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  • Bitten by a snake.

    the episode where the man in the wheel chair saved the boy bitten by the snake, who played the little boy
  • Beyond Belief. Title to me says it all

    Bibliography. This show is GREAT entertainment but the claims of FACTS are backed up by what? I hope people know this show was and is only entertainment and not truth. Here is a story. One time I stubbed my toe on my Great Grand Mother's Rocking chair. OUCH! Story End. Then I make a claim that I stubbed my toe on my great grandmothers rocking chair. She appeared to me in the bathroom while my toe was hurting, A bunch of other stuff happens and the ghost of my great grand mother saved the day! Then I make the claim this was based on actual events and I'm not lying. I just added other details but based on true or similar stories or events.

    Just a show and NO bibliography is ever given. The source of the information for their stories is and ALWAYS will be left out. Ghost hunter fans know that is just entertainment too, right?
  • The best show on TV

    This is the best TV show I have ever watched by far. I love everything about it. Jonathan Frakes is awesome! He is a great actor, very handsome and the part is perfect for him. He does it so well. The show is very entertaining since I love shows that work my mind and intelligence, and this one does that to me. I also love the puns that he uses lol, they are so perfectly written and used according to each story. It is very well written so I also give credit to the writers, very well acted so I give credit to the actors, but first of all, to Jonathan Frakes for a job well done! Awesome show! And I will continue watching for as long as it is on the air.
  • colton

    i love beyond belief.i like jonathan frakes better because at the end he says like where the truths happened
  • This was a great show. I try to catch when I can on Chiller.

    I used to love to watch Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction on the Sci-Fi Channel. That show scared the crap out of me at night and I'm so ecstatic that it airs on Chiller now. I thought I never see it again.
    Jonathan Frakes was just the best host for this show, not that James Brolin was a bad host or anything, but I would prefer Jonathan Frakes because his voice, I think, was a little creepier. I could watch Beyond Belief again and again and never get tired of it because I love getting scared by this show. One of the greatest shows of all time no doubt.
  • Love this show : - ) Wish it would be bought back - or that they would at least play re-runs constantly and at the same time if nothing else!!!

    As per above - to more to say...........

    Love this show : - ) Wish it would be bought back - or that they would at least play re-runs constantly and at the same time if nothing else!!!

    Love this show : - ) Wish it would be bought back - or that they would at least play re-runs constantly and at the same time if nothing else!!!

    Love this show : - ) Wish it would be bought back - or that they would at least play re-runs constantly and at the same time if nothing else!!!

    Love this show : - )
  • this was the best show ever!

    i remember coming home from school and watching this show....i compleatly loved this show. i really wish it would come back on TV. i didnt get to watch very much but when i did that was the best. every chance that i got to wach it i did...i would have quit anything to watch that show so i would love to see it come back. i cant find any of the eposodes on the internet. and i have been looking for a long time all over. i have found one and that was all so please bring the show back. Tyler.
  • The greatest show ever is coming back to FOX!

    Great news! All u beyond belief lovers out there, fox has confirmed that they will air a brand new season, including 8 new episodes of beyond belief (making it the 5th season of the show) It is not yet known if johnathan frakes will be hosting the new season. I prommiss that this imformation is true! Don't belive me? Go to, search beyond belief fact or fiction and at the bottom of the article it will tell you. Thanks, please comment back! Also, please let me know what type of episodes u guys think they should air. I think they should air an episode about aliens or an alien invasion.
  • This is the best show ever made!!!

