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Biblical Mysteries Explained

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Biblical Mysteries Explained is the Discovery Channel series that explores great events in the Bible, using new scientific discoveries to show how they happened. The two-part series investigates two of the strangest mysteries of the Bible, Exodus and Sodom & Gomorroah. Exodus tells the miraculous story of the escape of the Israelites from the pursuing Egyptians, when Moses parts the Red Sea. In Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities were consumed by fire and brimstone. Where these tales true? How could they be possible? A new breed of scientists believe that mega-disasters have happened in Earth's past, and will happen again. They believe that these disasters; floods, asteroid strikes, and more, were recorded by early man in folk legends, myths, and the Bible itself. Find out the science behind these stories, and learn how they may actually refer to real events in the Discovery Channel's two part special Biblical Mysteries Explained.

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AIRED ON 3/25/2014

Season 1 : Episode 2

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  • sodom and gomorrah

    This was a butchering of the bible, and of gods account of Sodom and Gomorrah. These schmuchs don't even believe in the bible. They act like when god SAYS don't look back or you will be turned to salt. They act like god was just trying to scar them, that lots wife really didn't turn to salt... lol They don't seem to know why god destroyed the city. Try reading the bible, learn the story the way god told it and the way it was. The city was destroyed because of Homosexuality, bestiality,ect. it was a sinful city,and god despises that kind of behavior. Sodom and Gomorrah was found, the sulfer balls were all over where the city used to be. I hate when idiots tell story about the bible. Kind of like the new movies that just butcher the bible, noah, and moses story's. Ron Wyatt found sodom and gomorrah in the 80's. He also found years before noahs ark, the red sea crossing,ect. Look up Ron Wyatt archaeologymoreless

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