Big Brother (Australia)

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Episode Guide

    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Elle is made to feel uncomfortable when she hears some of the other guys talking about Krystal in a negative way. She confides in Aphrodite, who tells Big Brother that if Krystal can get over it, then so should Elle. Ash wonders where the Berlin Wall is.
    • Big Brother Uncut
      Big Brother Uncut
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      A look at the too hot for daytime TV moments in the Big Brother house.
    • Week 4
      Week 4
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      A new week begins, without Aaron to entertain the Housemates. But everything is okay when the weekly task is passed.
    • Episode 33
      Episode 33
      Season 4 - Episode 33
      The Housemates notice Trevor has a letter from 'Big Brother' and they excitedly gather in the lounge to hear him read it. He sits down on a beanbag in front of them and reads: "Dear housemates after tea tonight there will be a visitor. Please make sure everything is clean for this event." They are initially excited but soon smell something fishy and ask him to read out the real letter. Trevor cracks up laughing and rolls off the beanbag. He tells them BB didn't give him a new letter, he just found one from yesterday.moreless
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Season 4 - Episode 27
      She's Big Brother's first real mother from the outside, but now Catherine is quickly becoming everyone's surrogate mother on the inside. She's baked bread with Elle, helped Merlin out with his lipstick and even acted as Igor's confidant. She's happily washing the housemates' clothes and cleaning their toilet. Even Terri's feeling Cath's maternal warmth, and she's only two years younger. Could Catherine be strategising to be the second female winner of Big Brother?moreless
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      A look back at the week that was in BB
    • Episode 26
      Episode 26
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      We've seen this divided House task before and the Mexican party provided the only real viewer entertainment this week. Ryan tried to stuff a chilli down Ashalea's throat, which she claims hurt her, but beautiful Elle started crying about it. That was only because Ryan was drunk and basically told her to take a hike in a way that changed her opinion of him a little (ie: he can be a jerk when he's drunk). He did pick up a knife also, as a joke, but Big Brother warned him that knives and alcohol don't mix so he isn't quite with it when he's drunk.moreless
    • Episode 37: Live Nomination #5
      Episode 37: Live Nomination #5
      Season 4 - Episode 37
      In a surprise turn of events, Merlin is the most unpopular housemate this week. He received eight points in total. They came from Trevor, Paul, Catherine and Ashalea. Both of the girls were offended by something Merlin said in the past week - behaviour you mightn't have predicted from sensitive Merls! He told Ash he'd rather kiss a tomato than her. And he said something to Catherine which insinuated she was being dishonest. So it looks like Merls has lost his position as the ladies' favourite!moreless
    • Week 1
      Week 1
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      The first week in the Big Brother House shows that the housemates need to maintain the house, by addind a new coat of paint to the walls, and living on a low amount of food.
    • Big Brother - The Finale
      Big Brother - The Finale
      Season 1 - Episode 58
      In a shocking twist, Blair is evicted leaving Ben the winner!
    • Episode 66
      Episode 66
      Season 4 - Episode 66
      At about 10pm on Monday the Housemates were all sitting in the bedroom. Suddenly Bree burst into tears - (only without the tears). Bree kept saying sorry to the other Housemates, but they reassured her she had no need to apologise. Cath and Ash followed Bree into the bathroom and Catherine told her, "I think the shock's just settling in... It's got to be hard emotionally. Your mind was set for one thing and then all of a sudden, boom!" Back in the bedroom, the boys talked about the fact Bree had "taken someone else's eviction show." And Paul said, "I'd feel sorry for whoever's going." But they analysed the chances of a proper eviction audience gathering at short notice, and decided that there probably will be a proper eviction crowd waiting for the next evictee. Trevor even thought there might be something extra, like $5,000, for that housemate.moreless
    • Episode 82
      Episode 82
      Season 4 - Episode 82
      The Housemates watch messages from home. Trevor's message from his girlfriend leaves him in tears. Big Brother calls the Housemates into the lounge room. They notice the plasma screen is on and wonder what is happening. Video flicks up on the screen and Bree is surprised to see her mother. Bree's mother says hello and adds, "I miss my old mate I need her here to have a talk." Then we see Ryan's mum. She says, "We love you heaps we really miss you. Just one last thought, it's time on in the last quarter, go for it." The next message is from Paul's wife, Jenni. Then the next message is from Trevor's girlfriend Breea and Trevor is in tears after the message.moreless
    • Episode 85: Evcition #14 - Bree, (Trevor Wins)
      The runner up of BB2004 - that's Bree's claim to fame. Many will also remember her as the girl who was wrongly evicted, and then reinstated in the house. Some will recall her animosity towards intruder Monica. And some will remember her as Mother Duck, the gallant leader of a gaggle of rather emotional girls. In any case, the Breezer won't be forgotten. After three months, fifteen evictions and controversies aplenty, Trevor has won Big Brother 2004, taking home the largest cash prize in Australian television history. Responsible for some of the funniest moments of the series - Trevor hid behind corners, slept beneath furniture, interacted with the wildlife. In fact, he pretty much picked up a cool million dollars for just goofing off for three months. From the moment he entered the house, Trevor was the quiet, funny guy. With the excitement, the drama and just the noise of the first few weeks, Trev was one of the housemates who was quite happy to just sit back and let the craziness of it all wash over him. He slowly emerged as the house prankster: frightening the girls, joking around with the boys and even taking time to chat with the local birdlife.moreless
    • Episode 65: Live Nomination #9
      Episode 65: Live Nomination #9
      Season 4 - Episode 65
      By now everybody knows that Bree was wrongly evicted from the BB house. On Thursday night, the person who actually received the most eviction votes will be evicted. Then the voting lines will open again, ending in a double eviction this Sunday night. With a double eviction coming up, Big Brother is nominating all seven remaining Housemates. So in the nominations chair this week, Big Brother decided to mix things up a bit. Not only did the Housemates have to give points to the people they wanted out of the house, they were also asked to give points to the people they would like to see stay in the house. Tricky, huh?moreless
    • Episode 56: Eviction #7 - Kane
      Episode 56: Eviction #7 - Kane
      Season 4 - Episode 56
      After being nominated for the first time this week, glitzy, golden-haired, Gold Coaster Kane is gone after eight weeks in the BB house. The streaking surfer was Paul's protégé, Merlin's rapping buddy and, to everyone else, was simply known as "geezer". Tonight we look back on the eight weeks of Kano. With a diamond in each ear, a stuffed toy under his arm and a massive grin from ear to ear, Kane bounded into the house and showed us that he was a combination of extremes. He's a metrosexual tradesman; a rapping surfer; a blokey bloke who keeps his body religiously hair-free.moreless
    • Episode 55
      Episode 55
      Season 4 - Episode 55
      It all began when Big Brother called out to the housemates: "This is Big Brother. All housemates to the court yard immediately." The Housemates all screamed excitedly (especially Ash) and waited at the "gates of hell". Then the dashing blonde Violeta came through the doors. The Housemates immediately started wondering what this must mean for the game, and guessed that a double eviction must be on the cards. About ten minutes after Violeta's entrance, the housemates were called to the lounge. Speculation about a second intruder was rife. Suddenly Gretel appeared on the plasma screen, and asked them to take a look behind them. Monica walked in and again the girls split off with their new female buddy.moreless
    • Episode 23: Live Nomination #3
      Episode 23: Live Nomination #3
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      It's a four-way frenzy! Nominations veteran Terri will be joined in nerves-ville this week by Krystal, Ash and Paul. And in another surprise move, the previously untouchable Trevor has finally had a vote cast against him.
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Overall it was a mildly entertaining week again this week. Trevor played his usual practical jokes, Igor said as late as today that he's had enough, Ryan dived into the pool and hit his nose against his knee (breaking his nose), Paul and Merlin were warned against violence after the big fight tonight and as usual Krystal was popular on 'Uncut'.moreless
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Irena has a dream she left the house and later on she calls for a mass walkout. Saxon reveals he had a third testicle removed, he doesn't know if he's sterile or not as a result. Jo and Patrick start massaging each other. Belinda confronts Carlo about his ignoring of her, he just gets more annoyed at her. Jo is worried the audience will perceive her wrong. The Round house begins its fire drill task.moreless
    • Episode 26 Eviction #4 - Ben
      Episode 26 Eviction #4 - Ben
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      In a really shocking episode, we see Bad Boy Ben, finally evicted.

    • Episode 1: In they Go
      Episode 1: In they Go
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      This is a one hour special where the secret is revealed to the Housemates, that the winner gets a million dollars. Of course none of the Housemates know this. This year there are 14 new Housemates. Aphrodite, Elle, Igor, Krystal, Merlin, Terri, Ashalea, Bree, Kane, Wesley, Catherine, Paul, Ryan and Trevor. So far, everyone is meeting and greeting, while the housemates discover, they have to live outside for the next couple of days.moreless
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Its the second day in the house, and new friendships form between Igor and Aphrodite. Other HMs suspect that they are a secretly married couple. Elle gets to know the others, and pops off on another HMs head. Krystal wishes she hadn't told the world about her "other occupation."
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      The housemates passed this week's task and have fianally been allowed back into the house, with their luxuries. Aphrodite finds out that Igor has a girlfriend on the outside.
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      The Housemates have a swingin' 60s party. Big Brother provided all the fab funky fashions for the swingin' 60s party, but Aphrodite had a little trouble squeezing into her fancy pants. Kane, Merlin and Terri show off their magic moves, while Kyystal had a great time in the go-go cage.
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      A look at the day of the Housemates before their Nominations. Everyone is nervous, but they have had a week to decide, even though they act like it was just yesterday that they moved in.
    • Episode 14: Eviction #1 - Aphrodite
      She was Igor's wife, Merlin's big sister and even, briefly, Krystal's enemy. She was loud, energetic, emotional and one of the sharp focal points in the house. But now, after only two weeks on the inside, it's time to go... Aphrodite.
    • Episode 70: Double Eviction #9 - Monica & #10 - Ashalea
      Monica and Ashalea are both evicted from the house in this years first double eviction. It was no suprise that Monica was first to go, as she was an intruder, and she had not been there right from the start. Ashalea was next to go, with her ever so bubbly personality. Over past 10 weeks, she asked silly questions, played dumb games but also entertained the housemates for the entire time she was there.moreless
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      While the boys are getting on like a house on fire, the girls of the Big Brother house are driving each other absolutely crazy. As part of the wedding task, Big Brother threw a buck's night for the boys on Wednesday night, complete with a good quantity of beer. The girls had to remain completely sober. But funnily enough, they were the ones who couldn't control themselves.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Six & Day Forty Seven
      As the winner of the Friday Night Live games, Nobbi had chosen to take Travis, Ben and Rory with him into the Big Brother cinema to watch a screening on You don't mess with Zohan. Nobbi felt bad that he didn't take Cherry and tells him that if there is a steak dinner in the vending machine this week he will take him. Some of the housemates find this weird and say that it is like Nobbi is trying to recruit him into a cult. Cherry plots how to get Nobbi up for eviction while the other guys are in the cinema. Rhianna tells Rory about this that night in bed. The following morning Big Brother calls Cherry and Brigitte to the diary room separately and awards them each a strike for discussing nominations the previous night. It is Brigitte's 21st birthday and she is happy that it is sunny. Outside, Rory tells Nobbi what Rhianna told him about Cherry and Nobbi is shocked. Big Brother tells the housemates that they passed this weeks task. That night the housemates take a jet to Brigitte's birthday party - a pink sparkleland. Big Brother gives Brigitte a video message from her family and her princess sparkles toy.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Forty One
      Daily Show - Day Forty One
      Season 8 - Episode 52
      The housemates are shocked about Renee's departure from the house as they all though she would win. Her goodbye message provokes a few different responses. She has harsh words for Nobbi, and he was shocked that she felt that way because he though they were great friends. The housemates are then told they will receive messages from home, except Brigitte who was the recipient of Renee's hand grenade. A new task is delivered the following morning. It is for a Big Brother salon where each housemate has to give and receive a haircut, and the salon could open at any time during the day. Terrence gets a mohawk from Nobbi, then Brigitte received a bob from Terri. It was then time for this weeks nominations. Big Brother announced that there are three nominees this week - Nobbi, Terrence and Alice. As the winner of the friday night games, Nobbi won the power to save someone, and he chose to save himself, therefore making Cherry and Rhianna up.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty
      Daily Show - Day Thirty
      Season 8 - Episode 38
      Bianca tells Big Brother that for the weekly family dinner that night, she wanted one of the topics of conversation to be who makes the best and worst couples, to try and diffuse the rumours about her and Rory. Travis is worried that people have being making a mockery of him behind his back, and laughing at him instead of with him. He discusses this with Alice and she tells him that the culprits are mainly Ben and Nobbi. That night at the family dinner, an argument is started when Ben stated that he would never associate with a bricklayer in the outside world. This didn't go down well with the other housemates, but Ben explained that he didn't mean to say it in that way.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Nine
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 37
      Dixie is upset over having to do the washing everyday as a result of the hand grenade given to her from Rebecca. Later, Big Brother calls all the housemates into the diary room and gives them a lecture about respecting the rules and tells them to tone down their swearing. Nobbi gives Travis a haircut and most of the housemates hate it while Travis keeps positive about it.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Eighteen & Day Nineteen
      Rebecca had just won Friday Night Live, and had chosen to take Brigitte into the Strategy Room. Upon entering the room the pair immediately started to discuss the housemates that were in the danger zone, their training schedule and how many carbs are in the pizza that they are eating. When Big Brother announced to Rebecca and Brigitte that it was time to leave the Strategy Room, they walked back out to discover a Hawaiian party has been set up for Rebecca's birthday. The night was going well until conflict started after Brigitte and Rebecca put a few beers aside for later. Dixie brougt up Brigitte hitting the TV with her shoe earlier in the week, which infuriated Brigitte and Rebecca because they said that it had nothing to do with the current argument. Though further confrontation was put on hold because no one wanted to ruin Rebecca's party. The following day after a sleep-in, a few of the housemates complete a post-part clean up. Big Brother later announces the result of this weeks task, and the housemates discover that they have failed due to catching less than the required 25% of the balls. The rest of the day was spent preparing for the upcoming eviction.moreless
    • Friday Night Live #3
      Friday Night Live #3
      Season 8 - Episode 23
      Tonights theme is 'Celebrities Behaving Badly'. The first round consisted of six mini games where the housemates were paired up. The second round was called the 'Britney Spears Chuck' where the competing housemates had to throw umbrellas with paint on the end of them at paparazzi targets, and whoever scored the lowest amount of points was out of the games. The housemates had to split up into two groups of three for the third round. The groups consisted of Brigitte, Ben and Nathan, and Alice, Nobbi and Dixie. The game was called the 'Tom Cruise Couch Jump' where two of the group members pushed a couch around the arena, while the third housemate had to jump on the couch, collecting numerous hanging items whilst shouting "I love Katie Holmes" then finally high fiving a large Oprah cutout. The next round needed four players, so Big Brother asked the three remaining housemates to choose one of the eliminated contestants to come back. The decision unanimous, and Rebecca was asked to come back as it was her birthday. The final four had to then split up into pairs, which consisted of Brigitte and Ben, and Rebecca and Nathan. The game was called the 'Hollywood Walk of Shame' where the competing team had to take it in turns to ride a little tricycle, weaving in and out of the letters of the Hollywood sign, carrying 'concrete' in plastic cups on their head, and pouring it into the hollywood star at the other side of the arena. The final round was the 'Tori Spelling Bee' where Rebecca and Nathan were each given three celebrity names to spell. Once all the housemates had returned to the house, Big Brother called Rebecca into the diary room and informed her that currently the three housemates that were in danger of being up for eviction were Alice, Dixie and herself and chooses to take Brigitte into the strategy room.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty One
      Daily Show - Day Thirty One
      Season 8 - Episode 40
      Big Brother punishes Nobbi for his constant swearing, and orders him to clean all the windows in the backyard even though it was pouring with rain. Nobbi then discovered that his kombi van was leaking, so for one night only Big Brother let him sleep inside the house, but only on the floor just inside the house.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Seventeen
      Daily Show - Day Seventeen
      Season 8 - Episode 22
      The house woke to Big Brother announcing Day 4 of the Big Brother Cricket Test, and wishing Rebecca a happy birthday. Alice made Rebecca breakfast in bed, which annoyed Bianca because she claimed that it was her idea in the first place to make it. The housemates spent the day on the cricket pitch and working out, then at night they expected Big Brother to throw a birthday party for Rebecca, so they stayed up to the early hours of the morning in anticipation but eventually went to bed disappointed when no party appeared.moreless
    • Pamela Anderson Busts In [Eviction #13 Live]
      Watch on as the housemates are joined by a very special celebrity guest, Pamela Anderson. Also their's a surprise snap eviction of Brigitte, which none of the housemates were expecting.
    • Day 43 - Live Eviction #5
      Day 43 - Live Eviction #5
      Season 6 - Episode 33
      It was another double eviction, and we saw as first Jade and then Dino were voted out of the house.
    • Day 01 - Opening Night
      Day 01 - Opening Night
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      This year's batch of new housemates enter the house. We find out that one (or, rather, two) housemates are identical twins, Greg and David, known together as "Logan". Their secret task is to trick the others into thinking there is only one of them; at all times one will be in the house and the other will be in a special isolation room. They will be switched at random times by Big Brother. It is also revealed that the million dollar prize may not quite turn out to be that as the housemates will be fined for breaking rules, meaning the eventual winner may be receiving substantially less than they thought!moreless
    • Day 99 - The Final Sunday Eviction
      Day 99 - The Final Sunday Eviction
      Season 5 - Episode 47
      The last eviction of 2005 saw the final three being cut down to two as Vesna was evicted, to the joy of some fans and the dismay of others.
    • (Daily Show) Day Twelve
      (Daily Show) Day Twelve
      Season 1 - Episode 15
    • Launch Night
      Launch Night
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      New hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O introduce us to the new house and the new housemates as well, as they enter the house tonight. As they settle in Big Brother announces that one housemate is to be evicted by the housemates the following day.
    • Day 10 - Revenge Room Return
      Day 10 - Revenge Room Return
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      As well as the usual Daily Show updates, we went live to the house to take a look at John's 21st birthday party, and Big Brother's present for him - Camilla and Anna, who have passed their revenge task and been allowed back into the house!
    • Day 100 - The Finale
      Day 100 - The Finale
      Season 5 - Episode 48
      The Grand Finale, which began with a tap performance from all the evicted housemates and ended with the crowning of Greg (and thus both the Logans) as the winner of Big Brother 2005.
    • Big Brother: Unforgettable
      Big Brother: Unforgettable
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      A special look back at all the biggest and most memorable moments from the first five years of Big Brother.
    • Day 83 - Friday Night Live #12
      Day 83 - Friday Night Live #12
      Season 5 - Episode 39
      This week had a Australian theme to it, featuring vegemite on toast, famous faces, and a Bert Newton tribute. Tim won for the second week in a row, this time taking Greg into the Rewards Room. It was also noted that this was the last week that the winner would be given the three-point nomination twist.moreless
    • Finale Live
      Finale Live
      Season 8 - Episode 103
      Kyle & Jackie O are live for the final episode of Big Brother. As Ben, Terri and Rory remain, they watch on from a giant plasma in the backyard. Kyle & Jackie are joined by all of the winners from series 2-7, plus all of the evicted housemates from this year along the way. There's a message from original host Gretel Killeen, a special Ten News report from Sandra Sully and guide dog Ollie is let back into the house. Mike Goldman reports from backstage, before the housemates from the series perform a dance routine. Ben is evicted and interviewed, leaving only Rory and Terri in the house. They are joined by their loved ones in the house, who are then quickly sent away again. After watching highlights of their time in the house, the pair leave meeting Mike, Ryan and Bree on the way and the other ex-housemates. They have a quick interview with Jackie & Kyle, before Terri is announced as the winner of the show. There's then a highlights package of the last eight years of the show.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Eighty One & Day Eighty Two
      The housemates discuss adoption and Alice and Rory have conflicting values and attitudes towards it. Big Brother serves an eviction notice for the remaining housemates and Travis reveals why his shoe size has changed.
    • Big Brother - Eviction #3
      Big Brother - Eviction #3
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      A very large shock makes everyone realise that if Aaron can get evicted, anyone can.
    • Eviction #4 Live
      Eviction #4 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 25
    • Double Eviction [#15 & #16 Live]
      Double Eviction [#15 & #16 Live]
      Season 8 - Episode 102
      The other housemates are told by Big Brother that one, two or three of them will be evicted tonight. Kyle and Jackie O reveal that it's a double eviction. They go live to the house to see how everyones feeling about been in the top five. They then talk to the housemates left in the diary room, starting with Ben & Travis. Next a look at Travis and Terri's dwindling relationship. Back to the diary room, were Terri talks about their relationship. Then a look at Rory and Travis' relationship as Jackie & Kyle talk to him in the diary room. The last housemate left is Alice, we take a look at Alice and her use of the treadmill. She then talks to Jackie & Kyle in the Diary room. It is then revealed that Alice is the latest evictee from the house. She talks to Kyle & Jackie about her time in the house. Alice leaves with her prizes, as we go back to the house and Big Brother tells the housemates that another one of them will be evicted. We take a look at the housemates last chat with Big Brother in the Diary room. Before it is revealed that Travis has being evicted, he is interviewed by Jackie and Kyle and is given his prizes.moreless
    • Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Season 7 - Episode 34
      In "Almost famous" night, the final came down to Andrew and Thomas. Andrew edged ahead and became a two-time FNL winner. He chose to take Thomas into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 30 - Nominations #4
      Day 30 - Nominations #4
      Season 7 - Episode 30
      Before nominations began, BB informed Hayley and Andrew that one of them would be evicted this week and they must decide between them who was going to leave. Hayley insisted that she be the one to go.

