Beyond Scared Straight

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jan 13, 2011 In Season


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  • A very unentertaining and frequently meaningless show.

    When I was a kid a guy in his teens liked to harass me. He liked to throw rocks at me and poke me with a long branch had broken off some dead tree. One day I let him have it. I was not even ten years old & he was not mentally ***ed. Instead of being called a 'hero' I was brow beaten for several months by several adults who worked at a school who claimed I had made an unprovoked attack on this teenage person who was Those adults were not cops. That kind of thing is around & this show is a bit like that. Real teen criminals don't care if they get yelled at. Innocent people don't appreciate getting yelled at. The real hard core is something to be feared. I find tis show means little.