Big Breadwinner Hog

ITV (ended 1969)


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  • Season 1
    • A Credit to Us All
      Hogarth inches towards his goal of becoming head of London's criminal underworld. Ackerman, meanwhile, has his own agenda.
    • Hogarth Cannot Rest on His Laurels
      Now secure in his position as head of an established criminal gang, Hogarth plans to spring Gould, chairman of Scotyanks, from prison.
    • Self-Discipline Is Its Own Reward
      Hogarth completes his take-over of Ryan's gang.
    • Hogarth Accepts Responsibility
      Hog buys off members of Ryan's gang, but Ryan discovers the location of Hog's new base of operations. Ryan arranges a gangland funeral for his grandmother.
    • Immature, Unsatisfactory Work…
      Ryan uncovers the evidence of Lennox's handiwork. Hogarth has his sights set on Ryan's organisation, and plots to take Ryan out.
    • Improving, But He Must Not Flout Authority
      Lennox schemes to consolidate his position as leader of Scotyanks. Hogarth, meanwhile, has to dispose of the proceeds from his jewelery robberies.
    • Hogarth Can Do Better
      Hogarth carries out a series of raids on jewellery shops, bringing him to the attention of Scotyanks, the leading organized crime syndicate.
    • A Promising, If Impulsive, Pupil…
      Hogarth, a fashion-conscious young thug, has his eye on the big time. A series of night raids bring him to the attention of the established criminal fraternity, but when he steals £200 from a part of Ryan's empire, he decides the lad should be taught a lesson.