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Gretel Killeen hosted the first seven series of Australia's version of Big Brother between 2001 and 2007, for series eight in 2008, radio hosts Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands took over hosting duties. When broadcast in New Zealand on channel TV 2 and Prime for the first series and the special episodes broadcast in series 2, Mark Ferguson hosted links between Gretel and the house. The Australian house is located in the Dreamworld theme park in Queensland. Although never credited the role of Big Brother is normally held by one member of the production team (sometimes others fill in). Throughout Series 1-3, Peter Abbott had the job. Through Series 4-7, Kris Noble and in the shows final series, series 8, Up Late Editor, Leon Murray took on the role. Since the original series of Big Brother in 1999 in the Netherlands, over 40 different countries have adapted the series with varying rules, all over the globe. The concept of the Australian series is similiar to the original series, as a group of people who've never met before are locked into a house, sealed off from the outside world and are recorded by dozens of cameras all day long. These Housemates are controlled by "Big Brother", an all-seeing entity whom we never see but frequently hear. Each week, after the other housemates nominate the people they want out of the house and the public decide who they want out, a nominee is evicted. In series eight the nomination system was tampered with for the first five weeks, were the public decided who the other housemates have to evict, with the three housemates who got the highest percentage of callers then having to be nominated to leave by their fellow housemates. After approximately three months, the public then vote for the winner, who wins a cash prize. In the first three years of the show, the winner of Big Brother pocketed $250,000. However in 2004, those winnings were increased to $1 million! Not only that, but this fact was hidden from the Housemates until halfway through the series. A further twist was added in 2005, with breaches of the rules resulting in fines that were deducted from the prize money. Although Housemate's were given a couple of chances to reclaim their losses, co-winners (and twins) Greg and David "only" went home with $836,000. In 2006 the fines were a little more harsh and in the end winner Jamie was handed a cheque for $426,000. In 2007 their was no prize money originally and the housemates would gather the money by completing tasks, meaning winner Aleisha went home with $450,000. In 2008, the prize money amount wasn't revealed until late in the series, each remaining housemate was given $25,000 and upon eviction had to choose a remaining housemate to give it to, meaning that the winner Terri went away with $250,000.Other evictees along the way win smaller prizes, through the shows sponsors. The daily show which was present from the first series showcases highlights from the previous day in a half hour show. Mike Goldman narrated for the whole eight series. Although the title of Daily Show was only carried in the credits sequence throughout the last series. The show has never broadcast on a Saturday night, so the Sunday editions cover the highlights from the previous Friday and Saturday. In Series 8, the Daily show on Mondays aired for an additional half an hour, and eventually when the nomination system went back to normal led into the nominations show, which had been present in the 7.30-8.30 slot on Monday nights in the previous seven series. Eviction shows have aired on Sunday nights since the show began, straight after the Daily Show, in a auditorium within the Dreamworld complex, the shows were broadcast as live, although they actually weren't because the delay between the housemate leaving the house to getting to the studio would be too long in a live show. The show often was visited by housemates friends and family, or in the event of a upcoming twist special guests may have also make an appearance. Once the announcement was made to the house, the housemate had to leave immediately and was then questioned on the main stage about their time in the house. The Finale show has gone on for up to four hours previously and was broadcast live, it featured highlights of the last day and the ex-evictees from that series. Episodes were broadcast throughout the first series for seven consecutive days, on Saturdays Gretel would be joined by Sami Lukis for a show entitled Big Brother Saturday, which featured updates on the housemates time since leaving the house. For Series four of the show, we also saw the introduction of the Games Arena, in which Housemates would compete against each other every Friday night for several prizes, including the chance to spend the weekend in a luxurious "Rewards Room" up until series 7, which changed to the "Strategy Room" in seires 8. This extra show which broadcast directly after the daily show was known as Friday Night Live and was hosted by narrator Mike Goldman for two hours. Throughout series 5-8, two series four housemates Bree Amer and Ryan Fitzgerald co-hosted. FNL powers given to housemates often effected the nominations for the following week. The show had a theme each week, with uncredited, 'Ninjas' (wearing black suits, so we can't see any of their features) setting up the props and helping the housemates out in their tasks. This part of the show ended after 54 episodes on 18th July 2008. The show Big Brother Uncut broadcast for the first six series of the show, originally on Thursday nights, but switching later onto a Monday night slot, the show hosted by Gretel Killeen featured footage for more mature viewers. After been renamed Big Brother: Adults Only in 2006, politicians statements about the show, meant it ending prematurely and not returning since. The new hosts and many other concept changes, with the series tagline of I Don't Think So promised to reinvigorate a concept which was quickly becoming boring with the viewing public. However on 13th July 2008, a official site announcement was made confirming that the show won't be returning at least to Channel 10 in 2009. Since then rumours have been rife that a possible move to Channel Seven or Nine may occur. The show in Australia did make it to eight series and a celebrity series, before it's cancellation and even had three spin-off shows, although not always successful as Big Brother: The Insider proved in 2003 and UK spin-off, spin-off Big Brother's Big Mouth proved in 2008. However Big Brother - Up Late ran successfully for four years, before entering hiatus in the 2008 series, due to cricket coverage. Throughout it's run the Australian Big Brother has had some notable achievements - in 2002, it became the first BB to have a double-eviction. In 2003, it was the first BB series to have two separate houses (which were later combined into one large house) and, in 2005, it was the first to be won by twins.


