Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Beyond Belief. Title to me says it all

    Bibliography. This show is GREAT entertainment but the claims of FACTS are backed up by what? I hope people know this show was and is only entertainment and not truth. Here is a story. One time I stubbed my toe on my Great Grand Mother's Rocking chair. OUCH! Story End. Then I make a claim that I stubbed my toe on my great grandmothers rocking chair. She appeared to me in the bathroom while my toe was hurting, A bunch of other stuff happens and the ghost of my great grand mother saved the day! Then I make the claim this was based on actual events and I'm not lying. I just added other details but based on true or similar stories or events.

    Just a show and NO bibliography is ever given. The source of the information for their stories is and ALWAYS will be left out. Ghost hunter fans know that is just entertainment too, right?