Beyond the Break

Season 1 Episode 7

Vin, Lose or Draw

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 07, 2006 on TeenNick
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Vin, Lose or Draw
Jealous over Lacey's relationship with Vin, Kai admits to Lacey that she's in love with Vin. Dawn is shocked by what she finds out about Shoe, and Birdie tells Bailey what WaveSync holds for his future.

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  • This episode is about Kai being jealous of Lacey’s relationship with Vin. This results in her telling Lacey that she’s in love with Vin and makes Lacey feel guilty about the current events.moreless

    I absolutely looove this episode because Kai finally decides to mark her territory on Vin for Lacey. I’m glad that their relationship ended so Kai and Vin can continue being in love. I didn’t like Lacey and Vin together. They weren’t very compatible to me. Lacey shouldn’t have considered doing this in the first place since Kai is supposed to be her friend. Lacey continued going out with him regardless of her knowledge of their relationship. I don’t consider Lacey to be a very good friend because of this. Kai shouldn’t have forgiven Lacey or Vin. She should have confronted Vin with what she knew while it was going on. She should have been more upfront with him about what she knew. I’m just glad that Vin and Kai are doing good and aren’t having any problems.moreless
  • This episode is about Kai admitting to Lacey that she is in love with Vin. Lacey goes out with him regardless of what Kai told her.

    I absolutely loove this episode because Kai finally admits to Lacey that she is in love with Vin. But Lacey, the bad friend she is, still goes out with Vin. Meanwhile, Birdie figures out why Bailey doesn't wanna surf anymore. She tries to help him but he doesn't want her help. Shoe finds Dawn's underwear in the dryer and keeps them.

    Kai and Birdie are my favorite characters out of the sereis so this really threw me. I mean Birdie is making progress but Kai feelings were hurt when she though Lacey was her friend. Anyway Lacey will get what she deserves in the next episode. But Lacey should have just told Vin she wasn't interested. That was all she had to do.

    Anyway Birdie makes an effort to save Bailey's career that is going downhill fast. Bailey finally admits that he is afraid of the water. Which is uncommon but he better face his fear or WaveSync's isn't gonna sponsor him any longer. Shoe is in love with Dawn and he won't admit it to anyone.

    Overall this episode was pivotal and well written. I mean Kai sees what kind of friend Lacey is. But I'm just glad Lacey is gonna get what she deserves. I mean what kind of friend does that.moreless
  • "Vin, Lose, or Draw" was an amazing episode. It was good and I can't wait till next week to see how the storyline advances.

    I think that this was a great episode. The love triangle was very good, but I don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm also worried for Lacey beacuse she is going to be in the hospital next episode. Here's my view on the love triangle. I always liked Lacey and her character so I was biased at the beginning of the storyline (also because I really didn't like Kai's friends and I think they shouldn't have been on the show). Then it came to this episode. I think that it was mostly Vin's fault. He knew that Kai liked him, but he still tried to get Lacey. He also lied about what happened at the party, which made Kai feel bad. After Kai told Lacey she loved him, Lacey tried hard to back off and was good at it until that last night. I think that the only reason she gave in was because she secretly liked Vin and he was persistent to get with her. But, I think that Kai hurt Lacey's feelings unintentionally when she showed Lacey the bracelet Vin made for Lacey. Overall, Vin had the most fault by leading on two woman (80%), Lacey the second most because she said she was going to back off but fell into Vin's trap (15%), and Kai the least fault for unintentionally hurting Lacey by flaunting the bracelet (5%). But, if Kai's friends do beat up Lacey next episode (which I know they will), that will give her much guilt and will add to her blame.