    This show is not a good show, it is not a great show, it is not an excellent show, it is the best show ever made in the history of television!!! If it were run by a real company and not Fox I can garentee you it would still be on the air today but sadly that evil company owns it and cancelled it back in 2002 just like they cancelled many other good shows (Family Guy, Futurama, etc) only to return them later on after realizing they made a mistake. Sadly, they haven't returned Beyond Belief yet. Seriously, that company has some major issues in management, this show is extremely popular and almost everyone wants it back, why in the world will they not put it back already? There are a total of 4 Seasons (the first one is not that great and has only six episodes, all hosted with James Brolin and the rest are all 13 episode seasons and hosted with the much better Jonathan Franks). Each episode has a total of 5 segments of very strange stories where the viewer must guess which is fact and which is fiction. The stories are very strange and most people would think there all fake (for example, a man puts on a cape and gets superhuman strength or a man sees the devil in his oven) but a lot of them are actually true (like the one with a ghost cat that only one girl can see) and it's amazing to find out which are true and which are false. The first season is available on dvd so its at least worth renting and if you like it PLEASE buy the DVD. Hopefully with enough DVD sales the company will get a brain and return this great show (thats how Family Guy got brought back after it was originally cancelled).
  • This show was about events that supposedly took place in real life -- some that were fact and others that were fiction.

    I loved this show right from the first time aired with James Brolin as the host. It was fun watching all of the different stories each week and then trying to figure out which ones were fact and which ones were not.

    And once Johnathan Frakes took over, it was that much of a better show :). He made the show his own with his unique sense of humor and pathos. The show only got better from there due to that.

    It made me a loyal viewer and kept me eager to see each and every new episode of this wonderful show. It's a true shame that FOX cancelled it in the first place.

    This show was truly unique and it is sorely missed by it's many legions of fans out there, who all wish for its return someday.
  • A truly Great Show!

    Beyond Belief is packed with intrigue, mystery and spookiness. It's also ADD-friendly, with five separate and thoroughly engaging little stories per episode. Being one of my very favorite must-see shows for many years, it truly is the stuff great memories are made of. I adore rewatching the many memorable episodes and stories. Plus, it's fun to play along--guess which stories are rooted in real-life occurrences and which were dreamed up by a writer. I keep score, personally. And whether the stories are fact or fiction, they are wonderful. Every single episode is a treasure to me; I can't say that any of them are better than others (though of course I do have my favorite stories and some particular episodes overall.) This is the best show I can recommend whether you're into the paranormal/supernatural or just love good TV entertainment with fun hosts, especially Jonathan Frakes. And I do recommend it enthusiastically.
  • Love it

    i love it!1 of the best shows eva. all my family sits down to watch it because we discuss wot ones r fiction and fact most of the time were right. I tried to get my friend that had sky to watch it but i dont know if they like it. I think tvmadde (1 of ma mates) has watched it but fa cares. One of the ones we watched there was a different man, i fell asleep when he told is story at the end does anyone know who he is? well any way i lve it! nd if u dont like it fair enough!
  • Okaaayy...

    I love this show but, i really dont get it. Two of my best friends watch this over and over and over again so i almost know the episodes off by heart but, they really need new episodes. I am very intrigued by it though but i lose intersest before the end of the show so i end up switching channels and missing the most important bit, whether it was actually made up or if it was completly true. I get annoyed at myself when that happens because i actually do like to watch it when it's on. I like to watch the things that are really freaky cause it gets you paranoid ;)

    Please bring this show of the best shows ever and Jonathon Frakes is the perfect host. Everyone I know loves this show, not only because it is so thrilling and so much of it is true, but because you never know what the cae is until the end. I wish there were more shows like this out there for SCi Fi fans like myself. I don't care if you bring it back in re runs for now..I think that there is a huge audience base, especially if you ran it on weekends or late at night on week-nights..I Love it!!!!
  • They should bring this show back, it is amazing, when it got cancelled i was really upset. Sometimes i forgot it got cancelled and would put the TV on, and then I would remember, they cancelled it. Who did that?

