Beyond the Glory

Season 2 Episode 3

Alonzo Mourning

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2002 on FOX Sports

Episode Recap

Though quite at home on a basketball court, the seemingly invincible Alonzo Mourning has faced hs share of challenges off the court. As this episode chromicles, Mourning's success has certainly come at a price. Despite the fame and fortune he's achieved, Mourning's journey has neither been easy nor without pain. Born in Chesapeake, Virgina in 1970, Mourning quickly outgrew both his clothes and his classmates, often making him the object of ridicule. An unhappy child, Mourning saw his parents divorce when he was 11. As a result, his first court battle took place not on a basketball court, but in custody court. The judge gave Alonzo the option of living with either one of his parents, but Mourning shocked everyone by opting to be placed in the state's foster care system instead. After bouncing around the system, mainly at various boys' homes to his dismay, Mourning eventually ended up at the home of Fannie Threet. Threet was known around Chesapeake as the Queen Mother. Mourning was just one of 49 foster children raised by Threet, but for Mourning, the bond was immediate and he knew he found a home to his linking. While chronicling his achievements and disappointments on the basketball court, Beyond the Glory, as it is signature, delves deeper into the story to explore what it's been like living in his big shoes. Along with the emotional scars that Mourning carries around with him, a physical scar has shaken him as ferociously as one of his dunks. In 2000, Mourning was diagnosed with a kidney disease called focal glomerulosclerosis. There is no cure. In addition to Alonzo Mouring, people interviewed for this episode include: NBA stars Tim Hardaway and Patrick Ewing, coaches Pat Riley and John Thompson, Mourning's high school coach Bill Lassiter and Mourning's wife Tracy.
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