      After formal nominations began, the Housemates nominated Emma, Rebecca and Nick. Demet used her FNL power before leaving the house on the previous night and, unbeknownst to the HMs, Emma was been saved once again and replaced with Andrew.moreless
    • Day 6 - Friday Night Live #1
      Day 6 - Friday Night Live #1
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      The first FNL for 2007 took on a "Gladiator" theme. After four rounds, it was Emma who narrowly beat out Travis to become the first Champion. She chose to take Aleisha into the newly-revealed Rewards Room.
    • Day 23 - Nominations #3
      Day 23 - Nominations #3
      Season 7 - Episode 23
      This week, Emma, Zoran and Thomas receive the most votes from the housemates. But Andrew exercises his FNL power to save Thomas and replace her with Demet.
    • Day 29 - Eviction #3
      Day 29 - Eviction #3
      Season 7 - Episode 29
      FNL winner Demet is evicted from the house.
    • Day 3
      Day 3
      Season 9 - Episode 3
    • Day 1 - Launch
      Day 1 - Launch
      Season 6 - Episode 1

      Big Brother 2006 begins! 15 new housemates entered an all-new house, and it was revealed to us that two housemates, Karen and Krystal, are actually mother and daughter! If they can keep this a secret for a week, they will both receive immunity from the first round of nominations. If they are found out, they will both be immediately nominated.

      It was also revealed that this year Big Brother wants to have an insider who will be secretly working with him. In the auditions, three housemates claimed that they would "do anything" for the $1 million. Big Brother put these three into a public SMS vote, with the 'winner' to be announced the following night.

    • Day 31 - Intruder Alert
      Day 31 - Intruder Alert
      Season 7 - Episode 31
      It was an eventful night for the housemates, which began with the celebrations for Aleisha's 21st birthday, continued with the eviction of Hayley, and concluded with the arrival of two intruders, Laura and Daniela.
    • Big Brother Uncut
      Big Brother Uncut
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      A raunchy look into the moments that are too hot for daytime TV.
    • Day 27 - Friday Night Live #4
      Day 27 - Friday Night Live #4
      Season 7 - Episode 27
      Demet wins the surf lifesaver-themed games and takes Joel with her into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 11 - Wildcard Entry
      Day 11 - Wildcard Entry
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Big Brother had had enough of the White Room, and decided to cut the three remaining contenders down into one, who would then be allowed into the house as a fully-fledged HM. Firstly, Kara was eliminated in a mini-nominations session with the other two wildcards. Then, the housemates themselves voted for either Demet or Harrison to come into the house. They chose Demet, and Harrison was sent home.moreless
    • Day 8 - Full House
      Day 8 - Full House
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Tonight saw Cruz leave the White Room, accepting the $750 Big Brother offered him. It also saw 3 out of the 10 housemates pick the relationship in the house, not being the majority so both the members of the relationship are allowed to stay. Mr X's true indentity and how they know one of the original housemate is revealed. The prize money concept was also revealed.moreless
    • Day 16 - Nominations #2
      Day 16 - Nominations #2
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Bodie, Emma, TJ and Zoran are nominated by the HMs. Hayley uses her FNL power to save Emma and replaces her with Joel.
    • Launch Show
      Launch Show
      Season 9 - Episode 1
    • Day 6 - Friday Night Live #1
      Day 6 - Friday Night Live #1
      Season 6 - Episode 7

      The first Friday Night Games for 2006 had a stone-age theme. The HMs went through four rounds, with Gaelan being crowned the eventual winner.

      See recap for a full rundown.

    • Live Special
      Live Special
      Season 9 - Episode 2
    • Day 2 - The Insider
      Day 2 - The Insider
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Big Brother decided he wanted an 'insider'; someone who would undertake secret missions to sabotage the housemates and the tasks. A 24-hour public vote chose Michael to be the Insider. Mikey happily accepted, and was immediately given his first task: find out which two housemates have an existing relationship, and what that relationship is!moreless
    • Day 2 - Game On
      Day 2 - Game On
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      The mysterious Mr X and the two selected contestants enter the house. The purpose of the white room is explained and the relationships are revealed.
    • Day 15 - Eviction #1
      Day 15 - Eviction #1
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Kate becomes the first formal evictee for BB07.
    • Day 18 - Golden Key
      Day 18 - Golden Key
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      100 Starburst winners are narrowed down to five, and then one as Nick wins the Golden Key and becomes a fully fledged housemate.
    • Day 90 - Friday Night Live #13
      Day 90 - Friday Night Live #13
      Season 5 - Episode 43
      A very special episode of Friday Night Live. Instead of the housemates competing against each other for the usual rewards, the four remaining housemates teamed up to take on a team of "All-Star" housemates: Jess from Series 2, Jo from Series 3, and Wesley and Paul from Series 4. FNL co-hosts (and former housemates) Bree and Fitzy also joined in for one of the rounds. The show also took place with a live audience in attendance, a first for FNL. The reward was a cash prize of $20,000. The All-Stars made a clean sweep, winning all three rounds. The housemates weren't particularly upset however; they returned to the house afterwards to find that Big Brother had provided them with a dinner of pizza, Pringles, icecream, and, of course, alcohol. And with only 10 days left of Big Brother 2005, this was also the last proper episode of FNL for this year.moreless
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      The first lot of highlights of Australia's favourite TV Show.
    • Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      For the first time, a pool is set up in the middle of the arena and all of this week's games are focused around it. In the end, Andrew narrowly beats Zoran to take out the games. He chooses Travis to go with him into the Rewards Room.
    • (Daily Show) Day Seven
      (Daily Show) Day Seven
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      A look at last nights live nominations and the housemates reaction to who is nominated for eviction this week.
    • Day 100 - Finale
      Day 100 - Finale
      Season 6 - Episode 66
      After 100 days in the house, it all came down to one huge finale night! We watched as all the former evictees re-entered the house to see finalists Jamie and Camilla, we remembered with fondness some of the big moments from the past three and a half months, we clapped along as Danielle, accompanied by her fellow evictees, sang "Underneath the Radar", and we were on the edge of our seats as Gretel announced that the winner of Big Brother 2006 was Jamie!moreless
    • Week 3
      Week 3
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      After Andy's eviction, the house is changed. Lovers Christina and Peter are nominated for eviction as is angry Sharna - her outburst of anger wins her no fans.
    • Day 22 - Double Eviction
      Day 22 - Double Eviction
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      It's the first Double Eviction of 2007 and it's on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again couple TJ and Bodie that the public kicks out.
    • Eviction #2 - Sharna
      Eviction #2 - Sharna
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      No-one is surprised when Sharna leaves the house, Christina and Peter are overjoyed that they are staying.
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Andy joins Gretel on the set of BB Uncut, where among other things, Gordon is revealed in all his glory taking a shower.
    • Eviction #1 - Andy
      Eviction #1 - Andy
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Andy leaves the house, leaving behind 11 relieved housemates all of whom will survive another week.
    • Day 9 - Nominations #1
      Day 9 - Nominations #1
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      The housemates' opinions of each other will all come out as they face their first round of nominations.
    • Day 86 - Final Uncut
      Day 86 - Final Uncut
      Season 5 - Episode 42
      This was the final episode of Uncut for 2005, featuring the highlights of all the best (and thus most contorversial) MA-rated action that the Housemates have provided this year.
    • Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Hayley won these "Japanese game show"-themed games and chose Andrew to take with her into the rewards room.
    • Day 1 - BB07 Opening Night
      Day 1 - BB07 Opening Night
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      We met a whole new group of Housemates and a whole new barrage of twists designed to change the game.
    • Day 86 - Live Nominations #12
      Day 86 - Live Nominations #12
      Season 5 - Episode 41
      With only four left, it was Greg, Vesna, and Tim who were first up on "the eviction chopping block". But Tim used his three point deduction to save himself, which saw Melanie being put up in his place.
    • Week 4
      Week 4
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Gordon and Sara-Marie face each other again as they are nominated, while Todd is surprised to be. Ben and Blair's friendship grows and some wonder what lies in store for them, and how the others are doing in the outside world.
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Another saucy week in the house leaves plenty of sexy fun for Gretel and the adults to enjoy.
    • Day 85 - Live Eviction #11
      Day 85 - Live Eviction #11
      Season 5 - Episode 40
      With two weeks to go until the end, Kate is evicted from the house with a season record of 56% of the vote. Greg, Vesna, Melanie, and Tim are the final four for BB2005.
    • Uncut [Week 1]
      Uncut [Week 1]
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      In the first saucy edition of Big Brother Uncut, we see what goes on in the house that can't be shown in the regular 7pm slot.
    • Intruders Go In! [Eviction #7 Live]
      Three new housemates, Rhianna, Cherry and Terrence enter the house tonight live. Plus one housemate will be evicted.
    • In They Go!
      In They Go!
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The world wide phenomenon of Big Brother finally hits Australia. Host Gretel Killen introduces us to housemates - Andy, Blair, Jemma, Christina, Johnny, Ben, Sara Marie, Lisa, Peter, Sharna, Todd and Gordon, as they enter the Big Brother house situated within Dreamworld, theme park, on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. None of them knowing what surprises Big Brother will have in store for them over the next three months.moreless
    • Live Nominations
      Live Nominations
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Gretel hosts this live special, as Andy, Sara-Marie and Gordon are nominated to be evicted and the nation begins phoning in to say who should be evicted from the house.
    • (Daily Show) Day One
      (Daily Show) Day One
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Andy, the dominatrix falls for Gordon and tells everyone she has to sleep with 3 people before she leaves. Christina and Peter are already in lurve and Johnnie admits he is gay.
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      First up on the show, Irena and Belinda from the square house were talking about Irena wanting to leave the house. Saxon told Irena that she should do whatever she needed to do to feel good about being in the Big Brother House. She replied by saying she did not want herself to look sellfish by doing this. Saxon then reassured her she would not look sellfish as its just a part of life. The housemates in the square house where given a fire drill task, where at anytime over the next 24 hrs, whenever the fire drill sounds housemates must dress in protective gear and get to the fire pole in the garden by 80 seconds. Belinda begins to take control of the task, making sure everyone knows what to do, and upsets Saxon in the process. The housemates decided to risk 75% of the housekeepng money on their task. While Carlo cooks dinner, Irena talks to him about what they should be buying with their shopping money. The square house then had their 1st first fire drill and they quickly got outside in their gear to undergo the neccessary steps to complete their task 100% right. The first nominees for BB3 were announced to both houses. First to the round house, with Leah and Ben being the nominees. Leah goes into a laughing fit and Ben goes quiet and just sits still, nodding his head. Leah then tells everyone she has a bet with her family that she will be evicted 1st. Then the square house nominees where announced. Belinda, Irena and Saxon. They all join in a big group hug except for Claire who for some reason just sat on the couch looking very serious as if she was in deep thought. Irena beleived she would be the one to go and Belinda yells out, "Pick me". Irena said if she was to leave she would miss the house and Carlo said to just leave her phone number at the door and he'll pick it up when he leaves and he will call her to catch up after the show. By this point she had convinced herself that she will go because she is up against Beli Ballerina (Irena) and Super Surfer (Saxon). Little does she know that Ben and Leah are nominees also. Then to the round house where everyone is talking outside except for Leah who is in the toilet crying. She then walks outside with her hat over her eyes, yet she reassures everyone shes fine. Ben then says to Leah,"Its killing me". Leah and Daniel are in the round house bedroom saying how they think the other house is having so much more fun than they are. All the square house housemates are in bed but have to get up when Big Brother gives them the fire drill. The round housemates hear the bell and begin to talk about what it could be for.moreless
    • Day 62: Friday Night Live #9
      Day 62: Friday Night Live #9
      Season 6 - Episode 45
      It's bug night! Claire overcame giant fans and thousands of cockroaches to take out this weeks' games. She took Rob with her into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 60: Intruders Incoming
      Day 60: Intruders Incoming
      Season 6 - Episode 44
      Big Brother decided that it was time for some new personalities in the house, and so unleashed Perry, Darren, and finally Lauren on the excited housemates.
    • Day 58: Adults Only #7
      Day 58: Adults Only #7
      Season 6 - Episode 43
      The final Adults Only.
    • Day 64: Live Eviction #8
      Day 64: Live Eviction #8
      Season 6 - Episode 46
      It was a special double eviction this week. Firstly, the HMs were ordered by BB to nominate one of the three new intruders to evict. Lauren earned a single point more than Perry, leading to her immediate eviction. Then, it came down to the public's vote, and we saw earlier intruder and "Super Bitch" Rob get booted out.moreless
    • Day 65: Live Nominations #9
      Day 65: Live Nominations #9
      Season 6 - Episode 47
      With numbers slowly dwindling, Big Brother reminded the HMs that their power to nominate was more important now than ever. With that in mind, it was Camilla, David, Krystal, and first-timer Gaelan who were put up for this week's vote.
    • Day 67: Housemates on Trial
      Day 67: Housemates on Trial
      Season 6 - Episode 48
      It was time once again to see how truthful the HMs were being, as one by one they were asked a series of audience-submitted questions and evaluated by a Layered Voice Analysis system.
    • Day 69: Friday Night Live #10
      Day 69: Friday Night Live #10
      Season 6 - Episode 49
      David became a two-time winner as he emerged victorious in tonight's Asian-themed games.
    • Day 71: Live Eviction #9
      Day 71: Live Eviction #9
      Season 6 - Episode 50
      After already losing two HMs the previous day due to rule breaching, this eviction provided a stressful end to a very stressful two days as Gaelan got given the marching orders by the voting public.
    • Day 58: Live Nominations #8
      Day 58: Live Nominations #8
      Season 6 - Episode 42
      Camilla, Rob, and Jamie gained the most nominations. John tried to save Jamie with the three-point twist, but Jamie had enough nomination points that no difference was made.
    • Day 57: Live Eviction #7
      Day 57: Live Eviction #7
      Season 6 - Episode 41
      Apparently the public had had enough of power couple JamKat as Katie was thrown out of the house via the exit room.
    • Day 50 - Live Eviction #6
      Day 50 - Live Eviction #6
      Season 6 - Episode 37
      We're halfway through Big Brother 2006, and it's time to evict another Housemate! This time, with 44% of the merged vote, it was Intruder Danielle who felt the public's wrath and became the latest evictee.
    • Friday Night Live #11
      Friday Night Live #11
      Season 8 - Episode 92
      The housemates are dressed as clowns for the circus themed Friday Night Live. Ex-housemates Bianca and Brigitte join Bree, Fitzy and Mike on the panel, and later in the show Pamela Anderson also joined them before she entered the house for the last time. Ben was the winner of the games, and his prize was a flat screen tv.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy Three
      Daily Show - Day Seventy Three
      Season 8 - Episode 91
      Travis is the only one that can cook the housemates' meals and someone helps him prepare it, so Big Brother takes the whole meal away. Big Brother gives the housemates the task of giving Terri a makeover and transforming her into an emo. The housemates learn that there will be no more nominations and they are all up for the public vote.moreless
    • Day 51: Live Nominations #7
      Day 51: Live Nominations #7
      Season 6 - Episode 38
      Refusing to save himself, David used his three-point twist on Ashley, leaving David, Jamie, and Katie up for this week's public vote.
    • Day 51: Adults Only #6
      Day 51: Adults Only #6
      Season 6 - Episode 39
    • Pamela Anderson's Tricks of the Trade
      Pamela Anderson joins the surprised housemates for dinner. The following morning she returns to direct a photo shoot with them.
    • Day 55: Friday Night Live #8
      Day 55: Friday Night Live #8
      Season 6 - Episode 40
      It was London night in the arena, and at the end of it John came out on top. He chose to take birthday girl Claire into the Rewards Room.
    • Friday Night Live #5
      Friday Night Live #5
      Season 8 - Episode 41
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy One
      Daily Show - Day Seventy One
      Season 8 - Episode 88
      Cherry has to choose two items out of the vending machine, and he had to decide out of a letter from home for Terri or a hair appointment for Alice and Brigitte. Despite the girls wishes for the hair appointment, he chooses Terri's letter and a tennis set. The girls are not happy about this at all. Big Brother calls them to the diary room and offer them a deal - the hair appointment for the treadmill. They decide to choose health over beauty and go with the treadmill. Since Ben is banned from the shower, he decides to wash himself with the kitchen tap while he is doing the dishes. Big Brother punishes him by banishing him to the backyard to sleep in the kombi. The next morning Big Brother told him he must stay outside indefinately.moreless
    • Day 72 - Live Nominations #10
      Day 72 - Live Nominations #10
      Season 6 - Episode 51
      After David used his three-point twist to save Darren, the nominees were Perry, Krystal, and David.
    • Day 92 - Double Eviction
      Day 92 - Double Eviction
      Season 6 - Episode 60
      Deep down, the Housemates no doubt expected this to be a typical "get rid of the easy targets" kind of night, but it was anything but - for it was not new Housemates Max and Chris who got the boot, but two originals, as first Claire and then Krystal were evicted via the exit room.moreless
    • Day 93 - Live Nominations #13
      Day 93 - Live Nominations #13
      Season 6 - Episode 61
      With five Housemates and exactly one week remaining, it was time to really cut down the numbers in the house, and this was the HMs' last chance to have any power over who would be leaving in the next eviction. In the final nominations for 2006, it was Max, Chris and Jamie who were initially put up. But Jamie used his 3-point power to save himself, and succeeded, but in the process put the remaining two, David and Camilla up in his place.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Nine
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 85
      Bianca's eviction video and hand grenade are played to the housemates. She offers advice to a few of them, and praises Rory and Ben. She also tells Ben that he is the worst spooner and therefore needs to improves, so she is making him the house chef indefinately. Brigitte finally discusses her feelings for Cherry, and says that she is over the guy on the outside. She shares her first kiss with Cherry that night in bed. The following morning Big Brother gives the housemates a new task where they are members of the paparazzi and everytime they hear shouting and the sound of a camera shutter they must put on a coat and hat, and grab a camera and be the lookout for a celebrity. When it is Rory and Cherry's turn to be on duty a Paris Hilton look-a-like appears in the window so they must take numerous photos of her. Ben is playing with a ball outside and Big Brother warns him not to throw it at the water tanks, and about 10 seconds later Ben throws it again and bursts the tank. Big Brother tells him he is banned from the showers and must use a bucket to wash himself now.moreless
    • Eviction #12 Live
      Eviction #12 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 84
      Bianca is evicted from the Big Brother house.
    • Day 95 - Surprise Eviction
      Day 95 - Surprise Eviction
      Season 6 - Episode 62
      As to whether or not it was actually a surprise to the Housemates was debatable, but the fact is by the end of the night they had been reduced from five to four, as Chris was evicted with 69% of the merged vote. Following this, all of the final four HMs were nominated for the upcoming Sunday eviction.moreless
    • Day 97 - The Prize Fight
      Day 97 - The Prize Fight
      Season 6 - Episode 63
      The Prize Fight returned in 2006 as the final four Housemates were given a chance to reclaim some of the $800,000 that had been lost over the course of the series. The night saw some of the most challenging (and quickest) games yet, as Housemates were made to climb a diagonal rope ladder in under 20 seconds, smash through 10 walls of foam within 10 seconds, score penalty goals against FNL co-host Fitzy, and finally take a giant leap of faith off a platform raised high in the air. By the end of the night, over $300,000 was won back, increasing the prize money to $511,000 for whoever the winner is on Monday's finale.moreless
    • Day 99 - The Final Eviction
      Day 99 - The Final Eviction
      Season 6 - Episode 65
      Doesn't it make sense that the most emotional eviction yet was the final eviction of 2006? From Max's dancing with Gretel on stage to David's long-awaited reunion with partner Sherif, Day 99 proved to be a huge night of television. Equally important, however, is how the stage is set for tomorrow's finale - only Jamie and Camilla remain in the house, and one of them will come away as the winner of Big Brother 2006!moreless
    • Day 99 - Surprise Visit
      Day 99 - Surprise Visit
      Season 6 - Episode 64
      The final weekend of BB06 begins with the four remaining housemates sharing an intimate lunch date with Big Brother. While they happily chatted, conversed, and flirted in the Diary Room, David, Max, and Jamie's mothers and Camilla's best friend Laura entered the house and left some gifts for their loved ones. Tears and joy flowed from all four final Housemates when they realised that they had been paid a very special visit.moreless
    • Day 90 - Friday Night Live #12
      Day 90 - Friday Night Live #12
      Season 6 - Episode 59
      The Housemates celebrated Christmas in July with games including shaky sleighs, spelling competitions, conveyor belts, and reindeer poo! Jamie made it two in a row, and chose to take Chris with him into the Rewards Room, where he chose from six boxes to win a new scooter!
    • Day 86 - Live Nominations #12
      Day 86 - Live Nominations #12
      Season 6 - Episode 58
      With a double eviction coming up (though the HMs don't know it), and the numbers running so low, nominations are more important than ever. Perhaps surprising some, the two new Housemates, Max and Chris, were not the sole targets tonight. Although they were both put up, so too were original HMs David, Krystal and Claire.moreless
    • Day 76 - Friday Night Live #11
      Day 76 - Friday Night Live #11
      Season 6 - Episode 52
      Darren won these American-themed games, choosing to take Krystal into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 78 - Live Eviction #10
      Day 78 - Live Eviction #10
      Season 6 - Episode 53
      Suddenly, the house became a lot quieter - as Intruder Perry became the 13th evictee.
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy
      Daily Show - Day Seventy
      Season 8 - Episode 87
      Cherry asks Big Brother if he can get the Paris Hilton look-a-like's phone number. A Johnny Depp look-a-like appears in the house for the paparazzi task. Ben takes a shower despite his ban due to him breaking the water tank. As punishment Big Brother tells him that Rory is banned from taking showers as well and must only use one bucket a day.moreless
    • Nomination Show #2
      Nomination Show #2
      Season 8 - Episode 86
      After each housemate casted their votes, the housemates up for eviction were Rory, Cherry, Terri and Ben. Cherry used his eviction twist to save himself, and both Brigitte and Alice took his place in the line-up.
    • Day 79 - Live Nominations #11
      Day 79 - Live Nominations #11
      Season 6 - Episode 54
      Despite using the three-point twist on himself, Darren couldn't save himself from being an ingredient in the nomination pie. This week Camilla, Darren, David, and Krystal face the public vote.
    • Day 80 - The New Housemates
      Day 80 - The New Housemates
      Season 6 - Episode 55
      Big Brother decided it was necessary to fill the gap left by John and Ashley, and so, with only three weeks remaining, sent in two new male Housemates - Max and Chris.
    • Day 83 - Friday Night Live #11
      Day 83 - Friday Night Live #11
      Season 6 - Episode 56
      It was a French-themed night in the games arena, with HMs taking part in baguette fights, frog hopping, and housemate snail racing. In the end Jamie defeated Darren and took Camilla with him into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 85 - Live Eviction #11
      Day 85 - Live Eviction #11
      Season 6 - Episode 57
      Only two weeks left, and the numbers are slowly being cut down. Tonight, Darren is evicted with 73% of the merged vote.
    • Day 48 - Friday Night Live #7
      Day 48 - Friday Night Live #7
      Season 6 - Episode 36
      World Cup fever was about as the housemates competed for this week's cup of life! The final round came down to Camilla and David in a penalty shootout. After going into overtime, Big Brother decided that Camilla had hesitated too long as she took a kick and David was declared the winner.moreless
    • Day 44 - Adults Only #5
      Day 44 - Adults Only #5
      Season 6 - Episode 35
    • Day 44 - Live Nominations #6
      Day 44 - Live Nominations #6
      Season 6 - Episode 34
      With some of the biggest personalities now on the outside, it was Rob, Danielle, and once again Camilla who found themselves up this week. Katie's three-point twist made no difference on the nominees.
    • Day 9 - Live Nominations #1
      Day 9 - Live Nominations #1
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      In the first official round of nominations for 2006, Elise, Tilli, and Ashley were at the top of the tally board. But Gaelan, using his three-point twist, saved Ashley, which caused Claire and Dino to be put up aswell. And Michael, for failing his first Insider task, was automatically up, making it a total of five Housemates in line for the upcoming double eviction.moreless
    • FNL Grand Final: Playing To Win
      FNL Grand Final: Playing To Win
      Season 8 - Episode 100
      Tonight Mike, Bree and Ryan, go live to the house, were Big Brother reveals, that the prize for tonights winner is to spend some time with a loved one, whilst the other housemates loved ones will be left gunged. The point system changes as well and throughout the challenges the housemates have no idea who is winning. Last years grand final champion Zach returns to defend his title.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Eighty
      Daily Show - Day Eighty
      Season 8 - Episode 99
      Ben is allowed back into the house. Big Brother supplies Rory and Travis with the equipment and supplies to build a letterbox so Travis can show the skills Rory has taught him. Big Brother tells the housemates he is going away for the evening so they get to be him. They have a fake nomination.moreless
    • Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      In a farmyard-themed night, Dino took out the prizes, but only after incurring two $5,000 fines and earning the ire of his fellow HMs with his rough behaviour. He chose to take Claire into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 15 - Live Eviction #1
      Day 15 - Live Eviction #1
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      The first official eviction for 2006 saw the housemates shocked as not one, but two of their own were kicked out of the house. Tilli had the majority of the public votes and so was the first evictee of Season 6, but she was soon followed by Elise, who had never managed to come out of her shell.moreless
    • Day 16 - Live Nominations #2
      Day 16 - Live Nominations #2
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      As week three began, the HMs were once again put under the nomination microscope. As a reward for succeeding in his secret task in the previous week, Michael was immune from nomination (which was lucky for him, as he had enough points to be up). Dino was also up initially, but used his three-point twist to save himself, leaving Karen, Krystal, and Camilla as our nominees for this week.moreless
    • Day 16 - Adults Only #1
      Day 16 - Adults Only #1
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      Gretel Killeen presents some of the things you don't get to see at 7:00.
    • Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      It was "Back to work" night, and we saw Michael winning the office-themed games to become this week's champion.
    • Day 9 - Daily Show
      Day 9 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      All the fallout from Sunday night, where the secret relationship was revealed and Anna and Camilla were (supposedly) evicted from the house.
    • Day 8 - Daily Show
      Day 8 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      In a big one hour daily show, catch up on all the weekend action from the Big Brother house.
    • Day 6 - Up Late 4

