Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Episode 45
    Episode 45
    Episode 13
    Segment 1: "The Hand" - In a bar called the Bloody Hand, named after a brutal murder of a woman whose only remains found were her bloody hand, a drifter finds the hand is pointing at him. Is it a practical joke or is he the killer?
    Segment 2: "The Battered Doll" - A maid kills her employers and claims innocence until one of the prize possessions of the mistress, tells otherwise. The only problem it's a doll.
    Segment 3: "Poker Justice" - In the early 1900s, in an Irish bar, three poker players kill another one when he's revealed to be a cheat, and the only way to get back their losings is to enlist the aid of a "good man". They give the winnings to a boy found in the church and precede to play poker with him to win their money back. The only problem is that he's good and proceeds to win more of their money! Is he a cheat too?
    Segment 4: "Above the Clouds" - Melanie continues to have a dream where she is trapped in an elevator and it terrifies her. When she must travel in an elevator with her friends, she must face her fears when it stops and they're trapped. Is this a premonition or a coincidence?
    Segment 5: "Screen Saver" - A man and a woman break up after 5 years and the woman moves across the country to California. A year goes by and when she goes to repair her computer, returns home to find a screen saver of a picture of her and her old boyfriend. Is this a cosmic coincidence or a plan?moreless
  • Episode 44
    Episode 44
    Episode 12
    Segment 1: "Witness To Murder" - Back in the days, scientists wanted to catch something incredible on tape - ghosts. One scientist, although, was obsessed with capturing one on tape, and he was also running out of time and money. One night, a called a paranormal investigator who could possibly raise the dead spirits of a house. When they went inside, they saw two ghosts and a murder that happened years before. A man choked his wife with a rope, but then when the ghost saw the crew and paranormal investigator, he was mad. The crew left happy because they were the first to get the whole incident on film, but when they went out to the car of the scientists', they found the film wrapped around his neck - he was choked to death.

    Segment 2: "Roulette Wheel" - A man who always goes to casinos never wins, he always spends his whole paycheck on gambling at the Roulette Wheel. After he spends his whole check, he goes into the bathroom to wash his face and dry his hands, but when he goes to dry his hands, he gets an electric shock. He went back to the bar and got something to drink. When the waitress came back over, he asked her to flip the coin for the check, and he won. He flipped the coin twenty-six times and all twenty-six times he guess right. He started doing this at the Roulette Wheel with ten dollars he secretly keeps in his shoe in case of an emergency, and he won five-hundred thousand dollars. He went to go back to wash up in the bathroom, and got shocked yet again. When he went back to the wheel, he lost all of the money he gained.

    Segment 3: "The Phrenologist's Head" - When a woman and her husband go into the doctors office to discover why she is having what she thinks are migraines, he has bad news - it's not a migraine but a tumor. It's a very dangerous and possibly lethal type of tumor so they will have to operate on her head soon. The doctors' wife goes in the office and give him a gift - a Phrenologist Head which shows a head divided into categories and numbers in the showing what they mean. A shot kept showing up on number eleven even the the doctor and his wife washed off the lost four times. Before the operation, the doctor looked at the head again. The spot, yet again, had a smudge on it. He looked to see what number eleven meant and then realized that he mixed up the diagnosis, when he look on the sheet and saw a tumor, it was that of an eighty-eight year old man. The operation would have been completely useless.

    Segment 4: "The Bridge" - A young woman likes to go camping and explore in the wilderness, and she knows all the tactics and has all of he skills to survive in nature. The barometer kept falling, and it was getting windy and cold out. While she was walking slowly across a huge bridge, she is afraid she will fall off so she ties her buckle to the side of the bridge. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a lady in a nurses' uniform with her name tag on her shirt is on the bridge and tells her she will be alright and that should hurry off the bridge. The lady gave the young woman strength to get across the bridge, and the moment after she did, the bridge collapsed. Her parents came shortly after the incident, and she told them the story. They revealed to her that she was their adopted daughter, and that their mother was a registered nurse and she had died years earlier.

    Segment 5: "The Cigar Box" - After a little girl gets an old cigar box in a sale for a dollar, the cigar box kept shaking. The girl and the mother didn't think much of it, they thought perhaps an old shaking toy was in it. At the diner where the mom worked, Mr. August (Campbell Lane), came in and knew that the little girl had the box. He asked for one item in there, a Purple Heart, because he had won it after fighting in World War 2. After he got the Purple Heart, he left the diner. After the Mother's shift was done, they were walking on the street and had discovered that someone had died, and Mr. August was that man. He had died with the Purple Heart in his hand, even though the man at the ambulance said he must have been dead for at least two days.moreless
  • Episode 43
    Episode 43
    Episode 11
    Segment 1 : "The Mystery Of Douglas Hibbard" - Douglas Hibbard, a business man, is on a business trip with a bad case of the flu. He wants to meet his wife the next day for their tenth wedding anniversary, but he is afraid that he wont make the five hour drive home so he and his wife agree that he should stay at a hotel. Douglas tried to get sleep that night, but the flu was so overbearing that he couldn't get rest. Douglas then went downstairs to the hotel manager to ask for directions to a local drug store. After the manager gives the directions, a little while later Douglas comes in with a wet and d muddy rain coat and a gift bag. He tells the hotel manager to keep the gift bag in the hotel safe, so the manager does so. After the wife and hotel manager cannot reach Douglas, the manager goes into his room to see what happened and the manager didn't see a thing - not Douglas, not even drippy mud. After the hotel manager goes back downstairs, a cop waiting in the lobby reveals that Douglas had died on his way to the store and his car fell in a lake. Later, his wife came to pick up his belongings, and inside the gift bag was a diamond ring - a ring that Douglas had promised her years before because he couldn't afford one at the time.