    The following is the recap I made. I added it so that I could have a 1,000 word review. Shoe is giving Dawn an intimate massage with her yelling his name, but then he comes back to reality and she is telling him to turn down the music. She asks if he wanted to hang out, but then says she'll let him get back to his work since he was so into it. Cuts to the Wavesync house where Lacey is getting and Kai is in the room. Lacey tells Kai she had the weirdest dream last night. Then Kai tells Lacey that a wise woman said that Kai and Vin were soulmates. She then tells Lacey that she loves Vin and that she always had. Lacey tells Kai, "Vin is all yours. I promise." Kai leaves the room, and Lacey is still thinking about her dream. Downstairs, Marcus is waiting for Birdie when Justin comes in. Marcus asks if it is under regulations if he waits downstairs for Birdie, but Justin tells him there are no regulations except a joke he made about the girls. Justin tells him he's joking when Dale comes in. Dale starts complaining about Bailey, so Marcus decides to wait outdoors. Birdie's walking down the stairs when she hears Dale talking to Justin. Dale says the company pays too much for Bailey and if he doesn't start surfing soon, he'll be out of Wavesync. At school, Vin comes up to Lacey and talks about last night. He then gives her a bracelet and puts it on for her. Vin says that they have chemistry, but Lacey says that her and Vin are not going to happen. Back at the Wavesync house, Marcus is waiting by his car when Bailey comes out. Bailey jokes that soldiers usually where uniforms to get girls, but Marcus counters joking that surfers carry surfboards to get girls. Bailey goes in while Birdie comes out of the house. She tells Marcus about Bailey's injury, but Marcus says he was just playing football with him and he doesn't think that Bailey's arm is hurt. Shoe and Dawn are eating together and talking about each other. Dawn says that Shoe's family must be proud because he's so perfect, but Shoe denies it and asks about Dawn's family. Dawn is talking about her family (but I think she's lying because she's not mentioning that she's rich) when Shoe is fantasizing about her again. After a 5-10 seconds he comes back to the real world and Dawn is still talking. Lacey and Kai are walking on the beach, when they run into Vin. Kai asks about the party and Vin tries to get out of it by saying he's not into those things anyway. Lacey then leaves so that Kai and Vin can be alone, and while she's walking away she sees Vin put his arm around Kai. That night when Lacey hears Kai is back, she pretends she is studying and then asks about the date. Kai says that they went back to Vin's house and later went up to Vin's room. Kai talks says that even though they were up there for hours it only seemed like minutes and that the way Vin talks to you, it makes you feel like you're the only person in the world. Kai thanks Lacey, and then Lacey sees the bracelet Kai is wearing, which is the bracelet that Vin gave to Lacey but Lacey gave back. Kai says she saw it on Vin's dresser and liked it, so she took it. The next morning, Shoe is doing the laundry and asks who left their clothes in the dryer. After Dawn says it hers, he says it's no big deal and she takes the clothes. When Shoe looks back in the dryer he realizes that Dawn left her underwear in the dryer and he takes it out. While he's looking at it Justin walks in and Shoe tries to hide it. Justin asks Shoe to take some things to the post office then he leaves. Birdie confonts Bailey about his surfing, and tells him that Marcus had the same injury and that Marcus says that his shoulder isn't hurt. She asks why, and then tells him about the conversation she overheard. Bailey says it isn't her business and walks off. Vin sees Lacey at the beach and tells her he's looking for a beautiful girl, and Lacey says he must be looking for Kai, because she is not going to get with Vin.Vin then shows her a bonfire, so she stays. Vin plays guitar, and they roast hot dogs. They start playing with each other and flirting. They get up and dance together and laugh. They move in closer and start kissing. Shoe is sweeping the floor, then he gets hot, so he wipes his forehead with Dawn's underwear. Dawn sees this, calls him a pervert, then walks away. Birdie is on the couch talking to Marcus on the phone when Bailey walks in. She says says bye, hangs up the phone and looks at Bailey. He says she was right about his shoulder not being injured and tells her that there's another reason why he's not surfing. He puts in a DVD. The tape is a tape of a Fiji competition. Bailey is surfing a huge wave when he wipes out. She asks if he was ok, but he asks if it looks like he was okay. The tape shows him being put on a gurney and Birdie realizes that Bailey's scared to go back in the water. Bailey takes the DVD and leaves. Lastly, Vin is walking with Lacey on the beach, holding hands, when a boy sees them. The boy calls someone and tells him to tell it to his brother,. which starts a chain of calls in which Kai is notified. Kai gets the call about Lacey and Vin and she takes off the bracelet and throws it across the room. Lacey comes in and Kai is looking at the wall, crying.

    I think that the Birdie and Bailey storyline will be good and that it will keep Bailey from getting kicked out of Wavesync. The Shoe and Dawn storyline is hilarious and I want to see how that plays out. Overall, this was agreat episode and I can't wait till next week's drama filled episode.moreless
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    • Promo tagline from The-N: Lacey's secret crush... and the love of Kai's life... creates a sticky love triangle that can turn roommates into enemies.


    • Episode Title: Vin, Lose or Draw

      This is an allusion to the popular television show "Win, Lose or Draw", which was an American television game show that aired from September 1, 1987 to September 7, 1989 on NBC and in syndication from 1987 to 1990.

      Win, Lose or Draw was essentially based on the classic board game Pictionary. There were two teams, each composed of two celebrities and one "civilian" contestant, as non-celebrities are referred to on game shows. Three women played against three men. The teams took turns guessing a phrase, title, or thing that one teammate was drawing on a large pad of paper with markers. There could be no talking by the one who was drawing, nor inscription of letters, numbers, or symbols. (If one of these illegal clues was used, any money won in that puzzle was split between the two teams.) However, if a team mentioned a word that was part of the answer, the player at the sketch-pad could write it.