Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Season 4 Episode 8

Episode 40

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2002 on FOX
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Episode 40
Segment 1: "Caitlin's Candle" - A father and daughter live alone together after their Mom passed away, she was a very good craft maker. One particular craft stuck out in her daughter's mind - a candle with an inscription in it. While being robbed in a house robbing, the father struggles to stop the burglary but suffers a stroke in the process. Now he is in a wheelchair going through therapy to recover, so his daughter has to take care of him. After the daughter feeds him lunch one afternoon, she took him on an evening walk around town. While they stop to look at an old building, the daughter gets robbed of her purse. She tells two men two watch over her father while she chases the robber. He ends up leading her in a run-down, messy house. While she looked around, the burglar came up from behind an choked her to the floor, but suddenly a candle shot up near the fireplace causing the burglar to run out. Suddenly after the candle burnt out, the young woman looked at the candle which was the stolen one. While showing her father, the father drops it to the floor and a diamond necklace is discovered underneath the candle. he necklace proved to be worth $100,000.00 so the young woman could go back to law enforcement school and the dad could hire a maid around the house.

Segment 2: "The Flower Jury" - After an owner at a local plant shop is murdered, the owner's nephew is devastated over the loss. The FBI have no leads, suspects, or witnesses to whom did the homicide. One of the FBI agents has a crazy plan that his college professor did in college - to hook a lie detector test up to a plant to see who the killer was because the hypothesis is that plants have the same feelings and emotions as human beings. The other FBI agent agreed to go along with the plan, and took in a line of suspects. To be proven guilty or innocent, they had to show two profiles of themselves. After the line of people quickly descended and soon enough ran out, the nephew walked in the back room to ask what was going on. Suddenly, the plant started shaking, proving that the nephew was his own uncle's murderer.

Segment 3: "The Mentor" - During the mid 1920's, Hoodinie was the most famous magician of all time, but the Kirby Brothers wanted to prove that they, no him, were the dominate magicians. Before they tried a death defying stunt, a curse was put on them saying that one of the brothers would have to die during one of the stunts because they stole an idea from somebody. The brothers eventually came up with the idea that one of them would stay in an ice block for twenty-four hours. With two hours remaining in the stunt and on the verge of making history, the brother in the ice wanted to get out with saying "help me". The other brother broke the ice with a hammer and the cold brother fell out of the block. With their manager trying to help the cold brother, they looked near them and discovered the brother that helped him had died.

Segment 4: "The Old Bike" - Two brothers have been jumping from foster from to foster home because their parents have passed away. While in an antique shop one day, the brothers stumble upon an old, rusted bike that was made approximately forty years earlier. With the bike only $5.00 the brothers bought it to fix it up. While in the garage one day, a tempered brother was drinking and started getting in a fight with his brother. Suddenly, the bike tooted it's horn. After the brothers tried to stop the bike, the handle-bar fell off and a note came out of it. The note was signed by their late father asking for the lost bike to be returned if it was ever lost. While looking at the address, they found out they have an uncle who hasn't talked to his brother (their father) for years because of stubbornness. He tells them he can hire them on his old business he and his brother used to run.

Segment 5: "The Music Teacher" - After a popular pianist is struck with a music block, he is struggling to try to help his memory out. No hypnotist, or any other professional help could help him out. He decides to call his old music teacher to help him with his music. When the music teacher comes over to his house, the teacher said he would give him a piece of chocolate when he finished. He did end up finishing and got back his will to do music again. When the music teacher left, somebody knocked on his door. It ended up being the music teacher's son who came to deliver the bad news that his father wouldn't make it to the music lesson that night, because he had died in his sleep the night before.moreless

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