    Sebment 2 : "Wheelchair Man" - After a jail-bait man gets knocked out of a wheelchair by his former jail mates, he has a psychic power that reveals the location of their hideout to the police. The police later arrested the man in the wheelchair and the two jail men.

    Segment 3 : "The Vigil" - After a young woman is in a coma for seven months after she flew out of the wind sheild of a car in a car accident, her loving, caring, and dedicated boyfriend is at her bedside almost all the time. He talks to her because he knows deep inside that she can hear him, so he tries talking about everyday things. After she still shows no signs of recovery, her parents want to take her off of life support. He begs them to keep her alive for one more day, and they reluctantly agree. He begs her to show signs of recovery, because he knows she can hear him. Eventually, he hears her voice telepathically and one thing he hears while a doctor and her parents are in the room is "look at my hand". When he did, he, the doctor, and the parents discover her hand starts to move. She eventually made a full 100% recovery while absolutely no brain damage.

    Segment 4 : "The Mandrin's Bowl" - While on a vacation, a mother, father, and son visit one last tourist attraction in the area - Chinatown. While looking at a restaurant to eat in, the son walks away into a Chinese store. He starts speaking Chinese (with no original Chinese language know-how) and then meets with an elderly man. They go into a back room where the elderly man gives the boy a bowl. After the boy gets the bowl, he returns to a normal state and starts speaking English without remember what just occurred. It happens that a spirit of a dead man returns into the boy's body to get a bowl with a promise to meet in another life. The boy keeps the bowl because the store lady (the Great-Great Granddaughter of the dead man) said he was chosen.

