Big Apple

CBS (ended 2001)


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Big Apple

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Ed O'Neill plays seasoned, cynical cop, Detective Mike Mooney. His young partner, Detective Vincent Trout, faces the dilemma of choosing between his ambitions and sticking with Mooney. At the FBI, William Preecher and Jimmy Flynn are both high-level agents who have their own fish to fry. Newly transferred to the New York office of the FBI is Sarah Day. She's ostensibly brought in to replace Teddy Olsen, a seasoned agent who's growing uncomfortable with some of the tactics younger agents are employing. FBI informant Terry Maddock is a bar owner in Hell's Kitchen. The FBI has set up house in his hangout, complete with video cameras -- some of which many on the FBI task force don't even know about. He is mentoring Chris Scott, a young street-smart thug who's seen his share of brawls.
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    Crime, Thrillers, Cop Shows, Adult