Beyond the Break

Season 1 Episode 1

Charging It (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 02, 2006 on TeenNick



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    • Lacey: Let's just say that not all the guys my mom dates were as nice as you were...
      Justin: You said things were fine, Lace...
      Lacey: They're not! One night this guy got out of line and... My mother might take the abuse, but I don't!
      Justin: So you went after him with a baseball bat?
      Lacey: A golf club...

    • Dawn: Kai, your boyfriend's stretching.
      Kai: No thank you.

    • Shoe: (to Justin) Why are you peeing in the bushes?
      Justin: I live with three girls now. We only have two bathrooms.

    • Mom's Boyfriend: (to Lacey) Listen to me you wortless little stoner, I know you've got a fake ID, so use it.
      Lacey's Mom: Pick yourself up a surfer magazine, okay? I won't tell.
      Lacey: Unbelievable.

  • Notes

    • Beyond the Break's Theme Song is "The Car Song" performed by Telenova Star.

    • Music:
      "Life Is Good" by Junk
      "Follow Your Dreams" by Lamar
      "Already Home" by Tim Cullen
      "I Want To" by Ginger
      "Boy" by DV Rocks
      "Gave Me a Number" by She Died
      "Miss The Days" by the Penfifteen Club
      "Dare" by Aaron D
      "Relieve" by Lamar
      "Bop-A-Roo" by The Black Widows
      "Burnout" by The Black Widows
      "Will You Rise or Will You Fall" by Sunny Bones
      "Never Gonna Stop" by Bad Buddha
      "Blue, Lowdown and Lovin It" by David S. Kates
      "Nothing's Wrong With Me" by Bad Buddha
      "Blue Hawaiian" by Mark Schatzkamer & Todd Robinson

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