Beyond The Wormhole - Season 2

Wednesday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Jun 09, 2010 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Is There An Equation of Everything?
    Peeling back the layers of existence, scientists examine whether new ways of perceiving the world might allow us to unlock the secrets of the universe.
  • 8/10/11

    What do aliens look like? Planetary Scientists and Biologists use what we know of evolution on our own planet combined with information from newly discovered planets that could theoretically support life, to theorize on how an extra-terrestrial might look. Morgan Freeman narrates.

  • 8/3/11

    Is death inevitable? Scientists are searching for ways to extend human life and some of the results are startling. Could immortality really be on the horizon?

  • 7/27/11

    Negative energy, cosmic strings, wormholes, warp drives, waves of space-time - can any of these things help get us to out into the cosmos by traveling faster than the speed of light? Physicists speculate as to whether "Einstein's universal speed limit" can be broken - and if perhaps Einstein might have been wrong, that the speed of light may not be a universal constant all across the cosmos. All over the world, physicists are attempting to warp, bend, fold or distort space-time in an effort to go faster and faster - and in a universe where the nearest star is 25 trillion miles away, the need for speed is real if we're ever going to get "out there".

  • 7/20/11

    The Universe. It's sheer size and mystery are mind-boggling even to the most seasoned Cosmologists. Quantum Physicists are trying to unlock it's greatest mysteries. Will they succeed? And will we gain a greater understanding of ourselves in the process?

  • 7/13/11
  • 7/6/11

    What happens when a blind eye is shown a picture? Does the mind still register the image? Are we all connected through a massive universal nervous system? Neuro-scientists take on the challenge of proving there really is a sixth sense.

  • 6/29/11

    Is a fourth dimension possible? How about a fifth? What about several dimensions, invisible but all around us? Molecular Biologists may have the answer.

  • 6/22/11

    Is time merely another dimension, like the dimensions of distance and space which we're more familiar with? Is it woven into the fabric of the Universe or merely a dream state, an illusion created in our mind to help us organize and sequence events? Top physicists offer their fascinating takes on the mysteries of time.

  • 6/15/11

    Recent groundbreaking cosmology and state of the art science suggests that the Universe is not infinite - rather it may have a finite size and a unique shape.

  • 6/8/11
    What happens when we die - do we simply cease to exist or do we survive in some form? It's the greatest mystery of science. Now, biologists, physicists and philosophers are closing in on finding the answer to the ultimate question.