    Segment 5 : "Ghost Writer" - Bart Names is ghost writing the Wilfred Clayton autobiography, a cruel hard businessman with overbearing opinions. Bart has been using a tape recorder, so he can tune out the man during the dictation. One night after transcribing the daily tape a storm plays havoc with the audio equipment and the tape recorder plays though the night. The next day when the recorder is set to record, it instead plays the confession of the businessman to a crime which Mr. Clayton never said. After which, the man drops from a stroke and changes his ways.moreless
  • Episode 42
    Episode 42
    Episode 10
    Segment 1: "Moonstruck Beach" - A struggling writer, "Valerie Simms," rents a cabin in "Moonstruck Beach" in the hopes of getting away from it all and writing the great American novel. She meets the village caretaker, Jerry Corbin, who seems to be a friendly man. While strolling along the beach, she sights what appears to be a dead female body, but when she looks again, it's gone. Returning to her cabin, she finds that her printer has printed a page she did not request. The message is backwards, but when she holds it up to the window, she reads the reflection. The name "DEANNA LINDSAY" is repeated all over the paper. She asks the caretaker, Jerry, about Deanna Lindsay, who it turned out committed suicide about a year ago. She had been staying in that very same cabin. After another walk, Valerie returns home to find another printer message, which instructs her to get out because "Jerry killed me!" She narrowly escapes being killed by Jerry herself, knocking over Jerry with her car. Jerry is found uncouncious the next morning by police and admits to killing Deanna Linsday and two other women in that area. Valerie returns to the cabin to write her great novel, Moonstruck Beach.
    Segment 2: "Healing Hands" - A female nurse, Joanie, at Mercy Memorial Hospital has become strongly attached to an elderly female patient who is in a coma due to severe blood acidosis. This patient, Ruth Atkins, is not expected to survive, but Joanie continues to hold out hope, even though, as her partner notes, it would take a miracle to save Mrs. Atkins. Joanie notices that Mrs. Atkins has a visitor, a gentlemanly man whom she believes to be Mrs. Atkin's preacher and that Mrs. Atkin's condition seems to improve whenever he comes. To the surprise of everyone, Mrs. Atkins starts heading towards a full recovery, even coming out of her coma, buying her son who's stationed at sea time to come and visit her. Mrs. Atkins is eventually moved to her own room, where Nurse Joanie paid her a visit. It seems Mrs. Atkins left her bible there. Mrs. Atkins takes the Bible and notes that it's the Bible that her husband gave to her. But how is that possible? He passed away years ago. She shows Nurse Joanie a picture of her husband. It matches the visitor, who turns out none of the nurses except Joanie ever saw.
    Segment 3: "Aspen Sunny Side" - Gary likes to go biking on the trails of Aspen with his father, Peter. Unfortunately, this time he can't come along because he has to stay home to operate his business, which has a lot of orders. So Gary goes biking with childhood friends Kenny and C.J. instead. While biking, C.J. and Kenny split paths with Peter, who decides to take a longer trail and promises to meet them later. Unfortunately, Peter wrecks and breaks several bones and is left stranded, C.J. and Kenny being unaware of his situation. Back at Gary's, a couple of bizarre occurrences cause Gary to sense that his father is in danger and he begins working on booking a flight for Aspen. At the bar where C.J. and Kenny are waiting, Gary appears, warning C.J. that Peter is in danger and beseeching him to phone for help. Peter is rescued and he calls Gary, thanking him for his help. But what help? Gary never was able to get a flight to Aspen that day, due to poor weather.
    Segment 4: "Night Walker" - Wade Harris is a con artist. He slinks around at night, rummaging through garbage cans for their bank statements which they weren't smart enough to shred. He then assumes their identity, swiping money from their bank account and depositing it into his. He's done pretty well, being able to afford a decent upscale house, but he still hasn't made that one big score. Then, some mysterious neighbors (male and a beautiful red-haired female) move in across the street and they seem to be very wealthy. Although Harris has a rule never to scout the garbage in his own neighborhood, he can't resist this temptation. It turns out that the man is a baron, Baron Stokely Vradma. He's rich too, and Harris transfers a sizable sum from his account, although he's worried that he may have been spotting when digging through their trash. To celebrate, he picks up a girl from a bar and takes her to his house. Their "celebration," however, is interrupted by a ring at the doorbell. It's Martha Vradma and she knows what he's done. Harris dismisses his date, "Brady," and talks with Martha, who has a "business proposition" for him. It seems that Baron Vradma is a horrible man, and she wants Harris to help her in taking the Baron's money for her own. She transfers $25 million from his account into Harris'. The next thing Harris knows, he's waking up on the ground. Martha tells him that she's taking over the business partnership and then gets up to leave. Harris goes over to the computer, where his entire account has been wiped clean. He looks over, but Martha has disappeared. However, she left him a present, two vampire shaped bite marks on the side of his neck. The next morning, the police pick him. He's found guilty, but he's also found insane and is sent away to the insane asylum, where he raves about his bite marks and how Martha turned into a bat. He's also grown two fangs.
    Segment 5: "Hot Car" - Two hippies are on their way back to their hometown of Petaluma, California. They're trying to hitch a ride, but no one wants to take them. A car finally stops, and they're about to get in, when suddenly its blonde-haired driver, who's sported a tattoo, speeds away. They eventually hitch a ride with a truck driver, who drops them off at a general store at the end of town. There, Jared, the male hippie, decides to shoplift, since he doesn't have any money. He doesn't notice the store owner watching him via the security manager. The store owner calls him out, asking him if he intends to pay for what he took and he bolts, taking Jenny, the female hippie with them. They steal a car, which turns out to be the car of the blonde-haired female who dissed them earlier, although they don't know that yet. The store owner calls the police, who catch up with them. They think they're being arrested for shoplifting and grand theft auto, but it turns out it's something much worse- the police found a dead body in the back of the car and think that they killed them. Since everybody hates hippies, no one will believe that they didn't commit the murder and Jared and Jenny are convicted. After many years, they get a new lawyer, who gets the case thrown out due to lack of evidence. They're freed and since they still love each other, they decide to set up a health food store together. One day, while driving down the road, they stop for a hitchhiker, feeling sympathetic for their situation. The hitchhiker starts to get in, but then holds them up, telling them to get out of the car. She then takes off with the car. It's the same blonde-haired woman from before. She's dyed her hair black this time, but there's no mistaking her tattoo. The police catch up to her and she confesses to the murder of many years ago.moreless
  • Episode 41
    Episode 41
    Episode 9
    Segment 1: "The Wealthy Widow" - When Dirk tried to marry a set-for-life farm lady (Cassie), he tried to find her dead husband's one million dollar fortune. While sleeping one night, a ghostly presence appears and tells Dirk to follow him to show him where the fortune is. In the barn, the person reveals himself as Cassie's dead husband. After Dirk tried many times shooting the ghost, the ghost appears all over the barn and finally pushed the trunk of money atop Dirks heath off of the bus causing Dirk to die. After Dirk's death, Cassie saved the money in a bank.

    Segment 2: "The Witness" - After a three best-friends lose their other best-friend in a homicide situation, they are desperate to find out who her murderer was. The decide to preform at ritual in finding her spirit to reveal the killer. They go in a circle while holding hands with candles in the center of the circle and repeated words, and the lights started flashing and suddenly "I'm here" appeared on a mirror. Soon after that the phone rang and the answering machine picked up a ghostly voice revealing the murderer. The murderer was soon sent to prison.

