Beyond Scared Straight

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jan 13, 2011 In Season


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  • going off air

    I am so glad this program is going it is government sanctioned anyone was to do what is allowed to be done during that show outside the prison the person doing it would be arrested...
  • A very unentertaining and frequently meaningless show.

    When I was a kid a guy in his teens liked to harass me. He liked to throw rocks at me and poke me with a long branch had broken off some dead tree. One day I let him have it. I was not even ten years old & he was not mentally ***ed. Instead of being called a 'hero' I was brow beaten for several months by several adults who worked at a school who claimed I had made an unprovoked attack on this teenage person who was Those adults were not cops. That kind of thing is around & this show is a bit like that. Real teen criminals don't care if they get yelled at. Innocent people don't appreciate getting yelled at. The real hard core is something to be feared. I find tis show means little.
  • Observations

    They should have Charles Manson scare the bejesus out of these kids before he croaks. They should also have Phil Spector possibly do the same thing. I'd be very surprised if "Saturday Night Live" doesn't spoof this show, with Obama possibly sending his surviving predecessors into a "Scared Straight" program to confront them about their leadership failures.
  • Great show

    Love to see them cry and scared. Can't believe how stupid these teens are.