Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 35

Daily Show - Day Twenty Seven

Aired Daily 7:00 PM May 26, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

A double eviction had just occurred that saw Nathan and David leave the house. Renee was upset because she believed that Nate and David her the two guys she was closest to in the house. It was then time for the goodbye messages and hand grenades. Nathan was up first, where he told Renee that he had never met someone like her before, and they would definately have to catch up on the outside. He then moves on to distributing the next hand grenade where he had to choose someone to be the "early riser" in which they would never be able to sleep in again in the house, and each morning would have to make Big Brother his breakfast. They then would have to stay up all day without taking any naps. This was given to Travis. David's goodbye message was next. He had some nice words for Terri, however when he moved onto Bianca he said though she has strong morals and opinions which is good, she must respect others. His hand grenade was for a "night watchman". That entailed that the chosen housemate must be the last one awake every night, and to bring Big Brother a snack each night, occasionally telling him a bedtime story. This was given to Bianca.

Travis is first up the following morning due to the power of the hand grenade. Later, in an effort to get the other housemates out of bed Big Brother plays numerous alarms such as dogs barking and howling. With only a few housemates getting out of bed due to this, Big Brother called all the housemates to the lounge to read out the task. It is an indurance challenge where each housemate would sit under a dog house and the final hosemate that remains in their dog house wins. Nobbi gives up straight away, and Rory was disqualified just after for allowing his feet to be seen. Rory and Nobbi entertain themselves by spraying the hose on Brigitte's dog house which she was not happy about at all and screamed and swore at them. Big Brother then offered temptations to the remaining housemates to try to get them to give up with this so far only working on Dixie, and Terri was later disqualified.

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