    Segment 3: "The Accident" - While on the road of good Samaritan trying to rush to their sick son at home, an man and his nervous wife see another man trapped in a truck in fire. He breaks the window open and pulls the man to safety and recovers him. Five years later, the man that was saved is in his truck with his wife on the good Samaritan road, and they, too, discover a truck engulfed in flames. The man was great-full for his life being saved five years and he wanted to save this persons' life also. He quickly broke the window and drag the man out of the truck and recovered him. He then realized that this was the same man that saved his life the same way five years earlier.

    Segment 4: "Bad Dreams" - A woman who's mother was brutally murdered in her dream at the age of five actually occurred after she dream it, so this dream to her was no different. She had a dream that on her thirtieth birthday that she would die. In her dream she heard a loud noise, saw fire, and heard a pop. On her thirtieth birthday she was very tense and tried to keep as safe as possible. It started storming and the lights in the house went out, so the husband lit a fire. She didn't want him to lite one because she saw a fire in her dream, and then the car alarm outside started alarming. She didn't want him to go outside because all of the things she heard and saw in her dreams were piecing together. After the husband shuts the alarm off, the wife is locked inside. She tried running to the door to unlock the door so her husband could get in, but she tripped and fell. The husband went in the house through a winder and recovered her. She had survived to her thirtieth birthday. When her thirty-first birthday came around, the husband (and a now father) was talking to her grandmother who said she was five when her mother was killed, not six, making this her thirtieth birthday. The husband saw a fire in the candles, a pop from a champagne bottle, and a loud noise so he decided to check on his wife in the other room. She was lying dead on the floor.

    Segment 5: "Mental" - A cagey woman pretends that she is telekinetic and can move glasses, dishes, etc. on a table even though her boyfriend puts magnets under it. After they show another group of their friends, they leave the house and then go back home. While in their garage, robbers break in. While one robber is upstairs stealing things, another remains on the stairs as a watch guard. While the couple is tied up in the garage, they manage to stand up. The boyfriend tells her to use her telekinetic powers, because he didn't put magnets under the table the last time she moved the dishes. She used her telekinetic powers on the garage alarm and the alarm went off and the watch guard robber had a heart attack.moreless
  • Episode 40
    Episode 40
    Episode 8
    Segment 1: "Caitlin's Candle" - A father and daughter live alone together after their Mom passed away, she was a very good craft maker. One particular craft stuck out in her daughter's mind - a candle with an inscription in it. While being robbed in a house robbing, the father struggles to stop the burglary but suffers a stroke in the process. Now he is in a wheelchair going through therapy to recover, so his daughter has to take care of him. After the daughter feeds him lunch one afternoon, she took him on an evening walk around town. While they stop to look at an old building, the daughter gets robbed of her purse. She tells two men two watch over her father while she chases the robber. He ends up leading her in a run-down, messy house. While she looked around, the burglar came up from behind an choked her to the floor, but suddenly a candle shot up near the fireplace causing the burglar to run out. Suddenly after the candle burnt out, the young woman looked at the candle which was the stolen one. While showing her father, the father drops it to the floor and a diamond necklace is discovered underneath the candle. he necklace proved to be worth $100,000.00 so the young woman could go back to law enforcement school and the dad could hire a maid around the house.

    Segment 2: "The Flower Jury" - After an owner at a local plant shop is murdered, the owner's nephew is devastated over the loss. The FBI have no leads, suspects, or witnesses to whom did the homicide. One of the FBI agents has a crazy plan that his college professor did in college - to hook a lie detector test up to a plant to see who the killer was because the hypothesis is that plants have the same feelings and emotions as human beings. The other FBI agent agreed to go along with the plan, and took in a line of suspects. To be proven guilty or innocent, they had to show two profiles of themselves. After the line of people quickly descended and soon enough ran out, the nephew walked in the back room to ask what was going on. Suddenly, the plant started shaking, proving that the nephew was his own uncle's murderer.

    Segment 3: "The Mentor" - During the mid 1920's, Hoodinie was the most famous magician of all time, but the Kirby Brothers wanted to prove that they, no him, were the dominate magicians. Before they tried a death defying stunt, a curse was put on them saying that one of the brothers would have to die during one of the stunts because they stole an idea from somebody. The brothers eventually came up with the idea that one of them would stay in an ice block for twenty-four hours. With two hours remaining in the stunt and on the verge of making history, the brother in the ice wanted to get out with saying "help me". The other brother broke the ice with a hammer and the cold brother fell out of the block. With their manager trying to help the cold brother, they looked near them and discovered the brother that helped him had died.

    Segment 4: "The Old Bike" - Two brothers have been jumping from foster from to foster home because their parents have passed away. While in an antique shop one day, the brothers stumble upon an old, rusted bike that was made approximately forty years earlier. With the bike only $5.00 the brothers bought it to fix it up. While in the garage one day, a tempered brother was drinking and started getting in a fight with his brother. Suddenly, the bike tooted it's horn. After the brothers tried to stop the bike, the handle-bar fell off and a note came out of it. The note was signed by their late father asking for the lost bike to be returned if it was ever lost. While looking at the address, they found out they have an uncle who hasn't talked to his brother (their father) for years because of stubbornness. He tells them he can hire them on his old business he and his brother used to run.

