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  • Beyond the Break, is shot entirely on location in Oahu, Hawaii and follows the ups and downs of the competitive surfing circuit known as Wave Sync, following the stories of four girls, the flirt, the native, the one trying to fit in and the criminal.

    I loved this series when it first came on The-N. I was sad to see it go because it was good show. It had flaws but it was a good series to watch when a lot of my television series were on a break for the summer time. I loved everything about this series from the characters to story lines of every episodes aired. For anyone who has not seen this series yet, I suggest that you try to see this series if you like summer time, surfing and hot guys then this is your show. I was glad I was able to watch it.
  • basically a surfing competition wich combines 4 different girls to live in 1 house where it ends up in drama.

    ok i do like this show and i think its romantic, serious, and sometimes kind of watchable but there are some things i have to point out which makes me dislike this show. one they could have been better acters particulary lacey no offense but i realli do not like her acting. two the thing with bird gettin jealous bout dawn and that hottie next door neighbor when bird has a feonce'. i mean its a good story line but why is evrything in thys show so complicated. it kind of gets tiring. but on the otha hand it is a good show and had a lot of drama.
  • Fun show, not all that deep but that's part of the charm. Hot characters, beautiful setting, awesome topic.

    This show is about a surf company that sponsors a few girl surfers under the supervision of a dude named Justin. All the girls and Justin live in the same house on Hawaii. There is the rich girl, though for how much longer (trouble is brewing for her)? There is the smart college girl who left to go surf, and now she's in love with a soldier. There's the local high school girl who has love troubles of her own and is vying for the top spot on the team. And there's the california girl who ran away to hawaii from an alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, and decided to stay in hawaii even after a difficult confrontation with her mother. Then to complicate matters, there's the super sexy neighbor who was a top surfer until he hurt his knee. The interactions between the characters and their own individual drama makes for much more drama. The show is light enough though, and the hawaii atmosphere always sets the tone. It's a fun show, it's entertaining, you want to know what's going to happen. Let's hope that the episodes don't get dull, things seemed to slow a little in the second season.
  • Beyond the break is a great show.

    As Beyond the break is another teen show, it is good. It does have it's quirks though. It is a little over the top and some of the story lines are complicated and hard to grasp at first, but the more you watch the more addicted you get. I disliked the Kai/Lacey/Kai's Friends story line since it was kind of pointless, as well as Dawn's father's death. It is a romantic show, but it is almost too complicated in it's relationships to keep up with. I feel that they should tone it down a bit, so it won't be labeled as a teen soap opera other than that it's good.
  • A great surfing show with an equally great plotline.

    Beyond The Break is an awesome show to get your surfing fix. A bunch of hotties in their bathing suits!! What's not to love? The show has an awesome plotline: the drama, the hook-ups, the competitions, etc. The characters awesome as well. Lacey, Dawn, Kai, and Birdie bring unique arcs to the table. And of course the guys of the show: Justin, Bailey, Vin, and occasionally Shoe do also. The show is an awesome way to give women confidence, showing four yound women dominating at sports and showing they are just as capable as the guys. I must admit at times the writing isn't as good as other shows and that the actors/actresses need to improve their acting skills to make the show more enjoyable. But overall, Beyond The Break is a great teen drama that should get more recognition.
  • This show has a fantastic story and tight script but the actors are not to good at portraying the potential that this show is capable of.

    A nice watch if you don\'t mind teeth griding acting that makes you think you are watching all my children or days of our lives. Definetly a disney chanel drama if not doused with issues such as pregnancy, hot relationships, death, cursing, and all out cat fights. The-n I am sorry to say should recast it or put it on as a weekly time spot filler have a new episode every day monday - thursday because it definetly cannot compete with it\'s later processors such as degrassi or south of nowhere and if that happens than when son and grassi end along with instant star The-n is going to be in a big trouble bubble lol.
  • It's ok.

