Beyond the Glory

Season 2 Episode 7

Dale Jarrett

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on FOX Sports

Episode Recap

Despite growing up in a household with a famous father [Ned] who made his name racing cars, Dale Jarrett certainly didn't have anything handed to him despite his father's connections in NASCAR.

There have been several bumps in his road to the top of Winston Cup racing and this Sunday's episode of Beyond the Glory takes to the track to uncover them.

As a child growing up in Hickory, N.C., Jarrett found success in everything he tried. Crediting the leadership role he saw in his dad, Jarrett excelled in all sports including baseball, football, golf and basketball. It was this take-charge attitude and the respect he commanded that served him well in most of his endeavors.

However, he was not free of trouble. During his senior year in high school, Jarrett learned his longtime girlfriend Kim was pregnant. They married and Kim gave birth three months premature. This was the first of many tough decisions Jarrett would have to make over the years.

He declined a scholarship to play golf at University of South Carolina and instead tried to go about supporting his newly formed family. From selling vacuum cleaners to cars, Jarrett was floundering after nothing but success in his life.

Eventually turning to Ned, who was managing the local racetrack, Jarrett took a job in track maintenance. Being surrounded by cars all day re-ignited the passion Jarrett had long forgotten. Everyone around him didn't endorse racing, but Jarrett knew in his heart that this was where he belonged.

Though his successes have been well chronicled, Beyond the Glory goes behind the headlines during his racing career to gauge the choices Jarrett made and what repercussions he felt, because often times his decisions affected more than just himself.

From his serious injury, to switching race teams, to the death of his friend Dale Earnhardt, Jarrett's career is examined thoroughly.

In addition to Dale Jarrett, people interviewed for this episode include: Joe Gibbs, Robert Yates, Darrell Waltrip, friend Jimmy Newsome, high school coach Don Patrick, Andy Petree, brother Glenn, son Jason, wife Kelley, ex-wife Kim Robinson-Lutz, father Ned, mother Martha and sister Patti.
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