    Segment 5: "The Music Teacher" - After a popular pianist is struck with a music block, he is struggling to try to help his memory out. No hypnotist, or any other professional help could help him out. He decides to call his old music teacher to help him with his music. When the music teacher comes over to his house, the teacher said he would give him a piece of chocolate when he finished. He did end up finishing and got back his will to do music again. When the music teacher left, somebody knocked on his door. It ended up being the music teacher's son who came to deliver the bad news that his father wouldn't make it to the music lesson that night, because he had died in his sleep the night before.moreless
  • Episode 39
    Episode 39
    Episode 7
    Segment 1: "The Wreath" - After a young boy gets killed in a hit-and-run, the parents try to get him a burial plot and stone near the highway he was killed in, and after the major signs the documents (but fails to remember he did), they get the stone. While at the funeral of their son on a nice weather day, suddenly wind picks up and the wreath flys at a car covering up the driver's vision, causing him to crash. It turns out that the driver of the car was the man that hit the young boy in the hit-in-run.

    Segment 2: "Terror Night" - After the faucet and shower goes awry, the residents at their apartment discover a lady who just had a heart attack and sent them a message to help her from beyond her uncouniousness.

    Segment 3: "Tants" - After and artist pains a portrait of an old lady named Tants, the artist's mother discovers that that Tants is her mother and the artists grandmother.

    Segment 4: "The Candidate" - While staying at the Lincoln Hotel, Abraham Lincoln makes a canidate in an election tell the truth instead of lies to win the election.

    Segment 5: "The Ring" - After a love affair with a rich man, Tiffany the Hairdresser tries to kill a lady in the salon with a hair dryer, but accidentally kills herself because the ring responds to the electricity in the machine.moreless
  • Episode 38
    Episode 38
    Episode 6

    Segment 1 : "The Dorm"
    A College student moves into her new dorm and gets a strange feeling when ever she's inside it she learns that a there's a killer on the loose one night after she stays up late working on a report she is attacked by a man in a leather jacket then as if by miracle she uses karate to defeat the man she calls the police and they arrest her after the rest the mother of her room's previous owner comes in and tells her the story about her daughter who always had a talent for karate.

    Segment 2 : "The Child Artist"
    A ill woman asks her mother to take care of her 2 year old daughter one day while going to through a yard sale her grand daughter picks out an old chalkboard so the grandma buys it she is discovered that her daughter has written something else besides chicken scratch on the chalkboard are the words save Mommmy she calls her daughter to make sure its not just some embellishment but gets worried when no one answers the phone so she heads down to her house and discovers her body lying on the couch she manages to get her out just in time.

    Segment 3 : "The Weatherman"
    Brent Fillie is a southern Californian weatherman who loves the money and fame that come with his job, until the station manager informs him he is about to be let go due to boring weather reports. To save his job, Brent "spices up" his forecasts with false predications. On his way out of work, he encounters an angry woman who states her father died weather proofing the house from a heart attack and blames Brent for it. He dismisses her as a nut and leaves. However, sometime afterwards, Brent is killed in an accident. Eyewitnesses claim a tornado came out of nowhere and sent his car flying to his death.

    Segment 4 : "Sit-Down Comedian"
    Jimmy always wanted to be a comic on live stage but he had a case of stage fright his rival joey got a job as a comic instead and jimmy was his manager one day while in his car joey accidentally hits jimmy. jimmy decides that he has had enough of joey's mocking and bans joey from his life jimmy as if by miracle does land a job as a comic on live stage and jimmy is no longer a comic because of a bad knee.

    Segment 5 : "Room 245"
    A frustrated woman and her sick mother are furious when the hotel they have made reservations for claim to have none. fortunately a room is free to rent her sick mother has a disease and her doctor prescribes a medicine the woman leaves on the managers counter but when she returns she discovers that its missing and the manager and the doctor don't recognize her she suspects that the doctor and her manager have something else going on when she discovers her mother missing.

  • Episode 37
    Episode 37
    Episode 5
    Segment 1: "House Of Shadows" - A young girl (Ali) is house sitting and keeps seeing a man burying something in a basement on the television set. Hearing the sound even when the television was off she investigates which leads her to the basement. After a search of the basement Ali finds a video camera playing the video of the man mixing cement only to discover the wife in the ash catcher.

    Segment 2: "One Hand In The Till" - A boy attempts to call his father about his car that has broken down. After not talking to his father the boy is walking around and finds a gun. The boy believes the best way to get the money is to rob a store. About the time the boy attempts to rob the store he keeps seeing his father. His father has a dream about the son's car breaking down and going into a convenient store to rob the clerk to pay off the debt.

    Segment 3: "Teasdale's Motor Car" - A passion for a man's car ends up driving him crazy and the car ends up in a cemetery with it's first owner.