      Live streaming from the Big Brother house showing the housemates unedited late night activities.  This footage is combined with a late night game show where viewers phone in and solve riddles using clues from the show in order to win cash prizes.

    • Day 8 - Surprise Eviction
      Day 8 - Surprise Eviction
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      In a night of twists, Karen and Krystal revealed their secret relationship to the shocked Housemates (especially Michael, who had failed to pick them for his secret task), and not only one, but two Housemates were evicted, from the HM's own vote. But it wasn't an actual eviction: Anna and Camilla were instead led into a secret "Revenge Room", where they will spend the next 48 hours getting their revenge on those who voted them out by secretly sabotaging the house.moreless
    • Day 3 - Daily Show
      Day 3 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Michael has been made Big Brother's Insider, and we watch as he begins his secret investigation into which two housemates have an existing relationship. Can Karen and Krystal keep the secret?
    • Day 5 - Up Late 3

      Live streaming from the Big Brother house showing the housemates unedited late night activities.  This footage is combined with a late night game show where viewers phone in and solve riddles using clues from the show in order to win cash prizes.

    • Day 4 - Up Late 2
      Day 4 - Up Late 2
      Season 7 - Episode 5

      Live streaming from the Big Brother house showing the housemates unedited late night activities.  This footage is combined with a late night game show where viewers phone in and solve riddles using clues from the show in order to win cash prizes.

    • Day 4 - Daily Show
      Day 4 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Big Brother gave the housemates a weekly task. This week's task is called 'Line Up'. In the first weekly task, Housemates had to line themselves from 'Most' to 'Least' according to each of Big Brother's queries. Before another line-up, Big Brother called his insider (Michael) to the diary room. He asked Michael which male housemate he thought was the most and least hunky. Michael decided that Jamie was the most hunky and Ashley was the least hunky. Then Big Brother told Michael to make sure that Jamie was at the 'Most' signpost and Ashley was at the 'Least' signpost. Michael completed the task successfully. Big Brother decided that the housemates were losing too much money on microphone fines, so now, whoever receives a fine for not wearing their microphone will be individually punished. Dino was punished by having to remove two single mattresses from the bedroom and take them into the diary room.moreless
    • Day 5 - Daily Show
      Day 5 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      David exits the diary room and tells everyone to sit in the lounge room. They're all sitting down and listening to him while he's standing and talking about things the housemates don't know about him. David tells the housemates that it's been really hard, but he hasn't been completely honest with them. Then he starts talking about the speed dating task and says "I wouldn't normally be speed dating where guys are on one side and girls are on the other. I'd be speed dating where guys are on one side and guys are on the other." Then he finally comes out and tells everyone "I'm the token farmer and the token gay guy." Everyone is proud of him that he's comfortable with his sexuality and they all start clapping and cheering for him, that is, everyone except Camilla. She's still sitting on the sofa with eyes full of tears. David later calls her to the bathroom and cheers her up.moreless
    • Day 6 - Daily Show
      Day 6 - Daily Show
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      The latest from the Big Brother house.
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy Nine
      Daily Show - Day Seventy Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 98
      The housemates discuss ways for Terri to get her care package from home, and decide to each iron one basket of clothes each for Big Brother. Big Brother tells them that Terri must not find out about this so the housemates have to keep her in bed for as long as possible, and declare it "National Nanna Day" and bring her breakfast in bed. Once each housemate had ironed a basket of clothes, Big Brother tells them they were not wearing their iron man costumes and therefore must think of another idea. They decided to put on an iron man performance, which Big Brother deemed a success and Terri got her package. The housemates have their final weekly family dinner.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy Eight
      Daily Show - Day Seventy Eight
      Season 8 - Episode 97
      Ben must choose two housemates out of himself, Travis and Terri to receive their care package from home out of the vending machine. He chooses Travis and himself because Terri received a letter from her partner the previous week. Travis is still struggling to cook dinner, and takes 5 hours and 36 minutes to finally finish. Ben asks Big Brother is there is anything they can do so Terri can get her care package. He tells Ben that they may trade the treadmill for it but they must ensure that Terri does not find out about the deal. Ben discusses this with Travis and Rory and they agree that it sounds like a good trade, but when Alice is asked about it she refuses because she doesn't believe she should have to give up something she loves so much, and this frustrates the other housemates.moreless
    • Eviction #14 Live
      Eviction #14 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 94
      All the housemates have been up for nomination since Wednesday's snap eviction and as a result Cherry who's escaped been up for eviction twice, with his FNL powers is evicted from the Big Brother house.
    • Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Season 6 - Episode 27
      The housemates had to face their fears in a horror-themed night of games. In the final round, Danielle got the victory over Krystal to become this week's champion.
    • Day 36 - Truth, Lies, Eviction
      Day 36 - Truth, Lies, Eviction
      Season 6 - Episode 28

      The night began as we watched the Housemates be subjected, one by one, to an intense round of questioning by Big Brother. Their answers to the questions were then put through a voice stress analysis test, to determine how truthful they were being.

      The night continued as any Sunday night would - with the eviction of a housemate. This week, it was time up for the game-player Michael.

    • Day 37 - Live Nominations #5
      Day 37 - Live Nominations #5
      Season 6 - Episode 29
      By the end of the night, it was Camilla, Jade, and Dino up for eviction. But, unknown to the Housemates, a special 24-hour vote was opened to the public to select two more Housemates to be nominated, with the potential nominees coming from the results of the lie detector test done on the weekend. Big Brother encouraged the viewers to vote for who they saw as being "under the radar" in the house.moreless
    • Day 37 - Adults Only #4
      Day 37 - Adults Only #4
      Season 6 - Episode 30
    • Day 38 - Under the Radar
      Day 38 - Under the Radar
      Season 6 - Episode 31
      The results from the special vote are in, and the public has decided that Krystal and John are flying under the radar and not having enough impact on the house. The nominees for eviction this week are now Dino, Jade, Camilla, Krystal, and John.
    • Day 41 - Friday Night Live #6
      Day 41 - Friday Night Live #6
      Season 6 - Episode 32
      It's Caribbean night! And after some intense limbo-ing and some giant ten-pin bowling, it was Katie who emerged victorious. Obviously, she chose Jamie to take into the rewards room.
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy Four & Day Seventy Five
      Pamela Anderson has one final visit to the house and brings the photos of the housemates with her that were taken at the photoshoot the previous day. Once she has left the housemates are thrown a slumber party. The following day Big Brother gives the housemates a silent dancing challenge, where they are blindfolded and have to dance non-stop listening to the same four disco songs, and whoever is the last one still dancing wins a care package from home. Cherry gets disqualified early because he stepped off his mat, and he decides to sabotage the other housemates by putting garlic and onion in their drink bottles, and by squirting sun-cream on their mats. Eventually after 10 hours of non-stop dancing, Alice and Rory and the final two left and Big Brother calls it a tie.moreless
    • The Big Sting
      The Big Sting
      Season 8 - Episode 95
      Everyone was thrilled with Cherry's hand grenade as he is nice to everyone. His hand grenade however is a snap eviction were each housemate must name a single housemate to be evicted. After everyone has voted, Big Brother reveals that Alice is leaving. Everyone was devastated and was quick to sympathise with Alice. Big Brother then announced that there will be another snap eviction, the housemates are shocked that Big Brother is doing this to them. After they all voted once again, it was Travis who was told to leave. Travis was reunited with Alice out the back, and Big Brother told them that they were not evicted. They do a joint hand grenade for the housemates and tell them it's waiting behind the rollerdoor. The housemates discover that it is Travis and Alice there and are overjoyed to see their friends again.moreless
    • Day 30 - Adults Only #3
      Day 30 - Adults Only #3
      Season 6 - Episode 26
    • Daily Show - Day Seventy Seven
      Daily Show - Day Seventy Seven
      Season 8 - Episode 96
      The housemate receive their new "iron man" task where they have to iron a huge pile of clothes for charity. Travis struggles to cook the housemates dinner without any guidance. Each housemate has a speed date with Big Brother so he can choose one to have a special dinner with, his decision was Alice.moreless
    • Day 22 - Live Eviction #2
      Day 22 - Live Eviction #2
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      The public votes Karen, with 36% of the merged vote, to be the third official evictee.
    • Day 23 - Live Nominations #3
      Day 23 - Live Nominations #3
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Ashley, Camilla, Krystal, Anna, and David got nominated for eviction.
    • Day 23 - Adults Only #2
      Day 23 - Adults Only #2
      Season 6 - Episode 21
    • Day 24 - Intruders
      Day 24 - Intruders
      Season 6 - Episode 22

      It was the most dramatic night in the house so far this year. It began with Big Brother dropping a bombshell on the housemates as he revealed Michael had been an Insider, secretly working against the house, since week one. There were more than a few tears flowing.

      Then, adding to the emotion the HMs were already feeling, over the course of the next several hours, Big Brother unleashed three intruders into the house. By the end of the night, the housemates had been joined by Rob, Jade, and Danielle.

