Beyond The Wormhole

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  • The big bang

    Ave you listened to yourselves. First you say there was nothing. Then you say the big bang happened because dust and particles and gases came together along with gravity to produce the big bang. You can't have nothing and dust, particles and gasses along with gravity. So which is it? Then you say the sun is nuclear fission and gravity in battle with each other. Where does the gravity come from for the sun? And how do you know when you are looking into space whether you are looking back or forward. If we are expanding you see everything ahead of us moving away and everything behind should be moving towards us, right. Well, if the universe is collapsing, then everything behind us will be moving away from us and everything in front of us should be moving towards us, right. Same scenario either way. How would you know the difference? How come you never talk about the other side of the big bang. What I mean is, if you are looking back and see the point where the big bang occurred, and we are 14 billion light years away from that point, isn't there a place 14billion light years away from that point, 180 degrees of us?
  • Questionable science.

    As a scientific student, inspired by an episode from the first season to begin studying I must say I'm disappointed in the direction this show has been headed. This show has taken to interview scientists who either have a lack of criteria on a subject, or have been proven to be flat out wrong on a subject by their peers. One such example is the fifth episode of season four "Will sex become extinct" where they interview a female scientist who claims that the male sex-chromosome is going extinct, despite that this hypothesis has been debunked time and time again. As a scientist in training, I urge you please look up anything claimed on this show and compare it to respectable scientific outlets.
  • better than the over produced 'new Cosmos'

    I watched the new Cosmos with great anticipation. WHAT a disappointment. it is way too over-produced. Wormhole has a good balance of production value and a readily understandable message. Thanks for some good, real science.
  • What genius thought of writing info on the bottom of screen???

    What genius thought of writing info on the bottom of screen??? How annoying to say nothing of the fact that most people can't read it in the short time it is up! My grand kids keep asking me what it said! Hello? A show about scientific "stuff" should know that you are NOT hearing when you are reading. You go from one to the other. Might be only a very short interrupt, but it is constant. Get rid of it PLEASE!!!
  • Excellent show

    A very enjoyable (popular) science show that goes into a decent amount of debt for every subject. Apart from a couple of occasions where they used 'less-respected' scientists (I don't like having to verify information for truthfulness, only to find out that the theories presented are dodgy at best); luckily most of the shows episodes present quality information. I will always keep watching!
  • My Favorite Science Channel Show

    The show is really interesting, Lots of information, ideas, and theories coming from different sides. The shows presents ideas the complex ideas in ways the viewer can understand. A great show for a science fan.