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Big Break

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Big Break is a British game show based around the game of snooker, it is presented by comedian Jim Davidson and former snooker player John Virgo. There are three contestants participating, each joined by a professional snooker player chosen at random. The contestant would answer the questions and the pro player would take care of the elements occurring on the snooker table.

The following are the rounds in Big Break:

Red Hot
Each contestant starts with ten seconds on their clock, they are then given three questions, for each one they get right ten seconds is added to their clock. The snooker player then has to pot as many of the 10 red balls in the time won by the contestants. The lowest scoring team is eliminated. In later series there was a slight tweak with the beginning part, the teams start with 40 seconds and 5 seconds are deducted for each wrong answer the contestant gives.

Virgo's Trick Shot
The contestant eliminated in Red Hot is given the chance to win a consolation prize, they have to recreate a trick shot performed by John Virgo.

Pocket Money
The snooker player would play by traditional snooker rules for ninety seconds. For every ball they potted it would be worth money for their contestant, the values in pounds were ten times the points in snooker (so the reds are worth £10, the yellow is £20 and so on). Each of the six pockets would have a colour of the coloured balls allocated to them, if the player potted the colour into the matching pocket it would double that ball's value. If the player missed a ball the contestant would have to answer a question before play is resumed, the category of the question is determined by which ball is missed. The lowest scoring team is eliminated.

• Red = Pot Luck
• Yellow = Past
• Green = Music
• Brown = Places
• Blue = People
• Pink = Sports
• Black = Screen

Make or Break?
In the final it is down to the snooker player to eliminate all the balls from the table (six reds and the six colours), playing by traditional snooker rules. For each colour they eliminate, including the remaining reds, a prize is won for the contestant. To make things easier, the contestant is given the chance at the beginning to eliminate up to five reds from the table by answering five questions, this will allow the player to reach the colours more quickly and win more prizes. There are ninety seconds for the contestant to answer the five questions and the player to eliminate the balls.


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