    • Day 27 - Friday Night Live #4
      Day 27 - Friday Night Live #4
      Season 6 - Episode 23
      It was rocker night! Gaelan took it out this week, taking Krystal with him into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 29 - Live Eviction #3
      Day 29 - Live Eviction #3
      Season 6 - Episode 24
      The public decided that they had had enough of the outspoken Anna, giving her the boot with 25% of the merged vote.
    • Day 30 - Live Nominations #4
      Day 30 - Live Nominations #4
      Season 6 - Episode 25
      By the end of the night it's Michael, Camilla, and John who are facing eviction this week.
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Seven & Day Sixty Eight
      Bianca gives Travis a haircut which is a great improvement from the last one that Nobbi gave him. Brigitte adds racing stripes to the side of his head as well. Cherry was the winner of the friday night games and was allowed to choose three housemates to join him for a 4th July banquet. He chose the big eaters which were Rory, Ben and Alice. Big Brother announced that the housemates just passed their wrestling task. The housemates give the kombi a makeover.moreless
    • Friday Night Live #10
      Friday Night Live #10
      Season 8 - Episode 82
      Cherry was the winner of the friday games for the second week running, after beating all the other housemates in a series of challengers.
    • (Daily Show) Day Eleven
      (Daily Show) Day Eleven
      Season 1 - Episode 14
    • Crowded House [Daily Show - Day Eight]
      Houseguest Corey refused his task to nominate two of the new gatecrasher housemates, so in order to be reinstated as a housemate, Terri is made to evict two of the housemates at sunrise. Tonight Jackie & Kyle meet the two evictees - Barney & Michael.
    • Daily Show - Day Nine
      Daily Show - Day Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 13
    • Daily Show - Day Ten
      Daily Show - Day Ten
      Season 8 - Episode 14
    • Friday Night Live #2
      Friday Night Live #2
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      Mike, Bree and Ryan host from the stadium, as Big Brother interrupts 'Hip Hop Night', to finally reveal what the strategy room is. We find out that tonights winner becomes Head of Household, gains access to the strategy room, were they get to invite another housemate with them to discuss nominations, without breaking the rules and will also be told the bottom three housemates in the danger zone! The housemates are asked to split into two teams. Terri takes charge of the 'Old Skool' team and Corey the 'New Skool' team. Rory, Nobbi, Nathan, Renee, Bianca and Travis join Terri and Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Brigitte and Dixie join Corey. With each new game, the teams change with new housemates taking lead each time. They compete in a battle of the mic competition, a obstacle course, a rapping with Big Brother competition and a Hip Hop Bunny challenge. Nathan and Travis are left to compete in the final challenge, throwing balls into a car. Nathan wins, and Big Brother calls him into the diary room to award him his Head of Household armband, however because he's exempt from nominations this week, Big Brother reveals his powers to enter the strategy room will be given to runner-up Travis instead. Big Brother tells Travis he's allowed to enter the strategy room and is also Head of Household this week. Travis chooses to take Renee into the room, much to the confusion of the other housemates convinced that Nathan the other Head of Household would of being told to join him.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Eleven & Twelve
      Daily Show - Day Eleven & Twelve
      Season 8 - Episode 16
    • Eviction #3 Live
      Eviction #3 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      Kyle & Jackie host live, as a new room is revealed to the housemates - The Eviction Room. All the housemates take their seats as the bottom three housemates are revealed as David, Rebecca and Saxon. Head of Household Travis is then told to stand up and save one of these three, he chooses Rebecca, meaning that Rory enters the three housemates in the Danger Zone, much to the shock of the others. The housemates, except Terri, Corey and Nathan who are told to go sit back in the living area because they are exempt, have to then nominate two housemates, giving the person they want most out of the house two points and the other housemate they want out, one point. The three bottom housemates are asked to remain in the eviction room, whilst the others after saying their goodbyes return to the main house. Rory and David return, meaning that Saxon has left. Jackie meets Saxon outside the house and he is then interviewed about his opinions of people in the house and his time in there, by Jackie & Kyle. After some live streaming of the other housemates reactions, Kyle & Jackie reveal a new room in the house, only available to the housemates if they spend alot of time on a plane, with lots of luxury comforts. The voting lines are also reopened.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fourteen
      Daily Show - Day Fourteen
      Season 8 - Episode 19
    • (Daily Show) Day Ten
      (Daily Show) Day Ten
      Season 1 - Episode 12
    • (Daily Show) Day Nine
      (Daily Show) Day Nine
      Season 1 - Episode 11
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Four
      Daily Show - Day Forty Four
      Season 8 - Episode 55
      The guys try and give Rory advice on Rhianna but he tells them he doesn't need it. Travis shaves his legs. In the bedroom, Rory and Rhianna share their first kiss. The housemates each receive a message from their family except Brigitte who missed out as a result of the hand grenade. She was very upset and staged another protest in the diary room.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Three
      Daily Show - Day Forty Three
      Season 8 - Episode 54
      The girls complain about not having a hair straightener in the house. It was time for Nobbi to choose three items out of the vending machine, and he chose chocolate bars, a footy & frisbee, and Brigitte's party dress. The girls were angry that he didn't choose the hair straightener as 6 out of the 11 housemates wanted it. Nobbi decided to talk in jibberish everytime Terrance talked to him.moreless
    • (Daily Show) - Day Four
      (Daily Show) - Day Four
      Season 1 - Episode 5
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Two
      Daily Show - Day Forty Two
      Season 8 - Episode 53
      The housemates struggle to cope with a week on staples as a result of losing the task. Terri becomes upset with Bianca's shortness with her. Travis gets his chest waxed.
    • Eviction #8 Live
      Eviction #8 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 51
      Mike Goldman fills in for Kyle again, as the Australian public evict Renee from the house.
    • Day Thirty Nine & Day Forty
      Day Thirty Nine & Day Forty
      Season 8 - Episode 50
      When Travis delivers Big Brother his breakfast, he has a chat to Big Brother reflecting about last night's confrontation in the spa. Nobbi was then called into the diary room for chat. He tells Big Brother that he doesn't regret asking Travis that question, and someone of his age should be able to deal with it. Outside Travis explains to Nobbi how he felt about what happened. Big Brother once again called Nobbi to the diary room and told him he has almost crossed the line with bullying and to stop it. The guys make up and SOS signal, when they are stuck in a conversation with Terrance. Nobbi, Ben, Rory and Bianca leave on their flight and end up at the city dump. They are not impressed, and Nobbi believes that he has been shafted once again. It is Ollie's 12 week birthday but also time to say goodbye, and Big Brother throws him a goodbye party. The housemates fail their 'ignore the obvious' task and will therefore have to live off of staples for the next week.moreless
    • (Daily Show) Days Five & Six
      (Daily Show) Days Five & Six
      Season 1 - Episode 7
    • (Daily Show) Day Eight
      (Daily Show) Day Eight
      Season 1 - Episode 10
    • Carson Crashes Big Brother's Closet [Daily Show - Day Fifteen]
      Carson Kressley gives some select housemates a makeover!
    • Daily Show - Day Sixteen
      Daily Show - Day Sixteen
      Season 8 - Episode 21
    • Friday Night Live #6
      Friday Night Live #6
      Season 8 - Episode 49
      The housemates competed in a series of games, where Nobbi was determined the winner. His prizes included a special nomination power, the head of house duty, and a trip for him and three friends to a mystery location, where he decided to take Rory, Ben and Bianca with him.
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Five & Day Twenty Six
      Brigitte had an argument with Travis over his sometimes exhausting positive attitude towards everything. Travis then went around to a few housemates stating that he cannot believe the way Brigitte is acting towards him after how nice and supportive he had been to her over the last week. The housemates perform their dance routines for two of the judges of So You Think You Can Dance, Matt Lee and Jason Coleman. Overall each group does quite well, with David and Terri's German Slap Dance being very popular with the audience. The decision of if the housemates will pass this task was ultimately left up to Jason, and he decided that they were successful!moreless
    • Eviction #5 & #6 Live
      Eviction #5 & #6 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 34
      The housemates were all gathered waiting to hear the verdict from the public's votes. Big Brother announced that the bottom three were Nathan, David and Alice. However with Alice's power from winning Friday Night Live she was able to choose one of the three to be safe from elimination. She chose herself and Rory was the next person with the lowest amount of votes and therefore was up for nomination. After the housemates voted for who they would like to leave the house, Kyle and Jackie O announced that Nathan and David were the ones that were to be evicted. They both then talked to Kyle and Jackie O about their time in the house.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Seven
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Seven
      Season 8 - Episode 35
      Nathan and David had just been evicted from the house. Their goodbye messages were played and hand grenades were distributed. Nathan gave his grenade to Travis making him the "early riser" and David gave his grenade to Bianca making her the "night watchman". The following day, Big Brother gave the housemates an indurance challenge, where they had to sit under cardboard dog kennels, and whoever stayed under theirs the longest without giving into Big Brother's temptations won.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Eight
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Eight
      Season 8 - Episode 36
      The housemates continued with their dog house indurance challenge. Alice managed to outlast the others to win. The prize for winning was becoming the guardian for an 11 week old labrador puppy for a week. Alice would have to care for it and train it. If it was trained well enough then it would become the constant companion for a visually impaired individual. Alice was then given the task to choose a name for the puppy, and she chose Oliver (Ollie). Later Bianca had a heated argument with many of the other housemates after overhearing Brigitte stating that she (Bianca) had a split personality.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Five [Extended Special]
      Alice doesn't understand why she is nominated, and wonders why the housemates don't want her in the house. Later when Ben enters the diary room, he discovered that the traditional chair had been replaced by a moving clown car machine, as a part of this weeks task. Ben tried to ignore the obvious but lets out a few giggles. Outside Terri and Nobbi were chatting, then all of a sudden a large marching band came through the door and circled around the yard. Terri manages to keep a straight face, however Nobbi could'nt stop laughing. Inside Bianca was sitting on the lounge when her brother and his girlfriend appeared on the plasma screen holding a sign saying "I know something you don't know". Bianca became very upset because she misses them so much.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Four
      Daily Show - Day Thirty Four
      Season 8 - Episode 44
      The housemates have just welcomed three new intruders – Rhianna, Cherry and Terrence. Rory, Ben, Nobbi and Renee are having a chat outside about nominations which breached Big Brother's rules. Big Brother immediately calls them all to the diary room and issues them each a strike. It was then time for Dixie's goodbye message and hand grenade. She gave out her hand grenade and stated that there will be two grenades issued that night, one from her and one from Big Brother. The housemates receive their new task which is to ignore the obvious. The housemates began nominations with Alice, Bianca and Brigitte up, however unbeknownst to everyone; Dixie's hand grenade was to save one of these three housemates. She chose to save Alice, and Renee and Terri were tied on the next highest amount of votes and therefore became nominated.moreless
    • Housemates Hypnotised
      Housemates Hypnotised
      Season 8 - Episode 39
      British hypnotist Peter Powers joins the housemates and hypnotises Dixie, Rory, Nobbi, Alice, Travis and David in numerous different senarios!
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Two & Day Thirty Three
      Renee had just won Friday Night Live and chose to take Dixie into the strategy room. Dixie immediately asked if she was in the danger zone, and Renee revealed that it was Dixie, Travis and Bianca. The guys decide to play a trick on Travis, and Ben squirts shower gel on him whilst he is in the toilet. Though some goes in his eyes and was really hurting him, so he had to leave to house to seek medical treatment. Ben became very upset and stated if Travis has to leave the house permanently then he will leave. That night everyone is asleep except Nobbi, so Nobbi decided to enter the house which is a breach of his hand grenade rule. Big Brother then tells him he will be punished in the morning.moreless
    • Friday Night Live #4
      Friday Night Live #4
      Season 8 - Episode 32
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Four
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Four
      Season 8 - Episode 31
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Eight
      Daily Show - Day Thirty Eight
      Season 8 - Episode 48
      Travis got put in an awkward situation during a game of truth or dare, where Nobbi ask him who his least favourite housemate was. He answered Alice, only because of the things he had heard from other people that she had been saying about him. Alice became very upset at this, then Travis became upset. Travis believed that he was peer pressured into answering a question that he didn't want to, and the boys had betrayed him by putting him in that situation. Alice and Travis had a private talk about this, resolving any tension, with each justifying their actions.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Seven
      Daily Show - Day Thirty Seven
      Season 8 - Episode 47
      The housemates discovered a pile of $100 bills on the kitchen table all together equalling $2000 with a sign above it that read 'free cash'. This was apart of the ignore the obvious task, however Bianca believed that they had already failed the task so she chose to take the money. Outside, a few of the housemated grilled Rhianna on whether she found Rory attractive and whether she would kiss him or not. There was a confrontation in the kombi between Travis, Nobbi and Ben about Travis going to Alice and asking her if she liked him, after the boys had previously told him that she didn't. The boys view this as him not believing them. At that nights family dinner, Nobbi was able to attend for the first time thanks to a one night pass the housemates had bought from the vending machine. Renee and Bianca used the family dinner as an opportunity to discuss their unresolved tension.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Thirty Six
      Daily Show - Day Thirty Six
      Season 8 - Episode 46
      The housemates wake up to their house filled with foam due to the task. Terri cannot control herself and erupts with laugher causing a few of the other housemates to become angry with her. The housemates had previously agreed to have one day a week where the men would cook lunch and so only they would be aloud in the kitchen at that time, however today Bianca was in the kitchen to avoid Renee, which infuriated Renee. Big brother supplied Nobbi with the right products and tools to pimp his kombi.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty
      Daily Show - Day Twenty
      Season 8 - Episode 26
      Rebecca had just been evicted from the Big Brother house, and the housemates were gathered around the lounge ready to watch Rebecca's goodbye message. She began with handing over the head of house band that she won from Friday Night Live to Alice because Rebecca believed that she deserved a break. Then Rebecca began leaving a message for each housemate starting with Brigitte. She stated that she absolutely loved Brigitte and she has so much potential, however she then moved onto Dixie and stated that she liked her at the start but her opinion has changed of her now and she found Dixie very fake and non trustworthy. Dixie didn't react to this very well and swore at the screen. She wished Renee, Rory, Terri, Dave, Nathan, Nobbi and Alice the best of luck, and had very kind words for Travis. Rebecca then moved on to Bianca and said she didn't like her from the start and believed that they had nothing in common. Bianca was completely shocked with this because she said that Rebecca had never said any of this to her. It was then time for Rebecca to throw the next housemate hand grenade where the chosen housemate would have to do everyones washing until further notice, and Rebecca chose to give this to Dixie. There were mixed reactions after Rebecca's goodbye message had played. Dixie and Bianca were very angry at her and complained to anyone that would listen, while Brigitte was upset and not even Travis could raise her spirits. The housemates awoke the next day to Big Brother announcing the next task - So You Think You Can Dance. The housemates were paired up with Nathan and Renee dancing the Waltz, Ben and Bianca dancing the Tango, Travis and Brigitte dancing Disco, David and Terri doing the German Slap Dance, Alice and Dixie got Hip hop, and Rory and Nobbi would dance Boy band. The housemates then spent a lot of the day practicing their new routines.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty One
      Daily Show - Day Twenty One
      Season 8 - Episode 27
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Two
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Two
      Season 8 - Episode 28
    • Carson Crashes Big Brother's Closet Part 2
    • Daily Show - Day Twenty Three
      Daily Show - Day Twenty Three
      Season 8 - Episode 30
    • (Daily Show) - Day Three
      (Daily Show) - Day Three
      Season 1 - Episode 4
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Five
      Daily Show - Day Forty Five
      Season 8 - Episode 56
      Cherry says that he hates Rhianna, and Rhianna doesn't understand why. Nobbi and Brigitte have an argument and Brigitte states that she's not going to talk to Nobbi anymore.
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Nine
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 72
      Terri is disgusted at some of Terrence's behaviour. The girls are dressed up ready for a hen's party while they wait for the next train. The housemates play "I have never..." and if one of the housemates has done it they have to eat a peanut since Big Brother had not supplied them with alcohol. Terri ends up eating the most peanuts.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Eight
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Eight
      Season 8 - Episode 71
      Terri and Terrence are still really angry at all the pranks that the housemates played on them the night before, especially how they sprayed the hose on them whilst they slept. As Cherry and Ben wait for the train they plot more pranks on Terri and Terrence. Big Brother calls the housemates to the diary room to set them straight and he told them to play no more pranks on the kombi duo. That night at the family dinner, one of the questions was who will be the final two housemates, and the majority of the housemates say Terri because she really deserves the money and is an overall nice person. Terri was watching this on the plasma screen outside and she became very emotional.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Seven
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Seven
      Season 8 - Episode 70
      Brigitte was allowed to choose three things out of the vending machine this week, and she decided on reversing the hand grenades of herself, Bianca and Cherry. Big Brother then called her into the diary room where her suitcase was waiting for her and she was ecstatic to have her clothes back. Ben and Rory decide to stay up to sunrise. They chat about the other housemates and Ben says he is very close to Bianca and he doesn't usually get close to girls outside of the house unless they are his girlfriend. Big Brother wouldn't turn the bedroom lights off so a few of the housemates join Ben and Rory outside and play jokes on Terri and Terrence who were fast asleep in the kombi.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Six
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Six
      Season 8 - Episode 69
      The kombi gets a makeover. As Brigitte and Terrence wait for the next train for the task, Brigitte grows tired of Terrence's annoying behaviour and after an hour, she vandalises the station and threatens to quit. Travis is starting to get on a few of the housemates nerves and Rory has a chat to him about it.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Five
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Five
      Season 8 - Episode 68
      The housemates are shocked by Nobbi's eviction. Nobbi delivers his goodbye message and gives his share of the prize money to Rory. The hand grenade this week is for replacement in the kombi and Nobbi chose Terri since she was the one that put him in the kombi in the first place. He also had to choose a companion for Terri and he chose Terrence. The housemates have a new task where they have to spot trains. Brigitte and Ben are the first two who have to wait for a train, and grow frustrated that the length of time they are waiting. It is nominations time again, and Brigitte, Rory and Terrence are announced as the three who are up. However Brigitte saves herself with the power she got for winning the Friday night games and Bianca is next in line and therefore up for eviction.moreless
    • Eviction #10 Live
      Eviction #10 Live
      Season 8 - Episode 67
      Nobbi is evicted from the Big Brother house with 59.1% of the public vote.
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Three & Day Fifty Four
      Brigitte's prize for winning the friday night games was to watch her favourite movie - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - in the Big Brother cinema with three housemates of her choice. She chose to take Travis, Terri and Alice. Bianca is told to recruit Terrence into the moon monks task and she is not happy. That night as soon as the moon monks begin their chant, Big Brother sounds the shark alarm so they rush to the outdoor toliet to hide from the other housemates. A little while later after the others went back to bed the moon monks decide to complete the chant, and just as they finish, Big Brother sounds the alarm again. There is a mad rush to hide but this time the other housemates in the bedroom didn't even bother getting up. The following morning Big Brother calls all the housemates to the lounge and reveals the secret task to Rory, Ben and Travis - the only ones who were not recruited. He also tells them that they passed. Terrence confronts Brigitte over her behaviour towards him and her bad manners, but Brigitte couldn't care less about what he was saying and tried to get away from him, but he wouldn't leave her alone. The housemates discuss the possibility of Brigitte liking Cherry.moreless
    • Friday Night Live #8
      Friday Night Live #8
      Season 8 - Episode 65
      The housemates are dressed at rockstars for heavy metal night. After a series of games, Brigitte is declared the winner. Her prizes include the head of house duty, the nominations power and a trip to the Big Brother cinema with three housemates of her choice.
    • Friday Night Live #9
      Friday Night Live #9
      Season 8 - Episode 73
      It is Get Smart night and the housemates are dressed up as secret agents. After competing in a series of game, Cherry is declared the winner. An exclusive interview with Mike Goldman and the stars of Get Smart Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell is played during the show.
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty & Day Sixty One
      Cherry had chosen to take Brigitte, Bianca and Terrence into an advanced screening of Get Smart which was his prize for winning the Friday night games. The following morning, Terri and Terrence are the first ones up, but they have no access to the kitchen due to their hand grenade so he continuously hits a pan with a spoon hoping to get the housemates attention. Bianca is furious but still gets up and gets him what he wants. Later, Rory talks to Bianca about Ben and Bianca tells him that she has given out hints but they weren't reciprocated. The train spotting task is almost over, the housemates just have to recall every single number that was on each train in the order that they appeared. They were 100% accurate with this and therefore passed the task. Big Brother throws the housemates a dress-up party, and Brigitte is not happy with her Marilyn Monroe dress and makes modifications to it. The housemates are grateful to finally hear music.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Six
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Six
      Season 8 - Episode 81
      A few of the housemates bury Rory up to his neck in sand, but Big Brother plays Rory's wrestling theme song so there is a rush to dig him up again. Bianca tells Ben that she doesn't want to spoon with him anymore because he is making it awkward. Later Ben and Bianca seem to be obviously flirting with each other to everyone but themselves. The housemates decide to make cardboard cutouts of every housemate past and present, and for Rima they make a mole with a knife sticking out of its back. Big Brother calls Rory to the diary room and tells him to chuck the mole cutout in the bin because they didn't consider Rima's feelings.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Five
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Five
      Season 8 - Episode 80
      The time came to reveal the identity of the mole, and Big Brother instructed the housemates to take it in turns to announce who they thought the mole was. Everyone except Cherry guessed it was Brigitte, but Brigitte didn't seem very affected by this. Big Brother then called Rima to the diary room and told her it was time for her to leave the house as her mission was over. A while later Big Brother played Rima's hand grenade to the housemates and she told everyone that there was no mole. The housemates didn't take this very well, especially Ben and Bianca who were furious.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Four
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Four
      Season 8 - Episode 79
      The housemates are allowed to choose two things from the vending machine, and they decide on 2 mole clues. They discover that both Terri and Rory are not the mole. Big Brother plays a trick on the housemates and calls Brigitte to the diary room for a microphone change, and after she leaves a ninja puts a pen on the chair for whoever goes in the diary room next to discover. This happens to be Cherry, and when he leaves he goes straight to Brigitte to question her about it.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Three
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Three
      Season 8 - Episode 78
      Discussion of the identity of the mole continues. Rory goes around trying to convince everyone that Alice is the mole. Ben and Bianca spend the night together in the kombi and Bianca teaches Ben how to spoon properly.
    • Big Brother Saturday - Show One
      Big Brother Saturday - Show One
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Sami Lukis and Gretel take a look at what the outside world have made of the past week's events.
    • Nominations Show #1
      Nominations Show #1
      Season 8 - Episode 77
      It is nominations time once again and after all the housemates have voted, Alice, Rory and Bianca are up. Cherry uses his twist to save Alice, which pushes Travis and Terri up.
    • Daily Show - Day Sixty Two
      Daily Show - Day Sixty Two
      Season 8 - Episode 76
      Terrence delivers his hand grenade which allows Terri to go back into the house, and he also takes the housemate's hair straightener away. As a part of her secret mission, Rima tells the housemates that there is a mole amongst them who has been sabotaging their tasks, and they all have 3 days to work out who this mole is. Every housemate becomes suspicious of one another and spend the rest of the day discussing possibilities. Some popular guesses are Ben, Alice and Rory. The housemates receive their new task where they are each championship wrestlers and everytime their individual theme song plays they have to race out to the ring in the backyard, in costume, and knock down the ninja.moreless