    Whoever cancelled Fact or Fition, has serious problems. I love this show.Since it was erratically scheduled on the Fox network, Beyond Belief never received much attention. I haven't seen it in quite a while; I don't know if it was canceled or if it's on hiatus, as it was previously, so I'll refer to it in the past tense. I enjoyed the show. James Brolin and Jonathan Frakes were great hosts, and the sleek, modernesque set was memorable. The acting usually ranged from awful to passable, although occasionally some really great performances were featured. I recall a story titled "Get Your Kicks at Motel 66," which featured the always-terrific Mary Woronov as the motel manager. She put on a great show, but she also made me realize how awful the other actors in the segment were! Still, despite a lot of mediocre performances and soap-opera style dialogue (typical of TV re-creations), I had a lot of fun trying to guess which stories were fact and which were fiction. If it's gone, that's very unfortunate. But...Fact: If it's coming back, I'll be the first in line for the guessing game!
  • where to watch it


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  • Beyond belief fact or fiction had to have been the weirdest but coolest shows. I knew alot of people that would watch this show and would not miss any episode. Please bring this show back, I am almost sure alot of people would watch this if reaired.

    This show was a cool show. It seemed very interesting, that is the episodes that I saw. My wife and I saw a bunch of these episodes and we would go online to find out the next air dates, we thought it was really cool cause the ones you thought were made up those would be the real ones. I felt that the show never got a fair shake and I believe that if it is brought back today I think its ratings would very high. I think this show was better than some of these other ones that are still on the air. Actually, we want the show to be put back on the air for good! Let's band together and get this done! AMEN!!!
  • An completely amazing show!!

    Beyond Belief is definately one of my absolute favorite TV shows. It is such a shame that this show isnt on anymore and NEEDS to be brought back on TV! ! ! It has such a creative premise behind it and it is such an enjoyable show. It is a very unique show that is never boring. The five mini shows in each episode of Beyond Belief are great, and completely not predictible. Beyond Belief is impossible to stop watching once you have started. A show no one should miss, but not one for those who are easily scared.
  • Interesting show

    This show used to be on Sci-Fi. There were short stories and you had to figure which ones were real or fake. Most of the stories were really good. A lot of them had similar endings, like they see someone, but found out that the person died years ago. This show should've continued.
  • Beyond Belief Fact of Fiction is a awesome show.

    With in one hour they give you five stories you have to decide if the story is fact or fiction. It really messes with your mind because stories you think are false are really true, really a great show, but like all great shows it got cancelled. I was one of the only decent shows on the Sci-Fi Channel. A great show one of my all-time favorites.
  • Awesome Show!

    Many shows have tried to be as consistent as Beyond Belief was and many failed. The writing was spectactular, the acting was good most of the time. The work that must have went into this show is mindboggling. The budget doesnt seem small and the effects are pretty good. The facts behind the true stories and the hosting is flawless. Beyond Belief was one of those shows that if you missed it you had to tape it. The writing makes all stories believable and it was fun to sit and watch and make a game of answering that age old question..."Is this story Fact or Fiction, You Decide." I Rate Beyond Belief:Fact Or Fiction? 9.1.
  • Even though it ended dosen't mean you can't show it anymore!!!

    I have been watching this on Sci fi for some time now, until it got canceled. I got my little sister into it!! Why did they stop showing it??? Hey, I knew it was just reruns when they shown an episode I've seen before!!!! And I still watched it! I mean I used to love trying to guess which stories were true and which was false. It should be back on FOX or better yet Sci fi channel. Mainly because some of the shows and movies that they show STINK. I really think they should show more of 'The Twilight Zone' (during the day because I've got school at 7:00am and I go to bed around 8:30) and start showing 'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction' again!! I would be glad if they start making NEW episodes. But I don't think it'll happen. I just want Sci Fi to open their minds and start showing this great show again!!!
  • which I heard they may

    I think I read that here. That they order 8 espiodes and Fox plans on aring them sometime in the near future. I hope they do cause I really miss this show. The SciFi channnel used to air the re-runs all day a few time a month but they stopped.
  • This show was awesome! I can\'t believe they took it off!