    Ok I'm a complete hypocrite for giving this show 10 stars just because Michael Copon is in it but hey what can I say the man is HOT lol :D. Anyways the show itself is not that bad. I mean the acting can be improved here and there (sorry to those who actually think these people can really act.) The casting I think is presentable (muhaha you know I'm talking about Michael obviously lol.) The story lines are actually not bad though so I give them credit for that. Overall I keep tuning in to see what happens despite the fact that no one I know personally likes the show.
  • I so happy it's back...

    I love this show and each episode it gets better and better. Ross Thomas is so hott and such a good actor with both being serious and funny. I love the little relationship the show has with Lacey and Bailey. It's nice to not have them pursue each other. Also to have a veteran actor like David on helps. I was so happy when the second season returned. I love the whole Hawaii place, it beging filmed and set there. Everyone is good at the charater they play and you can tell some of them surf in their spare time.
  • This show is about a group a girls that surf, but thar is not the only thing going on. There is also drama mostly involved with guys.

    I really like this show. When I first heard about the show I thought I won't like it, but I watched it and I thought it was good. The first season was good. We got to know all the characters. My favorites are Dawn, Bridie, and Lacey. The best and sad part of season one was when Lacey got jumped by Kia's friends. I felt so bad for Lacey because she didn't do anything wrong. Now the second season just started with Kia admitting she takes pain pills, Justin ending his marriage, and Bridie getting engaged. I can't wait to see more of the season, it should be great.
  • Just started watching this show last night and I fell in love with it!!

    To me, it's sort of a mix between North Shore(the movie) and Blue Crush... I love this show! It's my newest best friend! :)
    I like how it mixes the mainlanders & locals... keep the old Hawaii alive. The surfing reminds me more of Blue Crush, but the storyline/plot of the whole show is a take on North Shore (the movie:))
    My favorite character would have to be Lacey, she brought herself to Hawaii to succeed in what she does best, surfing... yet, she had to struggle a few weeks/days, whatever to get where she's at now... I love that! The local Kai, well... she just needs to face her shyness and be more bold with things, Dawn needs to settle down because she has alot going for her, and alcohol isn't one of them... Birdie, she's just a cutie pie... and who can forget Baywatch's finest, right... :D Love this show!!
  • Beyond The Break is a show about 4 female surfers who live in Hawaii...Not only do they have to deal with competition,but they have personal problems to deal with as well.

    This show is awesome! I usualy don't care for surfing,but this show is about other things too! My favorite characters have to be Kai or Lacey,because I love the drama between those two! This was a great idea for a show,and I can't wait to see season 2 (if there is one).
  • Personal favorite

    I love this show. Im not to much really into shows like this but I think this is an excellent show. There are a few things that I don't like about it though, like the acting, I like the cast every single one especially Birdie, Lacey, and Bailey who are my favorite, but sometimes the people in this show can over act a bit and look like their talking to the camera which is irritating. Other than that I think its a great show and can't wait for its return in 2007. which I believe is summer 2007 im not sure but when it comes back on I will be watching and I hope it has more episodes this season.
  • this show rox

    why does the-n make it so that it does not air again till 2007 that is messed up!hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
  • Way more then pretty girls in bikinis that can surf.

    Beyond the Break is way more then pretty girls in bikinis that can surf.

    At first I was not that excited about Beyond The Break. I was mad that the-n replaced some fantastic shows, to have new shows like Beyond The bReak and Whistler. I thought great another show trying to be filmed in my hometown, Hawaii. But, I learned that it is way more then that.

    There is a whole drama going on and a little romance sometimes.

    I can\'t wait for the new season because it left me at the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens.
  • Why Is It Only 30 Minutes??

    ...... I thought that this show would be for a whole hour... And the season finale came too soon. It is a great show. I really like it. I'd rather watch Beyond The Break than Whistler. And I think that Beyond The Break is even better than Degrassi. I hope that Beyond The Break lasts for many years, but any show on "The-N" only lasts a year or two. This shouldn't happen here.

