Beyond The Wormhole

Season 3 Episode 3

Is the Universe Alive?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2012 on The Science Channel



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      Jurgen Schmidhuber (Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Lugano), Stephon Alexander (Theoretical Physicist), Lee Smolin (Theoretical Physicist, Researcher at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Physics Professor at the University of Waterloo), Robert Lanza (Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine)

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    • Freeman: From the smallest microbe to the tallest tree, we think we know life when we see it. But could life also exist on a vastly different scale ... where planets act like single cells and black holes reproduce the DNA of space itself? Could the secrets of the cosmos lie not in physics, but in biology? Is the universe alive?

    • Freeman: To think of the universe as a single living thing stretches our imaginations quite a bit. The cosmos could be driven by a heartbeat that pumps out clusters of galaxies once every ... trillion years. We could be the child of another universe and be spawning countless more. Or, the cosmos could be a giant computation - infected by a computer virus called ... biological life. And we can't tell who is more alive - the universe or us.

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