    This show was awesome! I can't believe they took it off! It really tests your judgement on what you believe and what you don't. I used to watch it all the time, but then it seemed it disappeared! I looked for it, but couln't seem to find it anywhere. They should certainly bring it back. What should I do to help bring it back? Send an e-mail? Start a petition. Do they have any of those season DVD things? I think with a little publicity, those things would sell like crazy! I don't know, but I think it's a good idea.
  • Beyond Belief:Fact or Fiction is a show which tests you on what the believe and what not to believe. Beyond Belief is amazing and very scary at times. The Host Johnation Frinkes is the perfect host because he's a perfect scary guy. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    There are some paronormal shows out there that you know are made up and just plain suck. Beyond Belief:Fact or Fiction?, ISN'T one of those shows. Beyond Belief first started in 1997 and stopped airing in 2002. In the hour time spand you are showed 5 unbelieveable stories all having to do with something paronormal. At the end they reveal to you which story were fake(fiction) and which ones were based on true stories and actually happened(fact). In the first season James Brolin hosted the show and had 6 epoisodes. Then Brolin left and Johnation Frinkes took over as the host of Beyond belief, that's when the show got really scary. Frinkes just put the scaryness in the show where Brolin didn't. The second season consised of 13 episodes and most were very good. Then the the show didn't air for 2 years. In 2000 it was back on the air, it made 13 more episodes just as scary. Then another tragity happened. hollywood at the end of the 3rd season was going through a slump, and beyond belief was afraid that if the slump got worse it could ruin the show. Unforuatly it never got worse, but in 2002 it was back and aired once again 13 more episodes. After the fourth season Fox didn't want the show to go on a 5th season so it was cancelled. Reruns were then aired on Sci-fi until 2006. Lucky there is a petetion that if granted by Fox will allow this great show to be put on DVD!! We need all the support we can get!!!! Beyond belief was a great show and still is. It's a shame it had to be cancelled, when didn't even now they had a great show on their hands.
  • So creepy you cannot turn your head.

    I loved this show. Each episode featured 5 weird stories. At the end of the show you would have to guest what was fact or fiction. I would watch and pray that the scariest ones werent true. They had stories ranging from evil dolls, ghost, preminitions, etc. I'm pretty sure that these stories were loosly based on the actual events, but they were still really creepy. For instance; there was this boy who went into his little brothers closet and dissapeared. This show is a classic and they need to (Bring it back!)
  • i loved the stories.

    this one hour series came on fox and was the best show they ever had. they would show five stories, some real, some fake. you had to decide, and at the end of each show, they would tell you. this was such a great idea. it was awesome. i would so buy the dvds. this show was so well researched, why would they cancel it. they need to continue it even if the new episodes are sold on dvd, they would make a lot of money. there are tons of petition sites all over the internet. this show NEEDS to live on.
  • One of the best shows ever. I would follow it to any channel, even if I had to pay extra to get it.

    this show was and still is one of my all time personal favorites and I think that whoever decided to cancell this show made a huge mistake. I look weekly on amazon to try to buy season tape and check tv. channels in the hopes of seeing this show again but every week I am disapointed. This show needs to go back on the air! or at least release season tapes. Every one of my freinds and I watched this show weekly even when it went to the scifi channel. This show had too many viewer to just be abruptly pulled from the air.
  • COME BACK!!!!!!!

    I loved this show so much. From the first day I saw it I knew I had to watch every single episode. First off you have this really spooky guy and he really creeps you out with that smile. Anyway he'll tell you five stories three fact two fiction. And these stories are off the hook. I don't know about you but they sure kept me up. You have to decide wich ones are fake and wich ones are true. I'm sorry I have to brag I was pretty good at that. Then at the very end of the show he will recap the stories and tell you if they were fact or fiction and it was so awsome and then they took it off the air!!! That was so not right, I miss that show.
  • Bring it back, darn it!

    This show was absolutely awesome. It was one of the few shows my mother and I actually agreed on. We thouroughly enjoyed the challenge the show presented: 5 stories. Some real, some fake. You must decide. It's not like we actually won anything, but we liked the challenge. One of our particular favorites was the story about the stolen candle...we both found it very touching. My personal favorite, though, was the one about the monster in the closet. That freaked me out so much I wouldn't go near my own closet for about a week...I like being scared like that.
    Great show. Now bring it back.
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