Beyond The Wormhole

Season 4 Episode 5

Will Sex Become Extinct?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2013 on The Science Channel

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  • Seriously???

    They made this sound this sound so real, if it hadn't been on the scifi channel I'd most likely have believed it. This idea is ridiculous! How are you going to tell your child he/she was grown in a lab? What about the kids in the adoption centers that don't have parents? God made women lactate for a reason and it wasn't for them to grow their children in labs, they can't breast feed that way, and you may be thinking you can't breast feed either if you adopt either and you'd be correct, but you'd at least be giving a parent less child a parent and not making another child and leaving the children in the adoption centers without a parent, and why would you do this, just to have your DNA? Sounds kinda selfish to me. Trying to rate this as 1, but it keeps changing it to 1.5 oh and Morgan, you are an amazing actor with an amazing voice but if they contine with episodes like this do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.