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  • Mike Goldman

    Mike Goldman

    Daily Show Narrator / Friday Night Live Host

    Gretel Killeen

    Gretel Killeen

    Host [Series 1-7]

    Sami Lukis

    Sami Lukis

    Big Brother Saturday Co-Host [Series 1]

    Mark Ferguson

    Mark Ferguson

    New Zealand Host [Series 1 & Series 2 Specials]

    Peter Abbott

    Peter Abbott

    Voice of Big Brother [Series 1-3]

    Kris Noble

    Kris Noble

    Voice of Big Brother [Series 4-7]

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    • This is Big Brother. Enjoy it.

      What people tend to forget about Big Brother is that, at its core, it is a social experiment. It may be so far commercialised in it's seventh year, but if you can manage to look past that it is a very interesting show psychologically as it accurately reflects the spiteful and vindictive way in which people talk to and about each other, only on a much more concentrated scale.

      What draws its viewers is the ability to love and hate the people they put in the House, judging solely by what they show the audience, having never met the housemates themselves.

      Despite the view that it is a show only for people with no intellectual substance, it can be highly enjoyable for the analytical types as well.

      Welcome back to high school.moreless
    • What rubbish.Hoo-ray it's axed.

      Big Brother is annoying,rude,selfish in every single way. I don't really need to say really anything because everyone knows the deal with this idiotic show. Why would you wanna go on this show? When you know something bad is going to happen, I mean just plain stupid. The contesants are very annoying as well. Nobbi from the last ever season was just a plain bully, Travis from the same season and his annoying girly voice. That is just an example of how annoying Big Brother contestants can be. So Big Brother: don't come back ever or face a court case by anti-Big Brother groups who will stop you and that will be led by me.moreless
    • In my opinion, Big Brother is the best reality show ever created in Australia and around the world.

      I have watched this show since it first launched onto Australian screens back in 2001. We all fell in love with the bum-dancing, bunny eared; Sara-Marie.

      The show was better and better each season. Gretel Killeen hosted seven our of eight seasons of Big Brother. She has done an amazing job and definitelly gets my vote for best host on TV. Sadly, she left our screens at the end of Big Brother 2007. I knew it was never going to be the same without her. Her replacements were Kyle and Jackie O, who i must say were horrible hosts and they were definitelly a contributing reason to the axing of what was once, a great show. Kyle was frozen and his left eye kept twitching which scared everyone who was watching. They were there to host not give opinions about who their favourite housemates were and who they didn't like. 2008 was the worst Big Brother ever. It definitelly lacked the anticipation and the excitement of the eviction shows which in my opinion was what made Big Brother, Big Brother.

      I hope it returns to Network TEN in a few years time and i hope to see Gretel back. This is my favourite show and always will be.moreless
    • Big Brother, shot live from the Gold Coast at Dreamworld, is now an unforgettable show that will be remembered not just from the housemates, but from the nation. A reality live Tv game show that has new people from society each season is now gone forever.moreless

      The host of season 1 Big Brother in Australia, Gretel Killein, welcomed the first Australian Housemates into the world of Big Brother. As the days went by, and less housemates were left in the house, the winner was finally announced (Ben). As season two came, a new bach of new comers were placed within the house and yet again, the winner was finally announced (Peter). Then season 3, and the winner was announced (Reggie). Then season 4 was when the winner won 1 million dollars from now on. The winners after that was then Trevor, Logan twins, Jaime and Aleisha.moreless
    • Tasteless and only good for a perv.

      Only gets 1 due to the fact that some serious hot chicks have come out of it. Otherwise a completely distasteful and tactless show. I would be lying if I said that i've never seen an episode but I guess my voyeristic side got the best of me and I wanted to see what it was like to live in a house full of air headed bimbos and ball-brained men.

      I can see the appeal of the show, a look inside the mind of individuals, but I cant help but feel that the whole thing has been manipulated and concoted in such a way that we really dont see whats actually going on for real. Anyways, avoid it at all costs, you get to know more about the 'inmates' through reading an article about them in Zoo magazine :Pmoreless

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