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Segment 1: "The Viewing" - A boy allows an old man to visit the body of the deceased after viewing hours. The simple visit turns into a shock when the boy realizes that the man was the dead body, and he had signed in as the deceased.

Segment 2: "The Subway" - A couple boards a subway train with no passengers. A mysterious man appears, who tells them that the train "Goes nowhere". When the train starts speeding up and goes out of control, the couple decide to get off. They end up at the same place they started. Then they smell gas, and realize that the subway train was acting that way because someone they knew was about to die. After saving the woman, the couple find out that the man they saw on the train was her husband, who's been dead for 29 years.

Segment 3: "Kid in the Closet" - Danny is 10 years old and insists there's a monster in the closet. The other kids and Brian, older brother, make fun of him for it...until the day Brian enters the closet, and disappears forever, leaving only behind his clothes.

Segment 4: "Justice is Served" - A man tries to cover up the fact that he killed his partner in business, until her ghost appears in the courtroom, and he starts acting nuts.

Segment 5: "The Tractor" - An old man with paralyzed legs suddenly walks again to save his granddaughter, about to be run over by a tractor.moreless
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