    • Eviction #11 Live/Rima's Return
      Eviction #11 Live/Rima's Return
      Season 8 - Episode 75
      The public has voted and Terrence is evicted from the house. Rima also returns to the house as a house guest with a secret mission. She must tell the housemates that there is a mole among them and they have 3 days to discover who this is, when actually there is not actually a mole.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty Two
      Daily Show - Day Fifty Two
      Season 8 - Episode 64
      Nobbi sabotages the shark task yet again, and the other housemates get really annoyed. Terrence stands guard outside his kombi to ensure he does not do it again. Cherry thinks that Brigitte might be engaged because she has a ring she always wears, though when questioned about this she said the ring was from her mum. Terri and Brigitte are recruited into the secret moon monk task.moreless
    • Day 100 - BB07 Finale
      Day 100 - BB07 Finale
      Season 7 - Episode 100
      The Finale of the 2007 Big Brother series is finale here and the winner was finally decided.
    • Day 36 - Eviction #4 - Nick
      Day 36 - Eviction #4 - Nick
      Season 7 - Episode 36
      Nick is evicted from the house with 51% to evict.
    • Daily Show - Day Four & Five
      Daily Show - Day Four & Five
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Including highlights of Friday nights FNL and the events afterwards, were housemate Rima leaves with a broken leg.
    • Gatecrashed Live!
      Gatecrashed Live!
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      We join Kyle & Jackie as the housemates are thrown a party with a difference. First the infamous MySpace party thrower, Corey Worthington gatecrashes the party. However this isn't the only surprise, as ex-housemate Terri Munro who was evicted on the first day is back! However all is not as it seems as Terri is immediately called to the diary room, were she is given a secret task as Corey's guardian, over his stay as a Houseguest in the house. This isn't the only surprise, as three new male housemates are added to the house, meet Barney, Michael and Nathan voted for by the public online as the three most popular choices to enter the house as fully fledged housemates tonight!moreless
    • Eviction #9 Live [Prize Fund Surprise]
      The housemates find out that Nobbi saved himself putting Cherry and Rhianna in his place. Making the nominees Cherry, Rhianna, Terrence and Alice. Rhianna is evicted.
    • Daily Show - Day Six
      Daily Show - Day Six
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      Highlights of yesterday's Gatecrashed houseparty, including Nobbi not being impressed in the slightest at Terri's return, even though Terri sticks up for him in the diary room.
    • Friday Night Live #7
      Friday Night Live #7
      Season 8 - Episode 57
    • Daily Show - Day Seven
      Daily Show - Day Seven
      Season 8 - Episode 11
    • Daily Show - Day Thirteen
      Daily Show - Day Thirteen
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      Includes highlights of the other housemates reaction to Saxon's eviction from the house.
    • (Daily Show) Day Two
      (Daily Show) Day Two
      Season 1 - Episode 3
    • Friday Night Live #1
      Friday Night Live #1
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      Mike, Bree and Ryan join the housemates in the arena for tonights competition. Tonights theme is 'Out of This World'. The housemates are dressed in green tights and silver skirts, and the first to pop a balloon has to leave the competition, Rima loses. Big Brother then reveals that the only prize for winning FNL this year is $20,000. The other games include, balancing on a platform, a hop-a-long assault course, a Alien vs. Predator competition, pedalling a spaceship along a tightrope and the final course a barefoot obstacle course. Nobbi wins the round, however due to breaking the rules earlier in the day, is given his prize in Zimbabwan dollars, with the current exchange rate of £1 Zimbabwan dollar to $20,000 Australian.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Three
      Daily Show - Day Three
      Season 8 - Episode 6
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty One
      Daily Show - Day Fifty One
      Season 8 - Episode 63
      Nobbi is sabotaging the fishing task for his own amusement because he knows that this is not the real task. Big Brother tells the moon monks to recruit Alice. At this weeks family dinner, one of the questions is which housemate is the least trustworthy and when it's Rory's turn to answer, he says Cherry because of the things Rhianna told him, so in return Cherry names Rory as his least trustworthy. Later in the spa the housemates play truth and dare.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Fifty
      Daily Show - Day Fifty
      Season 8 - Episode 62
      Nobbi is allowed to choose three things out of the vending machine this week and he decides on a boxing kit, the hair straightener and a steak dinner for two which he gave to Brigitte and Terrence as a joke. When they go on this dinner Terrence tells Brigitte that he wants her to be the role model for this company he wants to open that revolves around dance, modelling and elocution. Cherry is recruited into the moon monks task and that night the three of them struggle to get everyone to bed before 2am but eventually manage it successfully.moreless
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Nine
      Daily Show - Day Forty Nine
      Season 8 - Episode 61
      The housemates are given their new task which is the shark attack task. Everytime a siren rings, two housemates must jump into the canoe and paddle towards the bell before the shark net in lowered. Bianca and Nobbi are called to the diary room and told that this task is actually fake and the actual task is a secret. They are the first two members of the secret society of moon monks, and they must get up at 2am each night for a moon worship. They are also not allowed to be in the sunlight. Nobbi decides to give himself the task of having to stay under an umbrella everytime he is in the sunlight in order to disguise the task. A number of the housemates dress in black as a part of the 'black crows club' after Brigitte gave them that name because they always sit in the tree and sqawk about the girls. In return, boys dubbed Brigitte, Alice and Cherry 'the three blonde mice'. At precisely 2am, Nobbi and Bianca completed their moon worship.moreless
    • Daily Show - Launch Night
      Daily Show - Launch Night
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Highlights of the housemates first night in the house, including reaction to them finding out that they will have to evict someone today.
    • Daily Show - Day Forty Eight
      Daily Show - Day Forty Eight
      Season 8 - Episode 60
      The housemates had just been told that the clue for finding this years prize money is buried outside, and the backyard has been transformed into a dig site. Rhianna's goodbye message is played, and she tells Rory that she loved snuggling up with him at night, and enjoyed every moment she had with him in the house. Rhianna has harsh words for Cherry however, and tells him that he is judgemental, scheming and playing the game. She also gives him this weeks hand grenade in which he will be the housekeeper. Cherry was very angry at this and a few of the other housemates called him Brigitte. The housemates returned to their dig site and eventually found the chest containing the clue. They discover the money is hidden in the diary room chair amd comes to a total of $250,000. The following morning the housemates had to nominate, and this resulted in Rory, Terrence, Cherry and Alice being up, and after Nobbi exercised his friday night live power by removing Rory from the list, Brigitte, Terri and himself also were put up.moreless
    • Eviction Show #1
      Eviction Show #1
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Kyle & Jackie get the housemates to nominate a person for immediate eviction, live tonight. Each housemate takes it in turns to come to the diary room and reveal who they want to leave, Terri is chosen by a vote of 4/14 housemates to leave immediately.
    • Daily Show - Day One
      Daily Show - Day One
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      Highlights tonight include Terri's eviction from the house.
    • Daily Show - Day Two
      Daily Show - Day Two
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Terri leaves the housemates something so they won't forget her, she drops the first hand grenade and banishes Nobbi to the Kombi van in the garden, forbidding him from entering the main house.
    • Day 62 - Friday Night Live #9
      Day 62 - Friday Night Live #9
      Season 5 - Episode 29
    • Day 58 - Live Nominations #8
      Day 58 - Live Nominations #8
      Season 5 - Episode 27
    • Episode 28
      Episode 28
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      Jaime and Kim learn about whats been happening in the house, and struggle to settle in.
    • Episode 27: Intruders Kim & Jamie arrive
      Here another Big Brother twist occurs. Belinda, who walked out of the house, decided to come back for about an hour, to tell the housemates her reasons for leaving. After cleaning the slate, she announces she has a suprise, two new intruders Jaime and Kim. Then she says her goodbyes, and walks back through the diary room, leaving the two new housemates to be the centre of attention.moreless
    • Episode 25
      Episode 25
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Its one more night till someone has to go, but who will it be.
    • Episode 24
      Episode 24
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      It's raining as Chrissie goes into the kitchen. Now that Belinda is gone the housemates don't have a director for their weekly task, a musical. The housemates comment they need Kylie or Dannii Minogue in the house. Saxon suggest Natalie Imbruglia, but scoffs at the idea of Holly Valance. They all ask Regina to wake Ben, who is still sleeping in the bedroom. Regina goes into the bedroom to wake Ben, but this time she asks him nicely to get up. Ben tells her that he doesn't want to get up. Vincent is in the bedroom and some one asks him if he knew Belinda was going to leave when she last talked to him. He says that now that he thinks about it, it seem slike closure for him, and in the context it makes sense. Regina is still trying to wake Ben. She asks him if he wants to be the director so he can boss people around. Ben says he might give it a go and lets Regina pull him out of Bed. In the kitchen Daniel is singing to get into the mood of their musical task. Regina playfully hits Daniel for him to stop. Ben tells Regina "good girl", which annoys her because she turns around and hits Ben. She says that they made a promise she would stop hitting him if he stopped calling her "good girl". Ben doesn't know what she's talking about. He says "we're all falling apart". In the lounge room Ben is allocating the solo performers for the musical. Daniel tells Patrick that they are like Tim Brice and Elton John, even though they are nothing like them in real life. Patrick has no idea who they are. Daniel starts singing very badly in a very high pitch. Jo is organising the dancing for the musical. She shows Chrissie and Ben some moves she has come up with. Ben looks very pleased at her organisation. Vincent is sleeping on the couch in the lounge room while Ben and Regina are making a prop for their musicla task. Regina says they should take care not to wake Vincent. Patrick and Jo use the whiteboard to write up a song and sing it as a duet together. Is Big Brother trying to promote the housemates into future musical careers? Big Brother calls all the housemates to the plasma screen in the living room. They all sit around while Belinda's farewell video is played. Belinda is at home with her dogs by her side and tells the housemates she's having a great time outside the house. Her dogs are Reggie and Max. Belinda apologises if she hurt anyone in the house by her departure, but wants them to know a good has come out of it. She explains she made a great decision and has had a positive time in the house, and has enjoyed all of the housemates company. She wants them to realise that there are positive factors to come out of their stay in the house. Belinda ends the tape by saying Chrissie, Dan and Regina are strong people, hopes the housemates enjoy their time in the house, and tells them she will be seeing them very soon. All of the housemates stay silent. The housemates are organising their task. Ben is called to the diary room to tell Big Brother his views on Belinda's departure. He says that it's calmed the house, but he suspects that things will heat up very soon. In the kitchen Jo is telling the others that most people don't like conflicting behaviour, but then again some do. When asked if there was anything he'd like to say to Belinda if she was watching, Ben says there were occasions where he reacted without explaining his actions. He also says he hopes he can say some words to her and have them accept them. There is no apology. The other housemates in the kitchen are saying Belinda's departure didn't need to happen. Jo says she didn't think the experience would be a retreat but she assumed that all the housemates would get along. Chrissie says that's a perfectly valid assumption. Just so it doesn't seem like Big Brother is rigging the vote, footage of Regina being called into the diary room is played. Regina says that in the last 24 hours she thinks the housemates have woken up to themselves. When asked if there was anything she'd say to Belinda, Regina starts to get upset and tells Belinda she hopes she had a good time in the house, and looks forward to seeing her again. The housemates are still preparing for their task. They have created cardboard cutouts for the evicted housemates. Chrissie and Jo are talking about trust in the Big Brother house since Belinda left. Chrissie says trust involves knowing that personal details will not be thrown back at you (hinting at Ben's actions). Jo says she can't trust anyone in the house anymore, because she's seen what they're (Ben) capable of. Chrissie says she'll tell Dan or Regina anything, but that's it. Chrissie and Regina's conversation leads onto Chrissie explaining the constant knockbacks she's experiences while trying to find a job. She explains that she has always been part of the last 2 people for a job, but been rejected. For this reason she didn't expect to be on Big Brother, even after all the video preperations had taken place. Bedtime. Ben is talking about his former job as a police officer. He says that people have no less respect for him now that they know he's not a police officer anymore. Saxon doesn't believe him. Jo and Patrick are in the same bed and wish each other goodnight.moreless
    • Episode 29
      Episode 29
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      Jaime talks about his sexuality, and Regina and Kim become the best of friends.
    • Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Season 3 - Episode 30
      Troubles arise when a new task is set for the housemates.
    • Episode 34
      Episode 34
      Season 3 - Episode 34
      Monday's daily show started with a classic piece of funny footage from the house. Sneaky Jo crept up to Reggie, with a grin on her face. Reggie was making bread and mumbling to herself in the kitchen. She turned and got the fright of her life and started running away. Little Miss Pink Berets probably doesn't have that affect on too many people. She's certainly keeping Sax at arm's length until she finds out if her boyfriend is still waiting for her.moreless
    • Episode 33
      Episode 33
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      So Reggie, Jo and Daniel are nominated this week. You don't need to be too smart to work out that this show is becoming predictable, in guessing who will go. Few will vote for Reggie, some for Dan but most will vote for Jo because she started this whole jealousy thing this week, which the show's editors are playing up big time.moreless
    • Episode 32
      Episode 32
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      Last night, good ol' Claire stole the eviction show. She seemed determined to take her time on exiting and looked a little confused when she hopped out of the eviction van. Anyway Bye Bye Claire, Happy Trails! Happy Birthday Patrick for Wednesday. What does BB have in store for him? Finally here's something for Bold and Beautiful (B&B) fans we've been mucking around with lately, seeing as the show and characters are sometimes compared with BB. See what you think and use the forum to discuss it if you like, we'll join in when online. BB contestants are named first followed by the characters and their personalities from B&B.moreless
    • Episode 31: Eviction #5 - Claire
      Episode 31: Eviction #5 - Claire
      Season 3 - Episode 31
      Unfortunately for fans, the ever so bubbly Claire is evicted.
    • Episode 23: Belinda Walks Out
      Episode 23: Belinda Walks Out
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Jo and Belinda are reflecting on the happenings of last night. Ben asks Vincent if he disgraced himself last night. Vincent doesn't think so. Chrissie asks the others if they would like curry for dinner, just in case her cooking is the reason she was nominated this week. Ben and Jo finally sit down and talk about what happened last night. Ben says he doesn't want to have this chat, but Jo insists. Ben says at no time did he say derogetory things about her. Jo doesn't really believe him and says that he is no longer being loyal to her. Jo starts to get upset but Ben says she's blowing it way out of proportion. Ben says that if some one else called Jo a mole he would tell them they don't even know her. Jo and Ben say sorry and hug. Jo confides in Vincent in the kitchen. Vincent says that Jo is too trusting and too nice, she gives away too much which allows her to get caught up in Ben's stirring. Vincent then says it's this quality of Jo which is what he loves about her. Vincent says he's quite the opposite, only giving away parts of himself in small packets, and to only specific people, like Jo. In the bedroom Saxon is saying casually that everyone has had problems in the house. Belinda agrees with him, but tells the others she's done everything she wants to do in the house. Saxon says "what about having sex?", but Belinda says she never planned to have sex in the house. In the kitchen Jo thanks Vincent for their talk. They then talk about how they'll be exchanging SMS's when they come out of the house. Vincent says message about a "certain thing" and meet up. Belinda goes into the diary room, casually telling Vincent that she will see him soon, hopefully. In the diary room Belinda tells Big Brother she wants to leave the house. She apologises for last night, but Big Brother asks if the issue is broader than just last night, she says it is. Belinda says it all comes down to the negativity the house. In this environment she can't get her head around the hurtfulness, and out of this she has found a lot of anger in herself. She does however, say that the experiences has been mostly positive and constructive. She says she doesn't want to go back out to say goodbye to the others because she doesn't want to make them to think it's their fault. The housemates are preparing for their weekly task, which is a musical. They are unaware Belinda has been gone for quite some time. Big Brother then calls them all into the diary room. They then begin to wonder where Belinda is. Jo can't see her through the window in the diary room door. They know something not good is about to be announced. When they are all in the diary room Big Brother tells them Belinda is gone. He asks them to understand and not to feel responsible. Belinda wanted them to concentrate on supporting each other. Everyone is shocked and stay relatively quiet. They move out of the diary room and most of the housemates move into the round bedroom. Regina is upset and starts crying, wondering why some one had to leave. Ben is in the square bedroom alone, thinking about what has happened. The other housemates thought she was doing a lot better. Ben asks Regina not to accuse him for starting this, to which Regina assures him that she doesn't think that at all. Chrissie finds Ben and proposes a truce between the two. Ben says the whole situation is a learning curve. Ben asks Chrissie if she's going to leave. Chrissie says she's not planning to. Ben wants to know why they clash, Chrissie suggests it's because they have the same sense of humour. Chrissie suggest from now on they should start with a clean slate. Claire goes into the diary room and asks Big Brother if this is her fault for dobbing on Belinda for her physical violence threats. Big Brother says it's not and he would have dealt with it even if she hadn't come to him. Regina is crying in bed. She is sad it had to come to some one leaving the house. Jo comforts her. Meanwhile Ben in the next bed lies silently with something on his face.moreless
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      The housemates are organising their weekly shopping list. Ben is called to the diary room to get a pen to write the list. When he comes out he tells a few housemates in the lounge room that they have 35 minutes left. He then goes outside and tells the housemates who are organising the list that they have 15 minutes left. They are angry and states it's not fair they have less time. Later Ben is bitching about Belinda to some of the other housemates. Later, Regina, Jo and Chrissie are in the kitchen discussing Ben. Chrissie is not impressed at all over what Ben has been doing in the house during the last week. They all agree that he's trying to play the game, but don't understand why he stirs people up on purpose. Jo is shocked to learn that Ben has been saying things about her behind her back. Jo asks the other two what he's been saying, but Regina won't say anything. Chrissie explains how Ben had been playing Leah before she was evicted and how Leah realised what was going on at the last minute. Jo says she thought Ben was her friend but she was mistaken. Belinda walks into the kitchen and Jo asks her what Ben has been saying about her. Belinda has some ideas and explains that Ben thinks a "certain housmate" is using her sexual appeal. Jo is shocked and tells Belinda not to go on. Chrissie repeats that Ben thought she was fake and thought that Dan was a psycho. The housmates are waiting for their nominations to be announced. It's Ben, Belinda, Saxon, Vincent and Chrissie. Later Ben is talking to Saxon saying that if it was the melbourne cup he would be putting all his money on his own eviction. Saxon says that he would be second. The housemates are creating theories over why there are five nominees. Saxon thinks there may be a double eviction. Ben says he can't wait to leave the house. In the kitchen Belinda is saying there must be something wrong with her because she keeps getting nominated. Jo says there's nothing wrong with her, Chrissie says she shouldn't worry. Belinda says she knows who's nominating her.. the "devil man" of the house Vincent goes to the bedroom to comfort Jo and closed the bedroom door so the housemates in the kitchen can't see what's going on. Jo is very upset and can't stop crying about how Ben has been treating her. Vincent says that when he first heard about her in the square house the slate was clean, and Ben wasn't saying anything bad about her back then. Jo gets so upset it is hard to understand what she says. She eventually says that Ben is no longer one of her friends. Ben is in the kitchen eating. Saxon thinks that Ben should have gone to talk to Jo. Belinda says that if she was Jo she wouldn't want Ben talking to her right now. Ben continues to defend himself. Belinda argues with Ben about it saying that some people can't take his jokes. Ben just ducks and covers himself with his usual ambiguous comebacks such as "oh yeah you think that don't you". Belinda has to leave because she can't finish her dinner with Ben in the room. Ben just closes the door behind her and says nothing. In the round bedroom Belinda tells Vincent and Jo what happened and begins to get upset along with Jo. They then discuss why Ben likes to insult the other housemates and stir up trouble. They don't understand why he likes to do it. Vincent tries to calm them by saying they shouldn't get worked up about what he's doing. Meanwhile Chrissie is asking Ben why he's such a troublemaker in the kitchen. Ben says he wants to stir up trouble for the sake of it. Chrissie doesn't understand where he gets off doing this, and the argument becomes more and more heated. The other housemates try to carry normal conversations in the background while Chrissie and Ben are at each other's throats. Ben says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Chrissie is not happy at all and starts yelling that he's sick and a coward. In the bedroom Jo and Belinda agree who they can and can't trust in the house. Again Vincent tells them to forget about Ben. Chrissie asks Claire if she finds being called 'two faced' an insult. Claire doesn't want to have any part in the argument. Ben states that Chrissie is asking it in a completly wrong context. Chrissie gets really really mad, calling Ben cowardly and stupid. Chrissie yells at Ben asking why he manipulates and stirs trouble. Ben can hardly get a word in because Chrissie tells him to shutup numerous times. Ben then eventually dodges the argument completely and starts attacking Chrissie asking her why she didn't bring this up with him early. Chrissie goes to leave the kitchen but Ben buts in calling her two-faced because she's suddenly leaving. Chrissie turns back to Ben and yells at Ben saying her and the other housemates can't see the point as to why. She then tells him that he's hurt Jo, Belinda and Leah. Ben says she must be lying about Leah because Leah has been evicted. Chrissie tells him to think again after all the stuff he told Leah before her eviction. Chrissie says that's why she's only said a few words to him all week. Ben says in that case it's been the best week he's had in a long time. Chrissie said it was even better for her. Chrissie leaves. Ben says "That's it". Chrissie moves into the bedroom and explains to Jo, Belinda and Vincent what just happened in the kitchen. Jo and Belinda are happy that she finally confronted Ben about it. Chrissie says she's too furious to cry. Vincent tells them all to forget about it because Ben is just feeding off their reactions. Vincent then goes into the kitchen and asks Ben what he did to make all three girls move into the bedroom. Ben turns around and says it's Vincent's fault: they only started moving in there after you went and comforted Jo. Ben decides to have a spa bath with Saxon. Saxon tells the other housemates that he's having a spa so they decide to join him, not knowing Ben is there too. When Ben finds out that Saxon told the others he's mad. Belinda says she's not going in the spa with Ben there. Jo tells Belinda that she can't let Ben rule her life, and eventually convinces her to join them. In the spa Ben says nothing to Jo, but because of the spa motor you can't hear what he says. Anyway Jo ignores him. Ben is not saying anything to the other housemates. In a short while Belinda can't handle it and decides to get out. Ben is still saying nothing. Belinda goes into the bedroom and tells Chrissie that she's just going to go to bed. Belinda says she doesn't want to get angry because when she gets angry she is a very nasty person. They both discuss Ben further and Chrissie says that they didn't get any real answer from him, because he's too stupid to tell them. Claire goes to the dairy room to complain about Belinda and her threats of physical violence against Ben. She asks Big Brother if he heard, Big Brother responds with "Big Brother hears everything". Claire doesn't like the threads of violence and doesn't think that it should be happening, dispite the circumstances. Claire pauses, clearly upset about the situation in the house. Big Brother tells her not to worry, as he will deal with it. In the spa Ben starts talking to Patrick, even though he had been insulting Patrick just days earlier. It seems Patrick is the only one who will listen to Ben at the moment. Belinda is called to the diary room. Big Brother asks her about the threats, but she can't really remember making them. BB asks her why he shouldn't give her 2 strikes. Belinda doesn't see a reason so BB gives her the two strikes. Belinda says maybe she shouldn't be in the house because of this. She leaves and tells the others. Big Brother calls in all the housemates and explains why Belinda was given two strikes. After the others leave, Ben stays behind and asks Big Brother whether the threats were made against him. He asks whether he should be alert while he's in bed incase something happens to him. Big Brother tells him not to worry. At this point Ben has started to realise his behaviour is having serious concequences. Saxon talks to Belinda in the bedroom, reffering to "the incident" that was revealed in the square house earlier in the series. He says that that incident has been troubling him ever since and he'd like to talk about it with her the next day. Belinda says she would be glad to talk because she's been worried about it too. Saxon talks to Vincent about Ben. Saxon admits he feels like a pushover and he immediately associated himself with the alpha male of the house, but now sees that it was the wrong person to follow after. Just like Leah he admits that Ben was the wrong person to ally with. Vincent says that just because 'some one' has an opinion on some one else, you don't have to agree. Later Patrick gets into Jo's bed too see how she is. Outside Ben is wondering if he went too far tonight. Surprisingly, Vincent tells him he hasn't.moreless