    Segment 4: "The Vision" - A man has a dream that a bridge will collapse, and if he doesn't stop Bus #29, the bus and the passengers will collapse with the bridge. No one listens to his concerns until he tells the bus driver only to have the bus driver also admit that he had the same dream and the bridge ends up falling.

    Segment 5: "The Grave" - A man and woman devise a scheme to frame the woman's husband to make him go to prison, but before he died he said "grass won't grow on my grave until the truth comes out" but when they visit the grave they get hit by a tractor and die in the grave and the grass starts to grow.moreless
  • Episode 36
    Episode 36
    Episode 4

    Segment 1: "Second Sight" - A woman is blind, but when another women is murdered, she gets her sight restored and a second chance to see. While eating at a restaurant in the country, she sees a man that she can't stop looking at. The man approaches her and asks demandingly why she is staring at him, and she just said that he was familiar looking and she was sorry. When she went back to her hotel to pack her bags and leave the town, he came up behind her and handcuffed her and threw her on the bed, and he asked her why she was staring at him. She was upset and said she was sorry. He pulled up a chair next to the bed and said that he would sit there all night until he got the real answer out of her. After a little bit of time passed, and he fell asleep in the chair after drinking liquor, so she opened the door and ran to the owner of the hotel. He called the police, and they came and arrested the man. The policeman told the lady that he was wanted for the murder of a women, only to found out that he murdered the person she got her eyes from, and the eyes witnessed the murder and couldn't stop watching him.

    Segment 2: "The Fine Line" - Two female twins seemingly have an amazing ability to share each others' feelings, such as one sister getting poked by a knitting needle, while the other also feels the pain. One night, one of them drives out alone and is involved in an off-road car accident. The sister at home feels strange and senses trouble. Her brother who is with her at the moment witnesses music somehow coming from the TV set, which is broadcasting a basketball game. The mysterious radio signals, alongside the twins' phenomenal ability leads the sister and her friend to investigate. After pinpointing the exact location of the accident with ease, the other sister is sent to the hospital and saved.

    Segment 3: "The Wrong Turn" - A man had been living in his hometown for ten years, but couldn't remember where to make his delivery. He was shocked because he couldn't find anything correctly. He saw an old lady in the road waving her arms, so he swiveled out of the way before he hit her and he drove up near a building with his truck and mattress. He suddenly heard a thump on the car and crying. He saw a little boy on the mattress in the back of his truck who looked to be alright. The boy said he fell from the building. Suddenly, a man cleaning up near the street said he knew that the boy lived upstairs, so he and the truck driver went in their room and saw an old lady lying on the floor. When they turned her over, the truck driver was shocked to realize this was the lady that was waving her arms frantically in the street. They revived her, and she said that she had passed out because she forgot to take her medicine. It ended up that the lady left her body to direct the man to her house at the exact time the boy fell.

    Segment 4: "Who Was I" - A man goes under hypnosis to resolve his fear of closed spaces only to discover a past life. After the session the man starts to draw and remember certain places. These places lead him to his past life's body buried under a building.

    Segment 5: "You Are Next" - A heavy gambler husband hires a hit-man to kill his wife after they eat at a Chinese Restaurant, so when she read her fortune cookie at the restaurant, it said "you're next." When they were in a dark alley, a truck pulled up near them, and a man in a trench-coat said "You are next." The husband then said "I canceled the hit!" and then he had a heart attack. Before realizing he was in pain, the man from the truck said "You just won a trip to Hawaii! How do you feel"? The woman was hysterical, but then she saw her husband dead near their house.

  • Episode 35
    Episode 35
    Episode 3
    Segment 1: "Out Of Service" - A boyfriend and girlfriend (businessmen) are spending three nights of camping with each other, until the girlfriend tells the man that there was a man missing and a killer on the loose. Naturally, the man wants to leave the woods but she persuades him to stay. The next day, they wake up and take a walk in the woods trying to not remember about the killer, but then they spot a man near a lake taking the blood off of a knife. They stand there in shock long enough that the killer spots them and chases them into the woods. The man and woman outrun him and try to use there cellphones, but the phones are dead. They then spot a man in a yellow vest that leads them to a street and a police car spots the couple and pulls aside, so the killer vanishes into the woods. They tell the about the killer and the mysterious man that lead them to safety. The couple then see the mysterious man that lead them to safety, and the man points to a spot near them. The police didn't see the man, but they walked over to the spot anyway. A man in a yellow vest was lying on the ground and says "Thank God you found me." It turns out the man's spirit left his body to lead him to safety.

    Segment 2: "When I Was Big" - A little boy goes to counseling ever since he stopped talking because his sister passed away in a car accident. The boy goes to a book and says he used to be Harry Chaffee and fix books before he died. The counselor was in shock, so later he decided to go to a library and see if they had a similar book there. While walking through an isle, a book falls into his hands. On the inside, it had a note and it was signed from his Father, who wanted to give him the books as gifts. The counselor goes to a library book-fixer, and asked him if he fixed the book. The man replied he didn't, but a coworker of his that passed away fifteen years beforehand did. The counselor asked if by chance his name was Harry Chaffee, and the book-fixer replied "Yeah, how did you know?"

