Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 101

Daily Show - Day Eighty One & Day Eighty Two

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jul 20, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

With a weekend left in the house, on Friday the housemates discuss whether or not the show has changed their life or not. When Travis comes to the diary room, the other four housemates hide from him. Alice starts a discussion about having to look after other peoples children because she can't have children herself. Rory thinks that people grow up on how they're raised, the girls however believe that they aren't. Big Brother talks to Rory about winning his first FNL and meeting up with his brother Justin. Whilst in the diary room, Alice talks about why she doesn't agree with Rory's comments he's made about childbirth and adoption. It's now Saturday and Ben finds a letter in the postbox, were Big Brother has left an eviction notice, to let them know they have to be out within two days. Rory is given prunes and baked beans for his breakfast. Big Brother reveals that the housemates have passed their ironing task. Travis talks about his relationships outside of the house and why he thinks he's touched the most boob all series. Ben comes to the diary room and discusses what it's like to just have five of them left in the house. Travis talks about his shoesize and why he thinks his foot is shrinking and how he believes peoples nose and ears still grow when people have died.

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