    • Episode 21: Eviction #3 - Leah
      Episode 21: Eviction #3 - Leah
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Housemates work on craft task, Ben is angry that Saxon is in charge of safety. Leah tells the others she has wised up to Ben's manipulations. Leah makes amends with Chrissie. Belinda is annoyed at Saxon. Belinda has a confrontation with Ben at the dinner table, Ben is annoyed. Leah makes friendship bracelets for the housemates, with the help of Saxon. Leah is evicted. Saxon says Belinda should have left. Ben accuses the housemates of fence sitting. Vincent tells Jo she is much better than his imaginary girlfriend.moreless
    • Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      In the square house, Ben is talking to Carlo and Saxon about the occupants of the round house. He said it was all a bit fake. Carlo finds Ben's bitching about the other house amusing. Saxon starts asking about Jo and wonders if Ben is sad about leaving her. Ben admits he was a bit sad about leaving her because they had a strong bond from the begining. Saxon says that Jo sounds that hot she's the celebrity model of the Big Brother hosue. Ben agrees. He says she has the looks and brains but still acts a little ditsy. Carlo says "yeah isn't her boyfriend not that good looking?". In the round house Chrissie is saying she wishes the house had a vacuum cleaner. Claire agrees, saying the sqaure house got rid of all their rugs because it was too hard to clean up. She then goes on to explain the demographics of the square house. She says that the house is loud and male dominated, although she could still go to the bedroom and read alone quietly. Claire says she's really glad she moved house. Both Jo and Chrissie agree that it was good for Regina to be spirited away with Ben in the other house. In the square house Belinda is confiding in Regina about her isolation from the other housemates. Belinda explains she wasn't too worried about it, but she was very glad to hear another girl would be intruding into the square house. Belinda gets cranky with Vincent a lot of the time because they both have similar personalities. She tells Regina that she's fine with Vincent, and was fine with Saxon until he started getting along well with Carlo, who won't talk to her at all. Belinda says "at least I can talk to myself". The round house are all singing, with Daniel providing faces and hand actions to go along with the lyrics. The square hous yells out to them to shutup. Saxon thinks the square house is too cool to sing and says that he would be disturbed if they welcomed him as an intruder with a song. Meanwhile Claire is not looking so entertained and more uncomfortable with the other housemates as the sing along. Surprisingly Regina and Ben yell out for them to shutup from the square house. Later, Leah is yelling over the wall to ask how Regina and Ben are. Ben tells Leah to shutup. Leah then asks Saxon "guess who I'm sharing a bed with". When she yells out "Jaime" the boys of the square house cheer out, yelling "Go Jaime". Leah then yells out goodnight. Outside Ben and Regina are disgusted at Carlo's peeing in the bushes. Regina calls Carlo a dirty fuck and tells him to "wash your hands you dirty bugger". Saxon can't help asking about their place in the house during nominations. He seems worried and uneasy about being voted against by these new housemates. When reminded of the house's Jump Rope For Heart task by Regina, Saxon exclaims he's not looking foward to tomorrow. Pat and Jo are "bonding" in the round house bedroom. Patrick tells Jo he isn't bothered about anything that has happened in the house in the last few days. He does however, explain that he is bothered by stupidity, war and racism. So far there has been no war or racism in the house, and the only stupidity in the house has been funny. Patrick admits he hates brussel sprouts and Prawns, which Jo can't believe as she loves both. He pretends to go outside to tease Jo. Chrissie can see that he's just pretending and tells Jo he's waiting behind the semi-closed door. The camera reveals he is. Patrick then goes back inside the bedroom and has a good laugh with Jo. Belinda explains that in the begining Vincent and her were very closed but he freaked her out after a while by following her around everywhere. Eventually he got the hint and joined the blokes group in the house. She says she can't get them to accept her. Ben comes into the bedroom. Belinda is glad that there is an all Australian guy in the square house. Ben says he's going back outside to talk to the 'other freaks'. Jaime and Leah are in the double bed. Jaime mentions that his old bed was nothing compared to this one, because his old bed didn't have a girl in it. Leah isn't impressed by his comment and asks anyone else if they had heard his lame joke. Claire says she doesn't know what is worse: being in bed with a gay chick with no clothes on or a guy who has a girlfriend. Leah agrees saying "it's a lose-lose situation". In the square house Carlo baths in the kitchen sink which Regina just washed. Regina is not impressed at all and yells at him. Even Ben is uncomfortable about Carlo's actions.moreless
    • Episode 13: Special Intruder Nominations
      Big Brother calls for volunteers from the round house to swap. One boy and one girl, and they can't be currently nominated. Ben and Regina immediately vounteer. BB warns them that there will be a rewards and risks associated with this. The risk is that one of the intruders from either house will be evicted, but the reward is that the rest of them will be immune from being nominated the following week. They are more hesitant this time but decide to volunteer anyway. Leah looks dissapointed as she cannot be an intruder. Because Claire is the only non-nominated girl she is immediately put on the list to be swapped from the square house. She doesn't really want to but in the end she agrees to intrude into the round house, along with Jaime who volunteers. Meanwhile Saxon is explaining to the square housemates why he decided to stay. He says that being an intruder and being loyal to the other house means that your votes during nominations would have the biggest impact on who is nominated. Ben and Regina are leaving the round house. Jo is close to tears, and Chrissie doesn't seem too happy about the whole situation. In the square house Jaime and Claire are being farewelled. Jaime makes an effort of getting a hug from Vincent. A door opens in the round house and Claire and Jaime walk in. Everyone gives them a warm welcome and they all hug. Jo and Claire were in the same car during the launch show and Jo remembers Claire is going for her PhD. Jaime and Leah were in the same car too. The square house doesn't give such a warm welcome to Ben and Regina. Belinda is inside cleaning up when the two enter. She introduces herself and apologises for the mess. Carlo and Saxon walk in from outside and say hello. Vincent appears out of nowhere. They aren't so enthusiastic as the other house. In the round house Jaime asks about a pool, but there is none. They all go outside. Ben explains to the original square housemates that the round house living room is much smaller than theirs. Later Ben explains how he was the first in the other house. The round housemates figure out that Tamara is missing, and they come to the conclusion that she's probably an intruder. Jaime says the houses will merge by the end of the week. Ben tells the square house he's a cop, Carlo says he has no drugs on him. Leah yells over the fence to Saxon asking why he didn't volunteer to come over. Saxon says he can't be bothered. Leah swears at Saxon and goes back to joining the new housemates. Carlo and Saxon reveal that Jaime has been fantasising about Leah for weeks now. Ben says Jaime will be dissapointed - she's just too loud. The round house move into the bedroom and Claire identifies that there is a circle and rectangle theme in the two houses. They then organise beds. Jaime offers to share the double bed with Leah. The square house continue to talk. Belinda and Regina go into the bedroom. Carlo says it's good that Belinda has a friend in the house. Belinda says the square house had had a lot of loud personalities that have all wanted to take on the leader role. She admits she's stayed quiet most of the time to prevent conflict. Regina explains how Leah really wanted to move to the square house because she thought they were having more fun. Belinda assures Regina that that was not the case. Carlo and Regina are talking over the BBQ. Carlo says he misses his girlfriend and explains she was going to move in with him just a week before Big Brother. His girlfriend was also going to attend the same university as Carlo. In the round house Jo is talking with Claire and Leah with Jaime in the bedroom. Leah is talking about Ben and Daniel farting. Jaime describes some of the things Carlo has done in the square house. Leah says she doesnt' like Carlo. Ben reveals he smuggled some of Jo's pants she wore during the seven sins party. The other guys are all excited and shocked at the same time. Ben and Regina are called to diary room. Big Brother reveals a secret about a reward. The intruder who gets evicted will receive AU$10 000. However, the housemates aren't allowed to provoke anyone to evict them or act differently than normal. The pair are shocked. When Claire and Jaime are told about this, Jaime gasps out loud and Claire covers her mouth. They look very happy and have to have a final hug before they go back outside. The intruders aren't allowed to tell the other housemates about this prize.moreless
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      The square house is in the living room, and Belinda reveals her secret, but the audio is not played. Instead, the Big Brother narrator states how big the secret is and how the other housemates were very shocked. Saxon, Claire and Carlo are called to the diary room. Saxon doesn't know how he'll cope from now on in the house knowing this information. Afterwards Belinda goes to bed and the others talk about it outside. The next morning in the Square house some of the housemates are outside talking about what happened that night. Claire and Vincent eventually go inside to get some sleep. Saxon and Carlo remain outside to talk some more. Ben wants to start doing some fitness routines as he realises he might be in the house for a much longer time than he expected. He promises to do 100 laps of the backyard. Regina taunts him so he responds by poking her with an umbrella. Later, Regina and Ben have an argument about whether King Island is part of Victoria (as Ben thinks) or Tasmania (Regina thinks). Regina asks Big Brother for an atlas or for the answer to the question. BB says he can't answer it for her. According to the internet Regina is right, King Island is a part of Tasmania. Jo is talking about how she has stretchmarks from being overweight. Regina admits she put on a lot of weight after high school. Ben says he was overweight for a time, but isn't too clear about it. He says it was due to the long hours of his job at a desk. Later Ben goes outside to a have a jog. Jo is lost for words and doesn't believe he'll do it. Later, Big Brother announces the nominees to the Round house. They are Leah and Daniel. Leah doesn't look surprised and actually cheers. Daniel doesn't say much. Big Brother also tells them they have a surprise for tomorrow and they are to pack their bags in the morning. Leah gets very excited at the prospect of going to the other house. Ben doesn't look so happy. Leah jokes about how Big Brother was cheeky when he told them about the surprise. She says "how pumped am I" and "I am so excited". Ben says he didn't think that the houses would be mixed. The nominees from the square house are Carlo and Belinda. After being told of the surprise Saxon gets really excited. Vincent doesn't looks so excited. Carlo starts to ponder about the nomination system and comes to the conclusion that it's the single votes that count. Some of the housemates then go to bed. Carlo continues to discuss his nomination and possible eviction. Eventually Vincent goes inside. Carlo tells Saxon that he feels like he wants to go. Saxon isn't very pleased at this idea. The two houses are communicating as Leah yells over the wall asking the square house if they were asked to pack their bags. Saxon says he might see Leah tomorrow. Later, in the round house Leah is talking about wanting to go over to the other house because she's younger and looking for a good time. Leah asks Ben if he'll take care of her, Ben replies saying he's Leah's Big Brother. He then says that Leah should sleep with him tonight so he can protect her (yeah, right!). As the square house go to bed they say this might be the last night they sleep in this house. Saxon says he just wants a pool and that's all that matters. He says it's unlikely the houses will join, he suspects that it will only be the swapping over of a few housemates. The round house is in bed, and Leah says she doesn't think they'll be going anywhere tomorrow, just swapping the housemates bags over.moreless
    • Episode 11: Eviction #1 - Irena
      Episode 11: Eviction #1 - Irena
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      WBig Brother has thrown a party for both houses to congratulate them on their talent tast. The round house are discussing the other housemates. Leah is saying Chrissie is very nice and not too loud. Later, Chrissie is sitting around in the bedroom, she reveals to Regina that it's to get away from Leah. Some of the square house mates are bitching about Belinda. Saxon breaks the rules by mentioning who he voted for. It's obvious he's had too much to drink and is talking a mile a minute. Vincent and Belinda are confined to outside, not wanting to talk to the other housemates. Carlo warns Irena and Saxon about them breaking the rules but they continue anyway. Carlo and Saxon bitch a little about Vincent and Belinda being antisocial and wanting things their way. In the round house Ben and Jo are talking in code about nominations. They refer to the 'black house', 'white house' and grey house. They agree they need to team up to aliminate the 'grey house'. In the bedroom Saxon starts talking about Belinda with her right there. Belinda is mad and swears at him before storming out into the living room. It's the first time the other housemates have heard her swear. Jaime goes to talk to Belinda who seems upset. Saxon comes out to discuss the situation. Belinda and Saxon start arguing about what happened. Carlo joins up with Saxon to tell Belinda that just because they don't talk to her doesn't mean they hate her. Carlo says it's just the way all three of them are. Belinda gets even more upset. The next day Jo and Ben are warned about their suspicious behaviour in the diary room. They are not given a strike. In the square house Carlo, Irena and Saxon are all given a strike. Irena is suddenly becoming heated with Big Brother about the situation. Later Irena goes to the toilet to be by herself. She is upset about her confrontation with Big Brother. She then goes to lie in her bed and says there is nowhere in the house to have a trantrum. Carlo and Belinda both comfort her. Irena says she feels lonely in the house. The round housemates are talking about nominations. Patrick is opitmistic and says it's possible neither Leah or Ben will be evicted, but Ben is positive he's going to go. Gretel shows us the new bathroom, which is situated between the two bedrooms. Then she goes through the new kitchen, which is at the other end of the house. It has a dining room attached with a fireplace. She chats with the houses seperately and we are shown montage footage of each of the nominees, starting with Irena, Belinda and Saxon then Ben and Leah. Because it's Mothers day Gretel interviews the mothers of all 5 nominees. She reveals there is a pool hidden underground, under the central camera run. Within 8 days a huge crane will come to lift the center section out, joining the two houses and revealing the pool for both of them. Then, the first eviction of BB3 is Irena. She walks out of the house through a temporary walkway. The other housemates look devastated. Irena is led into a van. She sits in the back where a TV screen shows footage of her in the house. A helicopter shot reveals the 'eviction van' is driving down a roadway in Dreamworld. On the top of the van in large letters is "EVICTED". The van is opened and Irena walks down the platform towards the stage, with the audience at either side of her. She is then joined on the stage by Gretel who gives Irena a mobile phone and $100 worth of credit per month. She tells Gretel it wasn't really a big shock for her and she was surprisingly calm during the eviction night. She was fine with being the first to be evicted. They take a look at footage of Irena bitching about other housemates. Big Brother tells the round house there are no evictions to take place and everyone is very relieved. Ben looks like he could fall over dead from relief. They all walk inside. Irena recieves some other prizes: a PS2, a master card with $2000 on it, and a contiki tour.moreless
    • Episode 15: Intruder Eviction - Jamie
      Belinda and Regina wake up and Regina looks like she has a sore arm. Belinda aks what's wrong and has a look, saying that hey glands on one underarm are really huge. Regina shows Belinda the lump on her chest again, and they start to worry about it. Regina had requested a nurse so she is called to the diary room to talk to one. The nurse says she should see the doctor, but until then she should rest. The doctor sees to Regina, and says that she has an infected hair folicle, ingrown. The doctor informs her that she won't be able to do the skipping task today. The round housemates are fine tuning their skipping for todays task. Daniel chucks a mock tantrum consisting of folding the skipping rope and throwing it to the ground then storming off, much to the delight of Chrissie. The whole group then has a chuckle. Carlo jumps ontop of the couch and has a look at one of the square picture frames. On his way down he slips and twists his ankle. Everyone looks for something to help, and Ben tells him to take deep breaths, and that his ankle isn't broken, probably just strained. Ben says he is quite disturbed by the whole event. The doctor has said that Carlos ankle isn't broken, just has a strained ligiment. Carlo burps, and says it will take around 4 days to heal. He also won't be able to skip today. Everyone rushes to the bedroom where they find Vincent at the doorway having trouble breathing. Ben jumps in and Vincent mumbles out that he can't breath. Ben advises him to just take deep, long breaths. Vincent gets his breath back and says it's the first time it has ever happened before in his life. Saxon says that he and Ben are the only ones that haven't been sick today. Vincent starts wheezing again, Ben tells him to just not panic, it's the worse he can do. Saxon trys to say something to help Vincent, and Ben cuts him off. Carlo jokes with Saxon and says the nurse is a hottie. The verdict is that Vincent had an anxiety attack. He comes out of the diary room and lies to the housemates saying it was just a one off thing. BB announces that the square house passed their task winning the bet of 50%. Also the round house passed winning 25%. Regina tells Ben to feel her tummy. It's churning apparently. Ben wants Regina to get a pregnancy test, and starts drilling her for answers about touchy questions. She says she has a stuffed up cycle, and has only had her period once in the house, for only one day. Regina tells Ben and Belinda that she went off the pill a few weeks ago, from 4 years of being on it. Ben wants her to get a tester from BB, but Regina says she would just be embarased and that it's probably the bread they had earlier. Housemates are screaming at each other over the wall, and Saxon asks if they passed the task. They say yes. Patrick asks ben if he wants some roast chicken, and Ben says yes, Patrick will throw it over later. Carlo gets the hose out and sprays it over the divider hiding the pool and kitchen. Patrick says he's not getting any chicken any more. Ben and Regina are thinking about their old housemates and eviction. Belinda says Claire would be being quiet next door, because she was in the first week of BB. She also says that Jaime doesn't get into conflicts. Ben and Regina say their house didn't either, " Later on Big Brother announces that Jaime has been evicted. Jaime is shocked and the group all give Jaime hugs, and look very upset while Daniel mock crys. Jaime goes to the door and waves.moreless
    • Episode 16: Eviction #2 - Carlo
      Episode 16: Eviction #2 - Carlo
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Regina goes into the diary room and requests a pregency test. An anxious wait follows, before the nurse gives her a look at the test, and reveals it's clear. Regina had to double check with her to ask if it was negative. A sigh of relief can be heard. Saxon over in the other house tells Regina & Ben that they have at least 16 days in the compound. Ben says it is a relief, because they both took a big risk. Jaime then flashes up on the house's plasma screens, revealing that he has been given $10,000. The housemates can't believe it, eventually however Claire tells Jo that she knew prior to Jaime revealing it In the round house, Pat starts playing the guitar, which prompts Chrissie into a quiet solo performance. Next door, Regina and Belinda are having a little talk, Regina talking about her relationship with Leah when they were over in the round house. Patrick and Jo are having a nice conversation in Jo's single bed. Jo hits Patrick's stomach for some reason, but Patrick won't return the hit, saying he won't hit a girl. Ben, Saxon and Carlo are out in the living area, and Ben is saying that while speaking to Regina earlier, she seemed most at home talking to Belinda. Of course, Saxon and Carlo have made it known quite a lot that they don't like Belinda much. Saxon calls her an octopus. Ben then takes off with one of Belinda's shoes, which he chucks at Carlo. He then throws the second one at him too. Saxon dares Carlo to swing it next door, but he just chucks them onto the grass. Ben then moves inside, obviously drunk, trying to get Regina to get up and skip. He is yelling his head off. Finally, she gets through to him and Ben shuts the door and leaves. Next, a BB challenge between the houses. A car racing game with involves one competitor from each of the houses racing each other. The Square House win 3-1. BB calls the square house to the diary room, telling them that peeing in the garden has stopped, as well as bathing in the sink. Belinda and Regina are thrilled. There is stuff to clean and disinfect everything, which BB says should be done immediately. Carlo later jokes that he will be bathing in the sink soon. Leah and Claire are talking on the couch, Leah thinking it might be time for her to go. Leah says that she can't stand Daniel, saying he is just acting like a 17 year old. She says she really wants to go next door, and see everyone else. Belinda says to Saxon that he is Carlo's shadow. Over in the other house, Daniel is exercising outside by himself. Meanwhile, Belinda and Regina decide to once again sleep out in the living room. During the eviction show Gretel talks to the housemates for a bit. Over in the square house, the three boys are around the barbie, and they have a bit of a chat. Carlo says he's nominated, and that every week is a tough week without seeing Gretal. Inside, Belinda is excited about tonight's precedings. Regina puts something in her mouth just as Gretal want's to talk to her, and then they turn around to face the camera to the cheers of the audience. Gretal recaps the intruder scenerio. Finally, we get to see the people actually vote for the intruder eviction and that Jaime was evicted and Gretel presents him with a phone as a prize, $2000 Mastercard, a trip to Great Kepple Island, and then the Playstation. She then gives Jaime a authentic 1970's skateboard, which genuinely thrills him. She shows BB workers starting to figure out how to get the wall down, which will commence at 11pm today. She then moves onto the eviction, grabbing the envelope. She then crosses to the Square House, and reveals that Carlo is the next to go. After a brief interview, he is presented with the usual prizes. He tries to defend himself about the peeing in the garden, and bathing in the sink. He then sees who nominated him. He seems a bit confused by Jaime's 2 points for him, and then laughs at Vincent's 1 vote for the toilet incident and the live show ends with live footage from inside the house where Saxon is outside playing with the 'Tracy' that Carlo made in the first week.moreless
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Saxon does laps in the backyard. The round housemates discuss how Ben's company is poisonous. Jo is unwell and Vincent visits her in bed. The house is tested on their weekly task, to remember facts about each other and they pass. The housemates sing later on in the night to celebrate their task.moreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      The housemates are still worried about their party. The roundhouse bitch about Ben's behaviour.
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Regina, Leah and Jo are talking about the happenings the night before. They all think the situation got out of hand. Leah thinks that her boyfriend Brennon is going to kill her. Regina is worried that things happened that shouldn't have, but she can't remember entirely what happened. Jo isn't really worried because she knows they will have time to set the record straight with their partners. She says that if Tim takes it the wrong way then he's not worth it. Later Ben and Leah are by the pool. Ben is gossiping about Jo and how she's been tempting all the boys in the house. Leah says that Saxon has been following Jo all over the house. Ben thinks that Jo is being a temptress and trying to manipulate the guys in the house. Ben says that Jo's boyfriend won't be waiting for her when she leaves the house. Ben is explaining to the roundhouse girls about his double personality demonstrated in the last few days. He says that their boyfriends would do the exact same thing when out with their mates, using Jo's boyfriend Tim as an example. Jo defends those claims saying Tim would never do anything like that. Ben says that she is wrong and starts whistling causally and walks away. Jo gets really upset and starts crying. Chrissie says it's wrong to assume every guy is like Ben. Leah tells Ben in the kitchen that he made Jo cry. She explains that Jo was already worried about Tim and Ben added to her confusion. Vincent is worried about the kiss he gave Jo in the spa. He apologizes to her after seeing her upset, but Jo re-assures him that it had nothing to do with that kiss. In the lounge room Regina tells Leah and Ben that Vincent and Jo are talking in the kitchen. Ben starts gossiping saying that Vincent is in love with Jo. In the kitchen Vince tells Jo how he's feeling close to everyone in the house after just 24 hours with them. He shows Jo why he always wears a bracelet around his wrist. It's to cover a scar from an accident, which happened to him. The next task for the housemates is to memorize strange facts about each other. Regina and Chrissie are wondering about the scandalous events that happened in the spa, but they can't remember what happened. Regina says that she walked into the lounge room at one point; Jo and Vincent were on the couch together and quickly jumped up when she walked in. Chrissie is surprised that it was Vincent. She then says that Vincent is very good looking in her eyes and that the guys must get jealous of him. Later Jo and Vincent are still talking in the backyard. Leah and Claire gossip about them. Jo is staying awake because she can't stop thinking about Tim and what happened during the party. Jo is worried that she is portrayed as a tart, or they show too much of her swearing. She is worried that Tim will see the footage, go out and do something stupid. Ben and Regina tell her that that is extremely unlikely. Ben tells her that it was just innocent interaction.moreless