    Segment 3: "The Greedy Investor" - Two investors (boyfriend and girlfriend) have to kick an old lady by the name of Marion Rayburn out of her house. She was upset by the fact that she had to leave the house that she and her husband had lived in, and she always wanted the house to be passed down from generation from generation. She then said "You will never own this house. You mark my words." The two investors couldn't sell the house because every time they tried because some strange occurrence happened every time they tried to sell, such as glass breaking out of a window, and smells coming out of a room for no apparent reason. The woman investor said that he had to choose between the house and her, and he thought the idea was ridiculous. Suddenly, two people go to the house to look around, and while inside the house, no odd occurrences happened. The woman investor asked for $1.00 as a down payment for the house, and the house was theirs. The two people then looked at each other and said "I just wanted to look around Grandma's old house before it had to be sold." While outside, the investors leave the house and the woman finds out that Marion died shortly after they kicked her out of her house. The women then realized that words she said, "You will never own my house. You mark my words".

    Segment 4: "Seven Hours Of Bad Luck" - Two women were remodeling a house and while doing so, one of them drops a huge glass mirror on the floor. Before she tried cleaning the mess up, her friend said to not do it until seven hours passed by. After persuading her to wait the seven hours, she left the house to go on a date. The women that dropped the glass was all alone, and strange things started to happen, like ink pouring on her hands, the faucet not working, the lights going out, and fire from a candle gets on her shirt, but she quickly gets it out. She looks at the watch and sees she only has thirty minutes of bad luck left. After that, she seems a robber go near her window and she quickly ducks and gets in front of the door crying to herself. She tried reaching for the phone, but it is dead. The robber goes around to the other door and she tells him to leave. She sits there, and realizes the seven hours of bad luck ran out. She quickly went for the phone, and called the police. While waiting for the police, she sweeps up the glass nervously. Suddenly, the robber comes from her window and he trips on her pile of glass and he gets stabbed in the chest with a piece of glass, and then he leaves.

    Segment 5: "The Secret Of The Coins" - A delivery boy goes to a man's home and delivers the pizza. The man gives him a $100.00 bill, so the boy goes back in and told him that he gave him $90.00 more than he was supposed to. The man appreciates his honesty, so he gives him the boy's lucky coin back. The man tells him that coins tell a story, and he can tell a story behind a coin if you imagine what happened. The man shows the boy a coin and three pictures, and asked him which one it came from. The boy knew it belonged to the man in the picture, but didn't know the story. The boy had to leave his house to go home. He had school a lot, so when the semester was over, he went to the man's house to discover that people were evicting his belongings. The boy finds out that the man had a heart attack. The boy sees the picture and asks one of the evictors if the picture was about a park. It turned up being about a park, so he had the urge to open up the back of the picture to discover six coins, all worth a lot of money.moreless
  • Episode 34
    Episode 34
    Episode 2
    Segment 1: "Writer's Agent" - A writing agent promised to give his client, Mary-Jane Layden, a deal to get her book, "Love Tides" published, but he wanted her to give him $2,500.00. She refused, saying she already gave him $12,000.00. They started fighting for a little while, until the writing agent pushed her to the floor and she died. The man hid her body beneath the company's plants, and took off. The agent himself thought the book, "Love Tides" would be a hit, so he decided to create a fake person by the name of Lucille Carns, and pretend that she wrote the book. When the book was released, it soared to the Best-Sellers list. The company wanted the agent to bring in Lucille Carns for a book signing, but he refused and said that Carns was a very private person. The same day (?), the company called the agent and said Carns was at the book-signing, so he went to investigate, and saw the ghost was signing the books. He left in a hurry, and went to see if the buried body was still there, and it was, but the police got an anonymous tip telling them to follow the agent. The agent was sentenced to jail.

    Segment 2: "Crypt Ghost" - Three young adults film a documentary of going into a cemetery and looking into the casket of a Vietnam General. When the opened the casket, one of the girls shouted the the hand moved. They shook it off, and one of the boys reached in a took the General's boned hand, and took the sword out of it. Immediately after he did so, the casket slammed on his hand, so the other two people ran to get help. They found a man, and they propped the boy's hand out of the casket. The boy looked at his hand, and it had a big "V" on it, and the sword was back in the General's boned hand. The "V" ended up being the General's signature.

    Segment 3: "The Doll" - Susan always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and her dream came true. After the first day of school, a little girl named Ashley asked the teacher to give her doll back, but the teacher was dumbfounded as to why the child thought she had the doll. Later on, Susan went through her box of dolls, and she saw the exact same doll that Ashley claimed belonged to her. Susan's Mother told her that she had a friend as a child named Ashley, and she and her mother died in a car accident due to a drunk driver. Susan brought the doll into class the next day to Ashley, and Ashley said that was the doll and was suddenly happy. Susan said that there were a lot of dolls with pink dresses and brown hair, but Ashley said that only doll had a big red heart, and Ashley said "remember?". Susan then remembered the day that she and Susan were playing with their dolls, and Ashley put a big red heart on the doll, and suddenly, Susan remember her friend Ashley.

