he asked her why she was staring at him. She was upset and said she was sorry. He pulled up a chair next to the bed and said that he would sit there all night until he got the real answer out of her. After a little bit of time passed, and he fell asleep in the chair after drinking liquor, so she opened the door and ran to the owner of the hotel. He called the police, and they came and arrested the man. The policeman told the lady that he was wanted for the murder of a women, only to found out that he murdered the person she got her eyes from, and the eyes witnessed the murder and couldn't stop watching him.

Segment 2: "The Fine Line" - Two female twins seemingly have an amazing ability to share each others' feelings, such as one sister getting poked by a knitting needle, while the other also feels the pain. One night, one of them drives out alone and is involved in an off-road car accident. The sister at home feels strange and senses trouble. Her brother who is with her at the moment witnesses music somehow coming from the TV set, which is broadcasting a basketball game. The mysterious radio signals, alongside the twins' phenomenal ability leads the sister and her friend to investigate. After pinpointing the exact location of the accident with ease, the other sister is sent to the hospital and saved.

Segment 3: "The Wrong Turn" - A man had been living in his hometown for ten years, but couldn't remember where to make his delivery. He was shocked because he couldn't find anything correctly. He saw an old lady in the road waving her arms, so he swiveled out of the way before he hit her and he drove up near a building with his truck and mattress. He suddenly heard a thump on the car and crying. He saw a little boy on the mattress in the back of his truck who looked to be alright. The boy said he fell from the building. Suddenly, a man cleaning up near the street said he knew that the boy lived upstairs, so he and the truck driver went in their room and saw an old lady lying on the floor. When they turned her over, the truck driver was shocked to realize this was the lady that was waving her arms frantically in the street. They revived her, and she said that she had passed out because she forgot to take her medicine. It ended up that the lady left her body to direct the man to her house at the exact time the boy fell.

Segment 4: "Who Was I" - A man goes under hypnosis to resolve his fear of closed spaces only to discover a past life. After the session the man starts to draw and remember certain places. These places lead him to his past life's body buried under a building.

Segment 5: "You Are Next" - A heavy gambler husband hires a hit-man to kill his wife after they eat at a Chinese Restaurant, so when she read her fortune cookie at the restaurant, it said "you're next." When they were in a dark alley, a truck pulled up near them, and a man in a trench-coat said "You are next." The husband then said "I canceled the hit!" and then he had a heart attack. Before realizing he was in pain, the man from the truck said "You just won a trip to Hawaii! How do you feel"? The woman was hysterical, but then she saw her husband dead near their house.


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