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      After nominations, Chrissie is upset about being unable to nominate properly and receiving a strike. Daniel announces to the other housemates the planned dinner party for tonight. Chrissie and Jo come inside from the kitchen. Ben tells them he only has four pages left of his book. He started reading it the first night he was in the house alone. Ben asks about Chrissie's dilemma over nominations. He relates to her situation. Chrissie then talks about the dress arrangements for the dinner party. She isn't so sure the team will be able to find clothes that are suitable for her size and mood. Chrissie says she doesn't feel like putting the effort into the party, and moves into the round bedroom. She is upset in the bedroom. Jo and Regina comfort her the best they can. The conversation then moves onto Regina and Ben. Regina says she is overwhelmed with how Ben is acting, and has lost all faith in him. Her and Jo then explain to Chrissie what Ben told them outside when Ben said that he kept a low profile as to avoid eviction. Chrissie is shocked, and says he skin crawls relising that some one is actually playing the game. Regina admits that while she was in the square house she even considered talking to Big Brother about how the guys were treating her. The storeroom is open for the housemates to grab their costumes. Leah is excited and can't wait to find hers. Chrissie doesn't want to dress up for the night and is not impressed by her blue sequined dress. Everyone sites on the new round couch to hear who the nominees are. Leah laughs, Daniel cracks a cheesey smile and Belinda starts giggling when they each hear they are nominated. Saxon doesn't look so happy (maybe because Leah was nominated). Later, Leah is talking to Ben outside about being nominated, saying she'd love to know the reasons why people are nominating her. BB announes that Belinda, Leah and Daniel are nominated for eviction. Vincent proposes a toast to new friends. Later on in the evening Vincent is in the spa getting up close and personal with Jo. He gives her a seductive kiss on the ear. Leah is talking to Saxon outside. She says that he's not the same person she met at auditions. Saxon doesn't know what she's talking about and seems to be quite offended by her comments. He says that he's being standoffish because he just lost his best mate in the last eviction. Leah says he should be able to talk about it with her. He doesn't want to talk. Regina is exhausted and confused about her confrontations with Ben during the evening. She is in the round bedroom discussing it with the other housemates. Chrissie says he's a chameleon by admission, to which Daniel agrees. Regina finds it hard after seeing both sides of Ben in the two different houses. Chrissie says it's a shame their relationship had to suffer as a result of Ben's dualistic nature. In the square bedroom Ben is discussing the same thing with Jo and Patrick. He states that he adjusts accordingly to his advantage. He claims he wasn't vulgar during his stay in the square house. Jo isn't impressed with hie comment, she says that he's only caring about the game, not about being himself. Ben disagrees, stating that his changing nature is himself. He doesn't seem to care after Jo tells him Regina is upset about this situation. Regina doesn't want to sleep in the bedroom with Ben so she can think by herself. Jo helps Regina move the round couch around so she can lie on it. In the square bedroom, Ben thanks Saxon for keeping her out of the room. Regina lies in the lounge room thinking. Jo comes into the square bedroom to ask Ben what's this all about. Ben keeps asking what Regina's deal is, while not caring about Regina's feelings. He says she's being an idiot.moreless
    • Episode 35
      Episode 35
      Season 3 - Episode 35
      Thursday's daily show saw Jo running around drunk as mentioned above and telling the guys that she wants to have a serious chat with them when they're out. Sax though has it all worked out. He was out in the spa singing "Jo Jo's a waste of time". Although she didn't hear that (but will when she gets out) she later told him that it will all be put into perspective when they're out. Oh she has so got it bad for Patrick!moreless
    • Episode 36: Eviction #6 - Jo
      Episode 36: Eviction #6 - Jo
      Season 3 - Episode 36
      If Jo doesn't go it might have something to do with a deliberate conspiracy. Tim got the number wrong last night when he said 1900 for Jo's eviction number prefix instead of 1902. In addition there has been quite a controversy over the SMS situation which Behind Big Brother has information about. Although we don't want to see Dan go, he is the logical choice because people, including BB, obviously want to see Jo stay. Forget Reggie as no one will vote for her, or at least less than ten percent will. Eventually Jo is evicted.moreless
    • Episode 37
      Episode 37
      Season 3 - Episode 37
      Wow, last night's shows were amazing and Tall Poppy Syndrome was out in force! Last week there was some mention in forums that the storeroom incident was about a few HMs entering the camera run and their punishment was no alcohol for a week. In last night's recap show we saw Vincent and Sax regret that suggestion as they became the barmen for a cocktail party. Anyway it was the predictable yet amazing eviction of Jo that's the talk of the country today. An incredible but not surprising 86 percent vote for Jo (a new record) with 5 for Reggie and 9 for Dan. The crowd even booed some of her answers about her relationship with Sax and Pat in particular and there was a "mental" guy in the crowd (nice hair dude!). Tim, Jo's boyfriend, bravely made the trip to the Gold Coast but it seems that it might be over for the two. Jo even cried on Tim's shoulder so it'll be interesting to see what she has to say about that on tonight's nominations show.moreless
    • Episode 54
      Episode 54
      Season 3 - Episode 54
      On Thursday's daily show Anouska did her video interviews with Pat and Reggie. Pat said that he doesn't get along as well with Chrissie as much as with the others. Anouska asked him if he thinks that she's a little too "common" to take home to the family (he's the son of a former diplomat remember) but he said no (perhaps remembering that he's on television and couldn't answer any other way). During Reggie's interview she said that she likes Pat but not romantically as Anouska was trying to draw her out about - she's obviously been to the English tabloid school of Journalism! A little later, it appeared that Dan and Chrissie were getting along better and during the evening Anouska was in the kitchen trying to make a pudding. Dan and Pat were just outside the kitchen doing an impromptu, Mexican- style, song and dance with Pat on guitar and Dan dancing and clapping. Pat likes to be in control of the kitchen and soon got in Anouska's way before she got a little annoyed with him interfering. The pudding was a flop but the others were nice about it when they sat down at the table to eat it.moreless
    • Episode 53
      Episode 53
      Season 3 - Episode 53
      The bedtime discussion was about how shocking it would be for Reggie to be evicted on Sunday and Chrissie was joking about how Reggie might be playing the game and just acting innocent. 'Up Late' was a fizzer but with just over a week to go it's likely that not to many will care now about this show. All it is, is vision of sleeping HMs. Mike spoke to Amanda on the phone (Anouska's agent who's out here with her). Anouska will be on Rove's show on Tuesday and when she gets back to the UK she'll have the big BB UK party and promotional commitments there, Amanda was saying. Not long after speaking with Amanda, and while the HMs slept, Mike had Shannon (BB 2) on the phone. The rest of the show was brainteasers, a look at the official BB website and more vision of sleeping HMs.moreless
    • Episode 52
      Episode 52
      Season 3 - Episode 52
      Friday's daily show was all about Reggie's personal dilemma practical joke task, where she had put salt in the beds, sugar, milk and Milo on Wednesday night. The other HMs said they were "in-salted" that they'd been "a-salted" that way. So all the salt jokes came quickly on Thursday but they'd figured it out by then. BB could've provided a video performance of "Saltimbanco" to throw a joke in of his own perhaps (yeah, yeah). Now Reggie's got a new addiction to M&Ms. She claims to have eaten 3000 in recent weeks and a lack of exercise has seen the fat go to her legs. Anouska challenged her to a contest on Monday to see how many of them they could fit in their mouth and both got around 100 in, without swallowing. Is it any wonder then that Reggie is having fat problems? Eviction nominations took up the rest of the day with the nervousness firstly and then voting taking place. All HMs are up for eviction and it is likely that Pat will go. Joining him on Sunday will be Anouska as mentioned here yesterday. To finish up the show, there was some discussion about what Reggie wants to do after BB. She knows that people keep telling her that she can do anything, but can't figure out exactly what. She then mentioned that she and her hubby go to bed at different times so that was another topic of discussion for a while - they live such separate lives it seems. 'Up Late' was another fizzer as the HMs all slept but Mike mentioned that Anouska thinks she's pregnant.moreless
    • Episode 51: Eviction #10 - Vincent
      Episode 51: Eviction #10 - Vincent
      Season 3 - Episode 51
      To Monday's shows now and the daily show saw Anouska still regretting Friday's action by Sunday. After Vincent was evicted she said that she was glad he went, But now Patrick is gone, hat is very diffrent. This is because she felt awkward around him, especially because he wouldn't make eye contact and she doesn't like people who do that. On the nominations show Gorgeous Gretel announced that Anouska is leaving the house on Sunday night so our speculation here last week was almost correct. We all thought she'd stay for a week so she can get back to the UK for the last week of BB UK but what's a few days more? On 'Up Late' there is now an overnight brainteaser for the other "have-nots", ie: those in SA, WA and the ACT and anywhere else. This can be played via phone or the official BB site, so Mike was saying last night. Anyway the show was a bit of a fizzer given that the HMs were all in bed. While Pat and Reggie slept the others were discussing ways to give people the finger in different circumstances. Then while Dan tried to get to sleep, Anouska and Chrissie were reading books. By 12:25am this morning there were satellite problems and then the vision cut back in to Anouska reading. He reminded us once again that Sara-Marie and Marty were highly popular in the previous two series but didn't win. So we can't be surprised if Reggie loses out to Dan which is probably how it'll go. After that it was sleep time for the HM for the rest of the show.moreless
    • Episode 55
      Episode 55
      Season 3 - Episode 55
      Reggie was in bed with Pat visiting for a chat and then Dan went out to the little wall near the bedroom door to stretch a leg over it. He was wearing his loose shorts and trying to keep his private parts in. Anouska started singing a song to encourage him to let it all hang out. After that failed attempt, some went to the kitchen to eat some pudding and then went to the lounge to chat. Chrissie grabbed the BB house manual and removed a piece of paper with the BB eyes on it and folded it so they could put it over their eyes and joke around.moreless
    • Episode 56: Eviction #11 - Patrick & Anoushka
      Sunday's eviction show started with the usual look at the eviction nominees and then it was time to go Anouska. She soon joined Gorgeous Gretel for a chat and to show us her legacy item - which is a skimpy outfit, signed by the other four remaining HMs. Fans in the UK can check it out in the ebay links on the index page - that's this page if you're reading this on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th, July 2003, after which this entry goes to another page. After she answered the ten famous BB questions, Pat was, not surprisingly, evicted. So Anouska came, she conquered and leaves Australia as a heroine! It's a pity she wasn't single and not brought in a few weeks beforehand but Australia loves her, even if the other British housemates didn't. Back to Pat, and Gretel asked him if he'd gone mad after almost three months in the house and he said that he would look up at the sky and know that there is a normal world out there. The house had become the real world for them after so long in there and the final few usually get some nerves in their stomach about leaving after so long. That's the cruelest part about this show. You have to be mentally strong to stay away from the real world for so long and Tim Clucas claimed earlier in the series that this show is less cruel than funny home videos types of shows, for example, ha, what a joke! Anyway, Pat indicated that he might have feelings for Jo but isn't sure - ooh! He was evicted with fifty percent of the vote with someone getting eight percent (Reggie, most likely) and the others getting twenty and twenty-two percent of the vote respectively. Now there's only one more Sunday night eviction to go.moreless
    • Episode 60
      Episode 60
      Season 3 - Episode 60
      To show summaries now and Wednesday's daily show saw day 80 start on Tuesday with the problem of having to finish their poems with the week quickly disappearing. Reggie soon got back into her chocolate addiction whilst working on the costume component of the task. Dan put on a suit to present his poem but Reggie was the first to start. She laughed and forgot her words but got through it. Chrissie did hers then and put a lot of expression into it and then Dan the man had a go and did a good job also. After that it was just the footage from the previous night's 'Up Late' and we discovered that Dan had been doing his online diary in the diary room.moreless
    • Episode 59
      Episode 59
      Season 3 - Episode 59
      In other "news", another site or two has mentioned that Kim was driven out of town and BB has taken her in up in Queensland - a little bit unbelievable that one! The official site has a feedback questionnaire to improve next year's show so give them heaps on that one! Finally it seems that 'Up Late' was an audition for Mike to host the show in 2004, if and when Gorgeous Gretel pulls out, believe it or not!moreless
    • Episode 58
      Episode 58
      Season 3 - Episode 58
      On to Tuesday's shows now and the daily show saw day 79 (Monday) start with Dan and Chrissie discovering that the pool cleaner was broken. This amused and entertained Dan for a while as he tried to fix it. In the kitchen that morning the discussion concerned Reggie's hubby and the times they have spent apart when each has travelled. This isn't their first time apart and they don't feel like strangers, as Chrissie asked, when they reunite after travelling at separate times. The last time, Reggie returned to find a clean home, food in the fridge and flowers on the table - a nice gesture that didn't continue she said. The task was then presented and Reggie started working on hers during the afternoon. This was the poem component where they had to write a poem about themselves. This was hers: "I'm Reggie from the Apple Isle, who likes to be happy and smile. Who loves a drink in a bar, and sometimes goes too far. I cook lots of fish and chips, it really gives me the s##ts. My time here has been funny, even having a bloated tummy, it didn't stop me swinging my hips!"moreless
    • Episode 57
      Episode 57
      Season 3 - Episode 57
      A quick catch up from Friday's shows first. The daily show saw day 75 start with Anouska walking out to the kitchen on Thursday morning in nothing but a towel and high heels. She didn't have any other foot wear and didn't want to get her feet dirty. She made toast for all and spread too much Vegemite on some of it before the others said that you don't do that, as it's not peanut butter. In the afternoon the others were reflecting, in different groups, on the personalities of each other. During the early evening, Anouska and Pat were making pasta when a large grasshopper turned up out on the deck where the others were talking. Dan thought it would be funny to show Anouska and he took it in to the kitchen where she was making the pasta. Chrissie went in there also and Anouska hid behind her when Dan approached her. She hates bugs of all kinds and started freaking out and crying and swearing at Dan. She then took off crying her eyes out leaving the others amazed at her reaction. Reggie thought it was all quite amusing but couldn't believe Anouska's reaction. Later in the evening Dan was at it again with a moth that was in the bedroom. Anouska hid in her bed and when Dan gave it to her she smeared it all over the end of the bed, much to Chrissie's disgust, and that was the daily show.moreless
    • Episode 50: Anoushka Arrives
      Episode 50: Anoushka Arrives
      Season 3 - Episode 50
      Thursday's daily show started with the HMs waking to find their new toys (the gym and foosball machine). Then Big BB (Peter Abbott) called Chrissie in to the diary room to discuss the previous night's "large women" controversy. She still couldn't bring herself to shower after that. Later, Pat and Vincent asked BB if they could break open some of their home brew beer and they did. Then BB asked Reggie if she'd be interested in doing a practical joke personal dilemma task. She soon went off and put salt in the beds of the "haves". During the evening, Dan was pulling faces at Chrissie when they were all in the kitchen and she cried laughing, which was funny to see. On 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' (a special live show to introduce Anouska to the house) the HMs confirmed reports from earlier in the week that they overheard Anouska and Gretel talking on Sunday's live link. So they weren't surprised when she showed up last night to help Gretel with the housemate challenge and to stay in the house. So our original information a few weeks ago was correct and then thrown off by Anouska. We knew Gretel would go in to do a competition, which we thought would be the charity challenge as in previous years, but it obviously was not this year. Instead there was a quiz, a facial expressions challenge and a fish finger in cream challenge. Pat won the contest and gets a trip to the UK and four grand in spending money. Later on 'Up late' the whole country would've tuned in to see Anouska strip and you wouldn't have been all that disappointed on that score (see and for any screen caps if interested). The show started with the HMs in the kitchen trying to work out who put the salt in the beds. Then BB called Reggie into the diary room to allow her to reveal that it was her and announce that a prize for all HMs was coming today (Friday). From there it was just Dan giving massages including one to Anouska, who then received an interrogation about life on the outside and the current UK BB series and previous ones. There was a computer problem with one of the brainteasers so the show went back to Reggie in the bedroom and this saw the show out, largely, where she was reading Anouska's dictionary of Aussie slang words. Of course the task is over today, for this week, and the prize from BB (from Reggie's task) is a party tonight of course, to liven up the 'Up Late' show.moreless
    • Episode 49
      Episode 49
      Season 3 - Episode 49
      Wednesday's daily show saw day 66 (Tuesday) start with Reggie discovering a blender in the kitchen. She then went to the diary room to get a bag of foods to try to ease her stomach problem. She was also talking about her hubby being a milky when they met. Dan later let his personal dilemma secret out and gave Pat his basket of goodies as a prize. Pat hugged Dan to thank him. When they were all bored a little later, Pat started playing the guitar while Dan did some break dancing. Chrissie almost wet herself laughing literally and had to go to the toilet. Afterwards, when she was changing to go to the shower the vision was switched when this occurred on 'Up Late' the night before and now we know why. It turned out that she heard some camera guys in the camera run next to her talking about how one likes big women. She thought it was Dan using a really "cheesy, English accent" but it wasn't him so she complained to BB as it made her think twice about showering and she called them "creeps". Those guys will probably lose their jobs because any outside influence on the behaviour of the HMs is a big no no. 'Up Late' saw Dan and Vincent outside using the Energiser foosball machine from the TV ad. Sure this was blatant advertising but good thinking on BB's part though. It was Reggie's turn for a personal dilemma task this week and she has to play jokes on the "haves". This started with her putting salt in their beds and on their toothbrushes. The "haves" figured it out though and decided to get their own back today. After Dan and Vincent had a look around the bedroom for Vincent's ring, which is still missing and had a shower, the HMs went to bed and talked for the rest of the show.moreless
    • Episode 48
      Episode 48
      Season 3 - Episode 48
      Tuesday's daily show saw day 65 start without coffee for the "haves" as well as the others. They had to wait until they had done the shopping. Pat was soon busy cleaning up and Reggie was impressed. Later in the day of course it was eviction nominations announcement time and Dan speculated that BB was dared to say his name and change it to Regina. The show finished with Jamie's video message and analysis of that and Dan saying it's getting boring and he wants some energy in the house, which he'll get tonight when Anouska enters. On 'Up Late', Pat and Reggie went to bed and chatted until the lights were turned off. Vincent and Chrissie were in the lounge talking by the fire and Dan had been out in the spa, alone. Mike mentioned that SA, WA and ACT viewers would get a surprise next week during the brainteasers because they're currently ineligible to play. Then it was back to more lounge chat, which couldn't be broadcast so they showed Pat and Reggie sleeping. Vincent and Dan were then seen to be talking in the lounge and Vincent was sharing a little more of himself with Dan by revealing his liking for giving gals roses like he said weeks ago. Soon after that they were all in bed and that was the show, with the sounds of Dan's "Cookie Cutter Sky" song playing it out.moreless
    • Episode 41: Evictions #7 - Saxon & #8 - Kim
      So we're down to the final weeks. Kim and Vincent (or Sax) will go on Sunday. The final three will undoubtedly be Reggie (the winner), Dan (the runner up) and Chrissie. Patrick might be the wild-card, depending on the big shake up next week.
    • Episode 40
      Episode 40
      Season 3 - Episode 40
      Monday's daily show was largely about Sax and some of the others coping with Jo's eviction. Sax cried more than any other HM ever has and wanted his mother (isn't that lovely?). 'Up Late' saw most HMs reminiscing about Jo, some eviction discussion and sleeping. Later in the show Mike said he'd be back after the break but the network had other ideas as the show finished ten minutes early.moreless
    • Episode 39
      Episode 39
      Season 3 - Episode 39
      On Rove Jo said she wasn't happy with the way she was portrayed (as they always do) and just when we thought she'd say that she and Tim had broken up the suspense was broken by news that they're fine. On 'Up Late' Sax and Vincent were outside doing the fishing task at the pool. There were occasional visits from other HMs and discussion of topics like Formula One to celebrities. Later Kim and Jamie were talking despite a little spat earlier.moreless
    • Episode 38
      Episode 38
      Season 3 - Episode 38
      Wednesday's daily show was mostly about the fishing task which they all passed. The Panel failed to ask Jo the tough questions, like Gretel and Rove, so Jo just repeated things we've already heard. On 'Up Late' the HMs were all sitting around in the Square House lounge while Pat, the "Food Nazi", was sleeping. Mike said at the start of the show that Vincent had been given a secret task to give Kim a facial by the weekend. Later in the show Mike got his words mixed up and mentioned a double intruder rather than eviction and he rolled his eyes as if to indicate that intruders were on his mind, like the rumoured beauty who's supposed to go in this week and leave on Sunday night.moreless
    • Episode 42
      Episode 42
      Season 3 - Episode 42
      Thursday's daily show saw the HMs finish and pass the fishing task. Their prize was fish and wine plus Chrissie's roast chicken for their evening meal. Dan hid a bottle of wine and when everyone noticed that it was missing they were all trying to work out who did it. A summary of 'Uncut' can be found on so we won't present anything here for that as it was more of the party from last week. 'Up Late' started on Thursday with some HMs chatting in the kitchen. Dan was giving shoulder massages and soon after they went to bed and the show was a fizzer from there.moreless
    • Episode 43
      Episode 43
      Season 3 - Episode 43
      Last night's recap show was mostly about Reg. She broke the glass on the oven door on Friday, was sick on Saturday and said that she doesn't want to go back to her life yet. Despite all the travel and other things she's done in her life, BB is the biggest/best thing to ever happen to her. The eviction show was, for us contributors here, a bit of an anti-climax. We rarely look at polls on other sites so we just thought it was logical for any two of Kim, Vincent and Sax to go as we said in Saturday's diary entry. As it turned out two of those did go so the show is becoming more predictable by the day now. Even Jamie didn't seem surprised that Kim went saying something like "there goes Macy Gray" (referring to her wild hair). The eviction crowd did seem surprised that Sax got evicted and heckled the poor guy a little (more about him just below).moreless
    • Episode 47
      Episode 47
      Season 3 - Episode 47
      Monday's daily show saw the HMs determine who'd be a "have" and who'd be a "have-not" for this week. This was determined by a game of musical chairs and the first loser and last winner got to pick their teams so to speak. Poor Pat became a "have-not" again and wasn't looking forward to the lack of coffee. After Jamie left later in the day the HMs were eating dinner and we saw the pool bridge which will no doubt be for the charity challenge next week. On the nominations show there was some more footage of Anouska and Dan sailed through nominations with his usual strategic threat reasons. He avoided nominations again this week. Pat voted for Chrissie again due to lack of trust. For once it would be funny to see one of them vote for Pat because he blinks twice a second which would affect the HM's experience in the house in that they'd have to go outside regularly to re-focus their eyes. Jokes aside, Gretel ended the show by informing us that 'Uncut' finishes on Thursday with a best of so Anouska fans will be annoyed - watch 'Up Late' though for that. Speaking of which, the show started on Monday with all the HMs talking in the lounge and there were a few comings and goings to bed and Mike told us that parts of the show were being recorded for UK BB fans. Then Dan started talking in an Italian accent and later in the bedroom was discussing what DVDs they could ask for. After a while they all went to sleep after mentioning Sam Newman and the AFL footy show which wasn't beeped out surprisingly, and that was the show.moreless
    • Episode 46: Eviction #9 - Jamie
      Episode 46: Eviction #9 - Jamie
      Season 3 - Episode 46
      Sunday's recap show was about tasks. The HMs found the peanut M&M, amongst the chocolate ones, and got to keep the lot (more than 20 000). That mini-task aside, they also passed the "haves" and "have-nots" task but of course it's back on this week with some HMs swapping roles. Dan passed his personal dilemma task and the reward was that all HMs got to watch a video of he and Pat performing their original song, with some other HMs joining in. On the eviction show last night, Gretel went for a slight Egyptian look but her hair was a little too frizzy. Jamie was evicted with 50 percent of the vote with Patrick taking in 19 percent and Vincent got 31 percent.moreless
    • Episode 45
      Episode 45
      Season 3 - Episode 45
      When the "haves" explored their bedroom they found new clothes, more comfortable beds, lounge chairs, a TV and DVD player for movies and a dividing wall between the lounge rooms of both houses. The "have-nots" found out that the Round-House storeroom, with folding beds, would be their new bedroom. When Jamie indicated that he was moving into Chrissie's former bed, Mr Strategic Eviction Nominations (Dan) was busy playing the game by telling her and it set Chrissie off a little. She soon realised that it was silly to be annoyed and some hours after dinner the "have-nots" found themselves being told to go to bed. 'Up Late' started with the "haves" in the bedroom with Dan playing with Paul the hand puppet Platypus. Just hours earlier they had been watching a movie. After that the show was a fizzer as they all slept.moreless
    • Episode 44
      Episode 44
      Season 3 - Episode 44
      Tuesday's daily show had nothing about the haves and have-nots as it was promoted on Monday. The whole show was just footage of the HMs speculating about what they'd wake up to on Tuesday morning. Apart from that, Reggie and Chrissie got let off for their nominations discussion and they all had pizza for dinner. On Rove, Sax said that he doesn't know why he was evicted because he hasn't seen the show and that both he and Kim have been doing the interview circuit, answering the same questions over and over again. The two were even wearing the same clothes that they'd been wearing on Monday night but that may be because Rove taped his show then. 'Up Late' was a fizzer because the haves and have-nots were all asleep. Mike chatted to Shannon (BB 2) and plugged a BB t-shirt he was wearing all night.moreless
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      The round house is on fire alert, and everyone is very tired because of fire drills in the early hours of the morning. Leah is edgy because of the lack of sleep, and keeps telling the other housemates to be quiet. Ben can't sleep. The round housemates have a late breakfast while Leah and Patrick are still in the bedroom. The others are talking about Leah's snappy attitude. Chrissie says it's just like Leah to go with her first emotion because she's 18. No one wants to go inside incase they disturb Leah who is getting some sleep. Afterwards Leah comes outside and says sorry if she annoyed anyone. Daniel is talking about the talent show task in a german accent. Jo says the voice sounds kind of gay, but Daniel thinks talent quest is meant to be gay. The round house is finding it hard to organise something for the task. Meanwhile, the square housemates are finding things much easier. The round housemates are getting touchy about their shopping. Leah doesn't think the lettuce should be left out otherwise it might go off. Ben dismisses her. They end their bickering on a heated note. The square house is having a dress rehersal for their talent task. Carlo, Jaime and Saxon are dressed in bikinis and are stripping using towels. They are interupted by Big Brother to announce the results of their fire drill task. Big Brother says only one house won the task, and it wasn't them. As a result their shopping allowance will be a lot less. Their shopping amount will be $26.25 for the week. In the round house Big Brother tells them they won the task. Everyone is really excited, except Ben, but he eventually cracks a smile. The Square Housemates are doing their talent show. It involves singing lymerics about each of the housemates. and then Round Housemates dotheir talent show. They are singing about their nicknames. They end it off with a fake fire drill and run out of the room, thanking Big Brother. Later, Jo is pondering over her boyfriend. She explains that during isolation she found it really hard to sit around with her boyfriend and talk. Usually they are with friends or out somewhere but alone with each other she was bored. She admits she got anxious about going into the house becuase she couldn't even last a few nights alone with her boyfriend.moreless