    The only thing I don't like about is is the guy with the shaved head that is in the military. What a jerk. If that one girl hasn't dumped him yet, she really needs to.
  • Beyond the Break runs on a pretty good idea but the bad acting and predictable storylines makes this run short of it's full potential.

    Remember South Beach? It was a pretty good show on UPN that didn't live past 1 season because of the same problems this show is suffering. Bad acting and predictable storylines.

    This show is running on a good idea overall. These beautiful woman from different backgrounds and different personalities are taken under the same roof because of surfing, a male conquered sport.

    Going through this, they all have issues and problems they go through as these womam. From love affairs, love triangles, and struggling with money isues. The girls go through it all. A show with this much potential can go a long way with a successful run, if only it weren't for the way they handle the issues and the acting.

    If the writers just find better ways to shock us and the actors take classes, this can be a wonderful show that would always be remembered.

  • Beyond the Break washes over the lives of six teenage surfers. Thanks to a sponsorship from WaveSync, the wannabe surfers are given room and board and the chance to be competitive professionals.

    Beyond the Break washes over the lives of six teenage surfers: wealthy princess Dawn (Suzie Pollard), smart and sassy Birdie (Tiffany Hines), bad-girl Lacey (Natalie Ramsey), level-headed Kai (Sonya Balmores), bad-boy-next-door Bailey (Ross Thomas), and sidekick Shoe (Jason Tam). Thanks to a sponsorship from WaveSync, the wannabe surfers are given room and board -- complete with a former-surfing-legend-turned-coach, Justin (David Chokachi) -- and the chance to be competitive professionals.

    The four main female characters come from diverse backgrounds and bring many of their issues into the house.

    Dawn parties as hard as she surfs, but the late nights don't seem to stop her from winning competitions. Growing up in a small Florida town, she took her popularity for granted, but gaining respect in the WaveSync house will require hard work and camaraderie.

    Lacey's surfing ability freed her from the streets of Venice, California, and her alcoholic mother, and now she's focused on the future. She's in Hawaii to work hard and make a name for herself on the pro surf tour, no matter what it takes.

    Kai was practically born on a surfboard, but competing on the professional circuit will challenge her free-spirited, laid-back attitude. She grew up on the island and knows just about everyone. Now, she'll have to prove to her old crew that she hasn't sold out.

    Birdie tried college life at USC before ditching her books to ride the waves. Now, she's facing disapproving parents and a pile of student loans. She sees surfing as a business, but she's constantly questioning if it's the right path for her.

    A former pro-surfer, Justin's starting the hardest job of his life – training a team to follow in his footsteps. As he takes on the new responsibilities, he's in the middle of a divorce, but maybe the WaveSync team is just the support system he needs.

    As Justin's right-hand man, Shoe is responsible and eager to please. The WaveSync ladies think of him as a brother, but Shoe feels a much deeper affection for them. If he crosses the line into romantic territory, things could get awkward.

    Fights ensue over boys, money, and surfing, and the girls are forced to learn life lessons without parental supervision. At the end of the day, friendships and bonds are formed, but not without a "whodunit" angle to keep the drama alive until the next episode.
  • Yes this has good looking women in it but thats about it. At first I thought I was watching a reality tv show and then I realised it was actually that bad. But fit women Happy days

    Yes this has good looking women in it but thats about it. At first I thought I was watching a reality tv show and then I realised it was actually that bad. But fit women Happy Happy days .... I have to write 100 hundred words so here is the rest of it
  • Girls surfing in Hawaii which is awesome and lots of drama goes on! Don't want to tell you all that happens though!

    I love it because the plots lines are not the same as all the others. They are unigue and i love it so much and i can't stop watching it!!!!!!! I think it is the most awesome thing but the bad thing is that not everyone has the n so not a lot of people got to watch it but i think it is really really really good. Hopefully a lot of people get to watch it later on or something and I don't want them to stop playing it. Too too bad for the others that can't watch it. Sorry!
  • I love this show, im responsible for having it added to the directory, i sent in the forms and everything. I was disapointed because i couldn't be nominated as one of the top contributers, but it's ok.