    Segment 4: "Hubert's Curse" - George is a new employee at a factory, and everybody seems to be nice, expect one man is supposedly an oddball. After talking to him for a little while, George took one of the man's tools, but the tool bounced off of his head. The factory worker then showed him a sign above his tools reading that whoever touches the tools without permission, they would get Hubert's Curse put on them. The "oddball" factory man said that Hubert was his ancestor. One night, George wanted to get ahead on his work, so he needed an electric screwdriver but didn't ask for permission, so when he used it he got cut. The next day, he revealed he didn't ask permission, so the factory man got angry and told him he had to ask for permission first. The next day, George ask the factory man to borrow his ladder and he said yes. When George went atop of the ladder, he fell off of it. A few seconds later, the light blew out - the curse saved his life.

    Segment 5: "Shared Vision" - The doctor was about to meet with a patient named Katie, but realized he had a new secretary, who said she was filling in for the day. Katie didn't want to put on her Hearing Aid because it hurt her head when she did, so the Doctor and Katie's Mother went out of the room to talk. The nurse and Katie started playing guessing games, and the nurse keep winning because when the Katie and herself held hands she heard Katie inside her mind revealing the answer. Katie then asked the nurse if she could stop the pain inside her head, so the nurse put her hands on the girls head and started seeing images. After the appointment, the nurse told the doctor to order a cat scan on Katie's head because she thought she had a brain tumor. The cat scan later revealed Katie did have a tumor in her head, but was in the early stages and it could be fully treated. The nurse wasn't a fill-in, and ended up being never seen again.moreless
  • Episode 33
    Episode 33
    Episode 1
    Segment 1: "The Devil's Autograph" - A man lies about not murdering his wife, and was not guilt in the court of law. The man told his lawyer after the case he murdered his wife, and gave him his $1,500.00 pen. The lawyer chased the man into the elevator and told him he didn't want anything of his, and he would get the devil's autograph, but the man just laughed it off. The elevator door shut him in, and he fell to the floor and the pen went through his heart.

    Segment 2: "Mail Order Degree" - A business man made a lot of money off of cheating people and scams off of his commercials. He had so much money, that he had to hide it behind a hidden door behind his work chair. When he went into the parking lot one day after work, a man came up to him asking for a refund, but the business man refused and called for security, so the angry man threw a VooDoo doll at him which instantly caught on fire. A few days later, the business man started feeling drastically sick, but one day his secretary came in and found him dead and almost bald in his chair. It ended up that the room he hid his money in was filled with radiation, and died of radiation poisoning.

    Segment 3: "The News Stand" - A fifteen year old kid his poor, but he has his father's belt buckle that he used to beat him with, just to make him remember to not trust anybody. One day, the teenager found a book of "Mysterious tales" under a garbage can in perfect condition, so he went to a news-stand to trade it in for $20.00 cash, and the news man's sandwich. The man hires him to work at the news-stand, and was really good to the teenager, and he started trusting the teenager so much, that he let him run the stand alone for sometimes days at a time. One day, the newsman didn't come for for a full week, but the teen received his answer by a man in a cloak saying the man was diagnosed with a tumor in his head six months beforehand, and gave the boy a note. The note revealed that the news-stand man was his father that beat him, and he was sorry, so he gave him everything he earned in his life.

    Segment 4: "The Murder Of Roy Hennessey" - Two girls were doing a project in a cemetery, and see a man run out of the cemetery with a handgun. After his departure, the girls ran to see what he shot, he shot a man and the man was in critical condition - almost to the point of death. The man's last words were "Tell them that Roy Hennessey was killed by Jerry Fletcher. Tell them! Tell them!". The girls told the police the story, but when the police went to investigate the man's dead body, it was nowhere to be found. The police had Jerry Fletcher in the police car, because Jerry had ended up robbing someone's house and was in police custody for seventy-two hours. It turns out the girls saw a murder that took place two years beforehand.

    Segment 5: "Mysterious Strangers" - Two wet men showed up at an old's lady named Zoreld'a house one evening. The asked if they could step in near the fire, so she accepted and told them to change out of their wet clothes and into her husband's clothes. She told them about the death of her husband, and how she had to borrow $900.00 to get by in life, but she had to trade in her house and land to pay off the debt, and she had no other place to go, and the story seemed to make the two men think. The next morning, Zorelda work up and discovered the two men not there, but a note that said "Here is $900.00 in nine $100.00 bills", so when the banker came to her house, she gave him the $900.00 bills. When the banker left her house, two men robbed him and took off their masks, and they ended up being the two wet men that ended at at Zorelda's house the night before. After the robbing of the banker, the two men took off their masks and revealed themselves as Frank and Jesse James.moreless