Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 58

Daily Show - Day Forty Six & Day Forty Seven

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 15, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

As the winner of the Friday Night Live games, Nobbi had chosen to take Travis, Ben and Rory with him into the Big Brother cinema to watch a screening on You don't mess with Zohan. Nobbi felt bad that he didn't take Cherry and tells him that if there is a steak dinner in the vending machine this week he will take him. Some of the housemates find this weird and say that it is like Nobbi is trying to recruit him into a cult. Terri names them (Nobbi, Ben, Rory and Travis) The Evil Black Crows cult due to them all being in the backyard tree a lot. Cherry plots how to get Nobbi up for eviction while the other guys are in the cinema. Rhianna tells Rory about this that night in bed.

The following morning Big Brother calls Cherry and Brigitte to the diary room separately and awards them each a strike for discussing nominations the previous night. It is Brigitte's 21st birthday and she is happy that it is sunny. Outside, Rory tells Nobbi what Rhianna told him about Cherry and Nobbi is shocked. Big Brother tells the housemates that they passed this weeks task. After making a deal with BB to trade her dress for a white pillowcase Brigitte decides she won't go to her party because she has nothing to wear. She does go and borries one of Bianca's dresses. That night the housemates go to Brigitte's birthday party via BB airlines. They find a pink sparkleland. Big Brother gives Brigitte a video message from her family and her princess sparkles toy. Terri and Travis make speaches, Travis as Brigittes's father and Terri as her foster mother.

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