Beyond Westworld

CBS (ended 1980)


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  • "It began with Westworld...."

    ".... a futuristic playground.....". I still rember the opening narration to this "short lived series" ;-) from an old tape recording. Of course I really don't remember much of those three episodes, but maybe if they had given them a bigger chance, who knows what would have happened. If it where made today, it's chances probably would be better.

    Looking at the cast, Connie Sellecca had the most (TV) success afterwards ("Greatest American Hero", "Hotel" & the One-Season-Only "P.S. I. Luy U" ). Severn Darden passed away in 1995 and James Wainwright in 1999. And Jim McMullans longest recurring role was 14 episodes of dallas in 1986-1987.
  • I barely remember this gem! Lasted only 3 episodes with 2 unaired ones (were they ever filmed)

    This series was just a lame attempt to milk the somewhat successful Westworld movie.

    Basically each episode was like looking for Waldo except your challenge is to "Spot the robot".

    Not sure why this forgetable disaster popped into my head, it just did. How much can you really say about it? How many people even know it exists?

    Yul Bryner in Westworld was memorable as were his tv spots telling people "DONT SMOKE" as he was dying of cancer from smoking. Sad story. They should put all these awful series that lasted 5 or fewer episodes on TV Land as a message to the future = Dont try and milk semi popular movies by making lame TV series about them. Kapiche?