Beyond The Wormhole

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  • Season 5
    • After the Sun Dies
      How will we survive the death of the Sun? The technology to move our civilization to Mars sounds like sci-fi, but might be almost within our grasp. Perhaps even reaching a new Earth out across the galaxy might soon be possible thanks to a radical new propulsion technology. The Sun will die, but must humanity die with it?

    • The Science of Race

      Are races different on the inside as well as on the outside, or is there really even such a thing as race at all? Could advances in technology create a superior race? The answers to these questions might reveal where humanity is headed.

    • Life's First Moments
      What defines the beginning of a singular life? New evidence reveals that inside each of us resides traces of cells from our relatives - blurring the lines between one life and another. And even more surprisingly, technology is now giving rise to new life forms made of surprising components.

    • Space Itself
      Space Itself
      Episode 4

      What is the universe made of? If you're thinking stars, planets, gas and dust - you might be wrong. Today, scientists think there must be five times as much dark matter as regular matter - but they have no idea what dark matter is. However, they're pretty sure that it's not made of atoms, at least as we understand atoms today.

    • When Did Time Begin?

      We float along the river of time. But does that river have an original source? Some believe time and space are one thing, and that the cosmic clock began with the Big Bang. But is time itself merely an illusion? New experiments may hold the answer.

    • Is Luck Real?
      Episode 2

      Do we find luck or does it find us? Understanding the relationship between "luck" and the human brain may radically revise our understanding of both the laws of nature and the human brain itself.

    • 2/5/14

      Is God worshipped in other worlds across the universe? How might alien deities differ from our own? Have advanced aliens discovered everything there is to know about the universe, or are they also looking for answers? The answer to this mystery may lie buried here on Earth.

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