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Beyond the Break

Season 1 Episode 8

The Big Hit

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 14, 2006 on TeenNick
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Episode Summary

The Big Hit
Birdie nudges Bailey toward resuming his surfing career, Shoe tries to save his troubled relationship with Dawn, and Kai's friends Mily and Lani decide to give Lacey a lesson about staying away from Vin.

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  • OMG!!!!! It took my breath away!!!!

    In this episode, Kai is losing a battle to win Vin to Lacey. But when her friends go to 'Take out the trash' things get bad.

    This episode was just plain WOW! I mean, I almost died when they ended the it that way!!!!! Lacey shouldn't have gone out with Vin but yet, that shouldn't have happened to her!!!!

    The other parts of this episode were good, but the ending was just plain WOW!!!!


  • "The Big Hit" was amazing! It was definitely the best episode yet.

    I think that "The Big Hit" is by far the best episode yet! It had so much emotion and the writing was great. It was so intense. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I will put my recap at the end, so here's my view on this episode. The Shoe/Dawn storyline: I thought that this episode really showed how much they need each other and how much they care about each other. If Shoe didn't have Dawn's respect, he wasn't going to work with her. The Birdie/Bailey storyline: I think that it was great to have Birdie help Bailey get back out there after the accident. You could tell that Bailey really was scared to go back in the water, but Birdie's trying to help him face his fear. Finally, the Vin/Kai/Lacey/Kai's Friends storyline: This is my favorite storyline. I think that this episode changed the way I looked at this storyline. I think that Vin wasn't in the wrong as much as I thought. He really liked Lacey and wanted it to be something, but Lacey wanted him to be with Kai. He only has 15% fault for still wanting to be with Lacey although Kai wants to be with him. Kai actually had a lot of fault this episode. I think that she is taking it too far now. She needs to realize that Vin wants to be with Lacey and that she can't make Vin be with her. I think she is misinterpreting the thing she has with Vin for something more even though Vin probably just wants to be friends. She has 30% fault for trying to be with Vin even though he probably only wants to be friends with her and for not doing anything to stop her friends from hurting Lacey. Lacey doesn't have much fault and she was a victim this episode. At the beginning she was still with Vin. She even lied about it to Kai. Then she realized what she was doing was wrong and she broke up with Vin, hurting her and Vin for Kai. She only has 10% for lying to Kai. Kai's friends were the main problem in this episode. I always disliked them and now I can't stand them. I hope they go to jail for assault and don't come back (at least not till next season). They had no reason to beat up Lacey and they are the reason this triangle happened. They shouldn't have pushed Kai to go for Vin. Vin wanted to be with Lacey and they are ruining a relationship for nothing. It's not their choice to make sure that Lacey isn't with Vin. Now Lacey's suffering and probably won't be able to surf for a long time. They have 45% for ruining a relationship and for beating up Lacey. Overall, I think this was an amazing episode. Next week's episode looks promimsing and I want to see the aftermath of Lacey's beating. You can already see the guilt in Kai's eyes in the promo, and I want to see hows she handles it. I also want to see how Kai's friends are punished.

    Shoe is working outside when he hears screaming. He gets closer to the house and hears Dawn talking. She says that it was so disgusting, and Shoe mistakes it for the incident they had earlier. Shoe goes in and asks her why she felt the need to tell everyone about the incident that happened the other night, but Birdie and Lacey don't know what he's talking about. He realizes that they were talking about a mouse and then Birdie and Lacey leave. Dawn then tells Shoe she doesn't want anyone else knowing about that anymore than he does.

    At school, Lacey and Vin are in the science lab kissing. They stop and then Vin says that this was the most fun he's had in the science lab. While they are leaving Lacey tells Vin to go first so nobody would know. She tells Vin she knows that if people found out she would already have a very bad reputation. Birdie walks up to Bailey, who's eating cereal. She tells him that they're going surfing. Bailey reminds her about the accident and tells her that he can't surf without people wanting him to be "Big Wave Bailey". Birdie then tells him that she found a private place and that no one would see him there.

    At school, Vin walks past Lacey and gives her a loving look. Kai's friends see this and tell Kai that Lacey is lying to her face. They tell her that she needs to ask about last night and that if she tells the truth, they're just friends, but if she lies, then Lacey and Vin are hooking up. Lacey comes to the table and Kai is about to ask, but the bell rings.

    Shoe goes into Dawn's room, but she says that she's not comfortable with him in her room. Shoe tells her that it was all a misunderstanding. He explains the story, but Dawn says that he's a guy and she knows that he's attracted to her. Shoe then tells her that he can't work with someone that doesn't respect him, but Dawn says he's just being dramatic and Shoe leaves. Birdie and Bailey are in the woods looking for the place that they are going to surf at. Birdie has a map and Bailey asks if she knows where she's going. Birdie says that she has a keen sense of direction and that she's heading due west. When she begins to walk Bailey points out that she's going south. Later, they walk past a sign and see the waves. They drop their stuff and run to the water.

