Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 44

Daily Show - Day Thirty Four

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 02, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

The housemates have just welcomed three new intruders – Rhianna, a 25 year old single mum; Cherry, a 22 year old marketing student; and Terrence, a 51 year old real estate auctioneer. Rory, Ben, Nobbi and Renee are having a chat outside about nominations which breached Big Brother's rules. Big Brother immediately calls them all to the diary room and issues them each a strike. It was then time for Dixie's goodbye message and hand grenade. The message was generally positive except when she singled out a few housemates and told them to pull their weight around the house. She then moved onto the hand grenade and stated that there will be two grenades issued that night, one from her and one from Big Brother, and they will change the game. Dixie then told the housemates to go into the diary room, where Big Brother explained that there is a new eviction process whereby the housemates nominate and Australia evicts. Later Big Brother calls the intruders to the diary room, and whilst he is having a chat with them a verbal argument breaks out between Alice, Renee and Bianca about breast reduction surgery. Violence is threatened so Big Brother issues Renee with her second strike, and Bianca with her first.

The housemates receive their new task which is to ignore the obvious. Things will randomly appear in the Big Brother house, that are not suppose to be there and the housemates must ignore them. Immediately when they leave the couch, they discover everything in the backyard is covered in aluminum foil. The housemates began nominations with Alice, Bianca and Brigitte up, however unbeknownst to everyone; Dixie's hand grenade was to save one of these three housemates. She chose to save Alice, and Renee and Terri were tied on the next highest amount of votes and therefore became nominated.

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