    I love this show, im responsible for having it added to the directory, i sent in the forms and everything. I couldn't be nominated as one of the top contributers, but it's ok. I still love it. Although there is too much music in every scene, but as long as it's great music.....
  • Great show and highly addicting

    My New Best friend this show is awsome finally anohter good drama show with 4 hot girls surfing lol. The N has picked up a very good show keep up the good the good work. I like how the show trys to focus on each chracther indvidually and gives them an episdoe but it should focus on some more of the ohter chracthers like shou dont know much about him and yet his there. the show is about those girls anyways its good thats all i got to say for now keep watching this show is great.
  • It just came on and I'm already loving it!

    Beyond the Break is a show about the ups and downs of competitive girl surfers along with a few guys and a runaway girl from Cali named Lacey Farmer.

    Since I first saw a commercial for this show, I was instantly interested. I've always been interested in the Hawiaiian culture and surfing.

    I was really excited to see the season premire, when I saw it, I instantly fell in love with it.

    Right now, I really can't judge the characters, but so far they all seem pretty sweet!

    Major props to the N, they really made a great show!

  • It just started and I already love it!

    Now that the Degrassi: Next Generation season is over i have to find a new show to watch when im relaxing with my girlfriend. Beyond The Break is most definitly the show. All of the actors and actresses are fitting to each of their roles and the main actresses are gorgeous. This show makes me want to move to Hawii to surf and to see some hot surfer chicks (don't tell my girlfriend i said that lol). I definitly recomend this show to anyone, period. No specific group of people, just anyone. There is something for everyone to get out of this show.
  • The-N has done it again. They have created a great show with good drama.

    Beyond The Break is by far one of The-N's best shows. Its pilot pulled me in faster then all their other shows. It was so intense and it set up for great plotlines. The characters(especially Lacey) are well-developed and have characteristics people can relate to. In the first thirty minutes, I was hooked. Also, the surfing is very good and the music is great. The theme song is very addicting. After the pilot episode, I began to wonder what Lacey would do to stay in Hawaii and surf. In the previews, I thought she was going to "sell" herself to Bailey to pay for rent. Luckily, Bailey had heart and told her she's not his type(although many think he likes Lacey and doesn't want to have that kind of relationship with her at first). The second episode continued the story very well, and I look can't wait for next week, the first competition. Overall, this show is very good, and I see it going far. Great job, The-N.
  • Beyond the Break is a decent show but has some glitches.

    I think the show is decent. The plots have been done before but are being done with a twist and the acting is pretty good. The charactors seem well devoloped but there is one huge problem. The transitions are horrible. I took video production this semester and things like this have become so apparent. The camra stuff is o.k. but the transitions are choopy and ruin the flow. I feel like it is made by some rich fifteen year old with a fancy video program trying to show of. Even with the twelve transitions on imovie you could do better. They are unrelated and don'tflow. I think transitions in shows that involve sports like surfing are critical. I have seen much better surfing transitions in shows like Summerland. This may be just me but it made the show hard to love and the plot was not great enough to destract be but overall it was o.k. I would give this show a chance because hopefully the transitions will improve.
  • The-N is at it again.(Thank God)

    This show is beyond amazing. I absolutely love it and next weeks episode looks even better! We see the story of Lacey Farmer, the girl with a dysfunctional family and a criminal record, trying to get sponsored to surf. But she has one problem, a criminal record. Then there is Kai who thinks that her new life and old one cant fit together well. Then there is Birdie, the girl who is tring to fit in and sometimes doubts herself, and last but not least Dawn, the girl who is practically a Princess. Then Kurt, who has a crush on Dawn, and Justin the guy who taught Lacey to surf, and the guy who is in charge. But everyone loves bailey who is the surfing prince.
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