    At the Wavesync house, Lacey is doing homework. She's having problems with a formula when Dawn looks at it. She tells Lacey how to do it and says she loves those problems. When Dawn leaves, Kai comes in and asks Lacey about last night. Lacey lies and says she went to a movie by herself. Kai says her friends said they saw her on the beach, but Lacey denies it. Kai leaves and Dawn comes back in. Dawn asked why Lacey lied and Lacey said she screwed up. Lacey tells Dawn what happened and then tells her that Kai and Vin are soulmates. Dawn says they are too young to be soulmates and then tells Lacey her philosophy about how boys are like waves.

    Birdie and Bailey are surfing and they are having a great time. They get out of the water. Birdie tells Bailey he's a good surfer and Bailey says thanks. He then tells her that that was nothing, and that people expect him to do much more. He said that that feeling that he's not going to get killed isn't there anymore. He says that the ocean said he was getting mighty high that he can never be the same. Birdie asks if he's just going to walk away from all of this and he says he's done.

    Kai is walking with her friends and they tell her that this isn't over. They ask her if she wants them to fix this, but Kai doesn't say anything, meaning she didn't tell them not to. Birdie and Bailey are back at the Wavesync house and Bailey tells Birdie that she's a good surfer. He says that she's shown improvement. Marcus comes out and jokes to Bailey telling him to back off his woman. Bailey takes the boards and goes inside.

    Lacey meets with Vin. Vin says he got her message and asks her what she wanted. She tells him that they need to talk. Lacey says that she can't do this anymore, no more hooking up in the science lab, and Vin jokes asking if she wants to hook up in the autoclub. Lacey says she serious and that it was fun while it lasted, but she's just not into it. Vin tells Lacey that he's had his fair share of girls, but he wanted this to be something.

    Bailey is looking out from his house and he sees Dale on the beach with a surfer. Dale looks up at Bailey then goes back to talking to the surfer (who is probably someone trying to replace Bailey). Back at the house Justin is on the phone with Shoe. Dawn comes in and Justin hangs up the phone. Justin tells Dawn that Shoe filed for early retirement at 17. Dawn says that this is her fault, and Justin asks what she said, but she said nevermind, she'll take care of it.

    Bailey is going out to surf, but when he's walking out he remembers the wipe out and goes back in. Shoe is at the beach with his friends and he tells them he quit. They said that was the best job that happened to them and said that there were hot girls, but Shoe lies and says they're not that hot. The friends are calling him a loser when Dawn comes behind Shoe and kisses him on the cheek. She asks him to come with him and the friends turn around and watch. Shoe asks what this is about and Dawn says that she cares about him and that she respects him. She then asks him if he will come back. He accepts and asks if he can have a kiss. She says no, but she lets him put his arm around her as they leave.

    Kai goes to her Auntie's house and plays with some relatives. Meanwhile, Lacey is walking when Kai's friends come and beat her up. One holds her while the other hits her. It goes back to Kai who is still playing with the kids. At the fight, Lacey gets free for a moment and hits one of the girls, but then gets knocked down to the ground and gets kicked. She starts screaming in pain and the girls leave. She is left laying there holding her wounds. While still playing with the kids, a girl comes up to Kai and tells her she got a text message. It was from her friends and it said that they "took out the trash". Kai gets a worried look on her face.

    Later, Dawn, Birdie, Marcus, Kai, and Justin are at the Wavesync house. Dawn answers the phone and it's Lacey. She tells everyone that Lacey's in the hospital and Justin says he's on his way. After hearing this Kai gets shocked and then gets a guilty look on her face.

    Again, I thought this was a great episode and I can't wait until next week.

Daphne Pe'a

Daphne Pe'a

Lani Acuna

Recurring Role

Michael Copon

Michael Copon

Vin Keahi

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Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Mily Acuna

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    • Shoe: I thought you told them about...
      Dawn (interrupting): You stealing my panties?
      Shoe: I didn't steal them.
      Dawn: Whatever. Look, I don't want people knowing about this any more than you do.

    • Dawn: (to Lacey) Here's my philosophy - guys are like waves. If you see a good one, and you're in position, then jump in.

    • Kid: Kai, you have a text message.
      Kai: What does it say?
      Kid: We took out the trash.

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    • Music:
      "If I Could" by Dave Isaacs
      "Heartbeat" by Jake Shimabukuro
      "John Doe" by The Langhorns
      "Agent Double O Swing" by The Black Widows
      "Feels So Good" by The Penfifteen Club
      "Dragon" by Jake Shimabukuro
      "Vlad The Impaler" by The Black Widows
      "Out of My Hands" by Christin Cook
      "About" by For All The Drifters
      "Shake It Up" by Jake Shimabukuro
      "Tierra Del Fuego" by The Langhorns
      "I See Through You" by Trigger Fish

    • Promo tagline from The-N: With only three episodes left of the summer's hottest series...secrets will surface...trust will be broken...and dreams will be crushed.