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Daniel and Regina have gotten up early due to the cold weather. Both use the opportunity to talk about the other housemates. Daniel explains his speculation of a love triangle in the round house with him, Jo and Leah. In the Square House Belinda explains that her and Carlo finally started talking together. Saxon explains that perhaps it's the fact that Carlo is too imtimidating that the two haven't spoken before. Belinda stated that once she tried to talk to Carlo and he just walked away, so this time she just wanted to confront him about it. Later, Irena is asking Saxon why Vincent never wants to talk to her. Saxon says Vincent is like that to almost everyone in the house. Just as they're talking about him he walks through the door and Irena says for them too all shutup (he doesn't hear them). Vincent is looking hungover, either that or extremely tired. Irena says that he slept in late and it's almost lunch time. The houses are given the task of budgeting food and items for the week. The houses have the budget of $2.50 per person per day which Carlo is annoyed at. The square housemates are sorting their shopping in a loud and chaotic way, with everyone talking at once. Carlo says food should come first, Saxon says there should be tea and Irena is worried about toilet paper. Meanwhile in the round house the housemates are organising their shopping much more calmly, with Chrissie leading the process and Jo recording their list on a whiteboard. Ben and Daniel step back and talk while the rest worry about the list. There is a bit of confusion over the toilet paper. Ben thinks it is a provided item, but they only have two rolls left. Before the housemates have a chance to up their toilet roll requirements, Big Brother informs them the list must be returned to the diary room within a minute. The square housemates are discussing their soft drinks (or lack thereof) while Big Brother tells them the list must be returned. Afterwards Saxon complains it was hard trying to do the list while everyone was talking at once. The housemates are very annoyed about not being told who's nominated. Irena asks the others why Big Brother won't tell them. Ben says he's not stressed and it's the "ultimate opportunity" to which the other housemates are baffled. After being asked to explain he says it's the opportunity to "take a bow and leave". The other say he shouldn't leave, especially Jo who clearly states she doesn't want him to go. In the square house Belinda is called into the diary room, but the reason is not shown. The others think it's about nominations. When she emerges she says it was because of her microphone pack battery. Carlo doesn't believe a word of it. Afterwards the guys are discussing it outside. Saxon and Carlo think she was being told she was nominated. Vincent tells them to just forget about it. Claire and Irena are called to the diary room because recent converstions are close to collusion. Big Brother tells them that he will be reviewing the situation and if they are in breach it they will get a strike (three strikes and they are up for automatic nomination). It's bed time. In the round house Leah says she needs to have a cry but assures the rest that it's her just getting her emotions out. Irena leaves the bedroom, says she's "going for a walk". Clearly shook up about her confrontation with BB, she sits outside and cries for a bit. Irena says to herself "I don't think this place is cut out for me" ... "can't do it anymore".moreless
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Tonight aired a Big Brother "The Party's Over"episode because there is no eviction after the first week of Big Brother. The show starts off with audition footage of each other housemates and some exprets talking about the housemates behaviours. The Round house is talking about the pool next door (even though there is none). They say they can hear and smell a pool. Next guest on the show is the supervisor producer of the daily show. He tells everyone about how they condense 48 hours of footage into a 25 minute show, selecting mainly scenes that reveal personality and plotline. He also makes a plea to Australia to not vote out the loudest and most excitable person! (eg. Carlo!). Next segment is on the seven deadly sins parties happening in both houses. Regina doesn't know what lust is and needs it explained to her. Meanwhile in the other house Belinda doesn't know what gluttony is. Later, Saxon tells Belinda that he is annoyed by Vincent. In the Round house Daniel doesn't know if he should feel bad or not for not cooking. The other housemates say they would like a go but Ben keeps dominating the BBQ. Chrissie figures it out straight away: he's been here the longest so it's his place. Footage is then shown of the housemates picking balls with numbers on them. Of course Carlo gets the ball with '69' on it. Jo and Patrick are getting rather cosy with each other. Jo is delighted to hear that Patrick is straight and single. Jo massages Patrick's head and he gives her a piggy back to the bedroom. Vincent gets in a tantrum about Carlo peeing in the garden.moreless
    • Big Brother - the 7th Eviction
      Big Brother - the 7th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      "Intruder" Anita is voted off, a relief to both the lovers and Johnnie
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 39
      Highlights of Week 8
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 38
      Racy highlights
    • Week 8
      Week 8
      Season 1 - Episode 37
      Week 8 sees Sara-Marie join Christina and Peter in nominations
    • Week 9
      Week 9
      Season 1 - Episode 41
      Sara-Marie and Blair join Johnnie in the nominee hot spot as Week 9 of Big Brother draws to a close
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 42
      More racy scenes from the house
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 46
      In the darker hours, Gretel hosts the next installment in the racier edition of BB.
    • Week 10
      Week 10
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      As Jemma, Christina and Blair are nominated, excitement fills the air. The excitement is added to when, on the day of the nominations - the five wake up to the grounds covered in snow and presents from their relatives - Christmas has come early!
    • Big Brother - the 8th Eviction
      Big Brother - the 8th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 44
      Johnnie leaves the house to a crowd of fans.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 43
      Highlights of an exciting week in the house
    • Big Brother - The 6th Eviction
      Big Brother - The 6th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 36
      Peter is evicted, leaving his lady love Christina in the house
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      Highlights of the past week
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 34
      A look at the rauchy week that was in the house.
    • BB Uncut
      BB Uncut
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      The latest in higher-rated scenes from the house
    • Week 5
      Week 5
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Week 5 approaches and Gordon is once again nominated against Peter and new nominee Lisa. Tensions are rising and the tasks are getting harder.
    • Eviction #3 - Todd
      Eviction #3 - Todd
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      In a twist of events, Todd leaves the house, without his famous dred-locks as Gemma cut them off for him.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      A look back through what has been, what was, and what is to come next on the ever tricky Big Brother.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Highlights of the latest exciting week in the house
    • Eviction #4 -Gordon
      Eviction #4 -Gordon
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      "Donkey boy" Gordon leaves the house, after a nail-biting wait.
    • Week 7
      Week 7
      Season 1 - Episode 33
      The remaining contestants are shocked as both Christina and Peter - the lovers - are nominated along with veteran nominee Sara-Marie, the one viewers love and contestants have different feelings about.
    • Big Brother - The 5th Eviction
      Big Brother - The 5th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      Lisa is the next member to leave the group.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      A look back through what has been, what was, and what is to come next on the ever tricky Big Brother.
    • Week 6
      Week 6
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      Week 6 brings about nominations for Sara-Marie, Christina, Ben and Lisa. Intruders Anita and Rachel are added to the house but one of them has to go on Friday. Rachel is chosen.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 47
      Highlights of an interesting week in the house with only 5 housemates left.
    • Big Brother - the 9th Eviction
      Big Brother - the 9th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 48
      Jemma, the lip gloss queen takes the stand as the latest evictee.
    • Week 11
      Week 11
      Season 1 - Episode 49
      In a week of surprises, the four host a news program as their task and come to terms with the fact they are the ones who are left. Blair is not nominated for eviction, much to his relief, but all the others are.
    • Big Brother - Live Nomination 3#
      Big Brother - Live Nomination 3#
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      The Housemates vote for who they want to leave the Big Brother house at the end of the week 3, nominees then have to wait to see who leaves, which is voted by the public.
    • Week 3
      Week 3
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Now the game is getting serious, tensions start to rise. The Housemates have to perform a task with fire, and the stress of nominations for a third week becomes an issue for some people.
    • Big Brother - Eviction #2
      Big Brother - Eviction #2
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      After a sad week, and her goldfish dying, Katrina leaves the house with no regrets.
    • Big Brother Uncut
      Big Brother Uncut
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      A raunchy look into the behind the scenes, too hot for daytime TV moments.
    • In They Go
      In They Go
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Here we watch 12 new housemates (all strangers), enter the newly refurbished Big Brother house, for another year of fun, secrets, lies and deception.
    • Episode 1: In They Go
      Episode 1: In They Go
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Presenting the house: The backyard is completely enclosed around bright blue walls with a boxed garden. The house is filled with retro furniture (which is much smaller than usual). We learn that this is the circle house because all the inside designs have circles on them. The diary room has a 70's fibe. The bedroom is very small and there are only 6 beds, the room itself is elevated above the living area and of course camera portholes everywhere! There is no real kitchen and showers must be taken outside. The housemates pull up in convertables in pairs and hald of them get rejected from BB and sent back to their cars. Everyone is a bit shocked but the show continues and Benjamin enters the house at the start of the show while fireworks go off and as the other housemates arrive they get let in together by Gretel, they call for Ben but he's not there. The surrounding of this house is ful of squares. There are two houses. Belinda, Claire, Irena, Carlo and Jaime are in the Square house and Ben in the Round one. The Square housemates find alcohol and celebrate while Ben in the Round house finds dinner for one.
    • Episode 5: Saxon & Leah arrive
      Episode 5: Saxon & Leah arrive
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      It's 3.42am and Ben is snoring again. He has worked out an arrangement with Regina to tie a rope to his leg that she can tug if he snores. It doesn't work. Members from both houses rise early to clean and make breakfast. Belinda does a short bit of cleaning and says that she loves cooking, to which Vincent replies he loves eating. Meanwhile in the round house Regina gets up to do some cleaning. Vincent is getting dressed infront of Irena, she comments on his briefs. Ben doesn't want to get up... the other housemates are getting ready for some breakfast and just as Ben declares he doesn't want to get up Big Brother announces the hot water has been turned off. Over in the square house, Vincent and Irena are getting pretty close. Irena talks about how she likes flirty with her boyfriend. She tries to move the conversation to Vincent's girlfriend, but he won't say a thing. Ben is showing with cold water. The girls in the round house are sunbathing and talking relationships. Chrissie says she was with her boyfriend for 6 years, but they grew apart. Later, all the round housemates make a chess board using charcoal from the BBQ. Ben says he's gullible and the housemates go on to convince Regina that the word 'gullible' has been taken out of the dictionary. Leah enters the round house later on that evening and is very excited. Ben thinks her self-doll is a baby at first. Saxon enters the square house without much excitement. Carlo doesn't look very happy about the new arrival (probably because it isn't a girl). Meanwhile Jo gives Leah the house tour, she thinks the bedroom is awesome. Jo offers to move beds for Leah. Saxon is in the square bedroom while Belinda gives him the tour. He comments on Irena's laugh. Saxon asks Vincent if he has a "partner". Vincent is really offended that he didn't say "girlfriend". Leah is sharing photos of her boyfriend "Brennon" and her family to the other housemates. The square housemates work out sleeping arrangements. In the round house Leah tries to communicate with the square house by yelling over the wall. The square house isn't impressed. They give up trying to yell back and goe inside to talk with Saxon. He reveals he has a deaf younger brother, who suffered a stroke when he was very young. Despite this, Saxon's brother is very confident. Carlo walks into the room and other housemates tell him about Saxon's brother. Carlo doesn't seem to care that much and makes a joke about it by yelling "WHAT?". Vincent and Belinda are back outside trying to yell out to Leah. They both find out both households have 7 people in them. It's bedtime. Regina and Leah share a bed while Regina strongly asks Ben to sleep on his stomach. Vincent and Carlo share a bed in the square house... an unlikely pair.moreless
    • Episode 4: Chrissie & Daniel arrive
      We start with near-dinner time for the housemates in the square house. Big Brother is giving them an extra dinner to give them the impression they will be getting a new housemate tonight. They hop to their feet and have a look around, delighted at all the great food they're getting. They are getting excited and they think that the new entry could be Ben. Carlo jokes about how it would be weird if he asked the housemates for 30 minutes alone in the bedroom, or Vincent's bed (much to Vincent's disgust). Gretel talks about the two new housemates that will be going in tonight. Both of them say they have no idea what to expect as they've been in isolation for the last 3/4 days. Gretel is then joined by Turkan and Nathan and Carmell (Daniel's girlfriend), who explains that Daniel is an introvert. Ben is plotting another trick for the next lot of housemates to come into the house. He wants to put sand in their beds and tell them his (and Jo's) beds were the same. Jo won't stop laughing. Chrissy and Daniel come in and the existing housemates get all excited and introduce each other. Jo is showing everyone around. In the other house Carlo builds a statue of his girlfriend, with plastic plate boobs. Gretel talks with Turkan and Nathan. Turkan says when she first went into the house she wanted to work out where she was, and who she would be compatible with. Nathan said he saw traits of the housemates 'bleeding into each other'. Gretel says the main rumour is that there is an underground house. Turkan starts talking about how Vincent snapped at Carlo and Irena when they called him "Vince". Nathan says he's like Alex from BB2, but much more harsh. Carmell says Carlo is really nice deep down and Vincent (because he's the oldest) feels the need to be the one in charge, so has to frequently exert his power. Nathan says everyone will explode over Carlo's outspoken-ness, but as far as Nathan's seen Carlo is the only one drinking beer. Carmel says it is evident there is a personality trait missing in the house. Gretel rounds up what has happened in the night.moreless
    • Episode 3: Regina & Patrick arrive
      Joanne raises the possibility of giving Ben a brain teaser. She says she got it in 5-10 minutes. She asks Ben "A man parks outside a hotel. How does he know he is immediately bankrupt?" It looks like it's going to take Ben a few minutes to get this. After 20 seconds Joanne asks 'so, you got it yet!' Ben asks for some quiet time. Some time later, with Joanne lying down, Ben comes in and fishes for some clues to the brain teaser. Later, seeing he still can't get it, he comes up with another teaser for Joanne.. "If B is overtaken by C, and B was second, assuming that the race finishes this lap, where does C finish?" The answer is 2nd, but Ben makes Joanne think she got it wrong, when in fact she was right. Over in the square house, the girls are having a chat in the bedroom, discussing Carlo and his obsession with sex! Irena comes up with a theory everyone is like Carlo, and give Jaime 2 years, he'll be like Carlo as well. Moving on, the girls continue discussing Jaime, and how nice he is. He's not fake, and 'not everything he says is about penis's.' Here comes Patrick into the round house. A 3rd guest has arrived, and unlike Vincent's welcome into the square house, this is a little bit low key. But everyone is very happy. He laughs when he is told that there are only three people in their house. It's 7:55pm in the square house, and they are waiting for a new arrival. Back at the round house, Regina has entered the building. Interesting to note the fact that one extra day together (Ben & Joanne), the friendship between them is actually really strong. Ben starts talking about his love interest that took place over five continents. He says he followed a girl half way around the world, to eventually get the girl to fall in love with him, only to walk away! Over in the square house to quell the boredom Irena is allowed to pluck one of Jaime's blackheads. Carlo gets the quote of the day today, asking "Whereas Ben? Is he dead? Is he OK? I feel for Benny!" The only thing Vincent replies with is simply "Who's Ben?"moreless
    • Episode 2: Jo & Vincent Arrive
      Episode 2: Jo & Vincent Arrive
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      The light rain prevents the square household from doing anything outside, instead they sit on the patio and talk amongst themselves. Carlo discusses his Dad's religious near-death experience. The conversation moves onto the housemate's living arangements outside the BB house. Claire also talks about when she told her Mother she was bisexual. She said she wanted to tell her Mum in such a way so that her Mum wouldn't think she could change. Later Irena and Belinda talk about marriages. Irena shows her engagement ring, which she doesn't wear on her finger, but on a necklace. Ben realizes there's another house after hearing Carlo singing (badly). Jo enters the round house to greet Ben, he is so happy to see someone. He doesn't know what's going on. In the square house Vincent walks in on the housemates who are sitting around outside having a conversation. They all meet and exchange names, handshakes. Meanwhile Ben is showing Jo the outside showers, she says "this is crazy! What did we get ourselves into?". Ben tells Jo about the guy next door who "won't shut up" (Carlo). While Vincent talks with the Square housemates, Carlo moons them. Back to the round house. Jo says she'll sleep next to Ben. Soon she is complaining that the room is wrong, and they must have been given the crap house. Ben complains that there is no spa, and Jo suggests it's under the big sand mound in the backyard... she suggests that they go digging tomorrow for it. Later in the night Carlo suggests they have a Jerry Springer night to keep things from getting boring. Vincent is the host and the first guest on the "show" is Irena who plays 'Krystal'. Krystal has a confession to make: She plays the Oboe. Irena does a great job at playing an American talk show guest. Claire (Steve the bouncer) and Vincent (who is hosting the show) can't stop laughing while Irena keeps a straight face the entire time. The next guest, Carlo comes out dressed up in womans clothing. Ben and Jo talk more about his wife by the BBQ. He says that his wife is being very good about him being on Big Brother (much better than he would be if she was in the house). They hear the other housemates yelling and screaming, Ben complains about Carlo once again. They discuss their secrets over dinner. Ben says he has many secrets and in his line of work, there is always going to be some one questioning him. Ben says that there is a matter which went to court, so he can't reveal many details about it. They think that they are probably the old house and the others are the young house. They complain about those rowdy youngsters.moreless
    • Big Brother - Live Nomination 2#
      Big Brother - Live Nomination 2#
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      The Housemates vote for the second time on who will leave the Big Brother house at the end of the week. There are 3 nominees.
    • Week 2
      Week 2
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      A new week of tasks which feels strange after knowing that one person must leave each week.
    • Big Brother - Eviction #1
      Big Brother - Eviction #1
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Damian is evicted from the house, leaving an upset Mirabai behind.
    • Big Brother - the 10th Eviction
      Big Brother - the 10th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 53
      Everyone's favourite ballerina Christina leaves the house tonight, leaving a very relieved Ben and Sara-Marie.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 52
      Highlights of the week
    • BB Uncut - Final
      BB Uncut - Final
      Season 1 - Episode 51
      A look at what has happened in other BB Houses around the world.
    • Big Brother $100,000 Challenge
      Big Brother $100,000 Challenge
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      The four housemates compete for $100,000 when Gretel joins them for a special challenge consisting of everything from obstacles to Charades
    • Week 12
      Week 12
      Season 1 - Episode 54
      Ben, Blair and rabbit girl Sara-Marie are left in the house. Nerves are all that is left with them
    • Big Brother - Who Will Win?
      Big Brother - Who Will Win?
      Season 1 - Episode 55
      In a half hour instalment following Friday's regular episode, each pair of survivors is looked at in order to help voters choose wisely on who they want to stay.
    • Big Brother Live : Nominations 1#
      Big Brother Live : Nominations 1#
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The Housemates vote for the first time on who will leave the Big Brother house. There are 3 nominees.
    • Big Brother Secrets
      Big Brother Secrets
      Season 1 - Episode 59
      A look back at the phenomenon that was Big Brother. Glances from the first day where thousands of hopefuls tried out, to the beginning of the show to the final eviction and afterward. All the secrets, who almost wasn't chosen; the Christmas incident; why Anita/Rachel were put in etc.
    • Big Brother - the 11th Eviction
      Big Brother - the 11th Eviction
      Season 1 - Episode 57
      On the eve of the final eviction, the fave to win, Sara-Marie is suprisingly voted out of the house leaving Ben and Blair alone.
    • BB Saturday
      BB Saturday
      Season 1 - Episode 56
      In the final highlights special, we see the week in review. What did Ben, Blair and Sara get up to in their final, nail-biting week?
    • Episode 61: Eviction #11 - Daniel
      Episode 61: Eviction #11 - Daniel
      Season 3 - Episode 61
      On the eviction show itself, Gretel had frizzy hair and a black hat with black gloves and outfit to match, not bad but sure top draw some criticism! There were the usual video packages looking back at each HM and live crosses to former HMs hosting fan parties in the casinos in the home cities of each remaining HM. Gretel chatted to their loved ones and then announced that it was Dan's turn to go. He was a little shocked because he thought that only guys win BB but his eviction left two gals as the final contestants in the BB house (apparently that was a first in the world so BB Oz sets a benchmark again, wow!). Chrissie did not reveal enough about herself so she should've been evicted but it appears that Dan's regular tactical eviction nominations voting was thrown back at him by the viewing public. Viewers had to get rid of Dan the man, no matter how much of a great guy he is and a deserving person to win, in another series perhaps. The nation wanted Reggie to win so leaving Chrissie in there made the choice a simple one. Either way Dan's eviction guaranteed that Australia would have its first female BB winner in the history of the show. Out on the eviction stage Dan the man had tears in his eyes when Gretel presented him with a professional grade camera to use in following his movie production ambitions. The usual video packages of him in the house and general chitchat with Gretel followed and Gretel had a quick chat to the gals left in the house. Reggie thought that there'd be a second eviction then, the funny little nutter that she is!moreless
    • Episode 62: Evcition #13 - Chrissie, (Regina Wins)
      Monday's grand finalé started with the crowd going wild in front of the eviction stage and a live cross to the house. A recap of Sunday night's reaction by Reg and Chrisse, to Dan's eviction, followed. On Sunday night they watched his video message and were stunned when he burst into tears when he started to give Chrissie her message. On Monday morning, the final day, they were in the kitchen for breakfast by 8am, then used the spa and relaxed for the rest of the day. Then Gretel mentioned that the two gals being the final two contestants left, was a world first. All of the former HMs then joined Gretel on the stage. There were video packages of each of them in the house and a brief chat to each. A cross to the house followed and Big BB announced for the final time that there'd be a final eviction very soon. After the ad break, Gretel chatted briefly to Chrissie's sister and mother and Reggie's sister and hubby. Then the magic moment arrived. It was obvious that Gretel was more proud this year than in the previous two series, as she couldn't stop smiling and struggled to hold back the tears (she didn't have that last problem in BB 1 and BB 2). She indicated to a stage hand to give her the envelope, put her folder down, looked into the camera with tears in her eyes, the shot cut away then unfortunately but was back with her opening the envelope. She then gave a subtle hint by waving her hand over her mouth as Reggie had just done (because of the tears), took a deep breath, looked silently into the camera again and announced that Reggie had won. There was complete pandemonium in the crowd and on stage. Gretel was seen to be hugging and congratulating Adrian (Reggie's hubby) who was surprisingly calm about it all. Reggie said "far out" to Chrissie and they hugged and cried. What an emotional moment for everyone! Of course this meant that Chrissie had to leave the house first and she was driven to the stage in a nice, new, red Chrysler Cruiser which, not surprisingly, was given to her as a prize. All the usual video packages and chatting between Chrissie and Gretel followed. The voting statistics revealed that Reggie had 28 percent of the eviction vote and Chrissie had 72 percent so it was indeed an easy choice as mentioned below in the Sunday show summary.moreless
    • Day 10 - Special "Liars" Eviction (Constance & Nelson)
      Two of the three "liars" are evicted from the house. Dean is voted as the one allowed to remain.
    • Day 09 - Live Nominations #1
      Day 09 - Live Nominations #1
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      The first round of nominations take place. The liars are allowed back into the house, but we learn that two of them are to be evicted.
    • Day 08 - Lies Revealed
      Day 08 - Lies Revealed
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Big Brother has found out that three housemates (Constance, Dean & Nelson) lied about their relationship status to improve their chances of getting into the house. Tonight, he moves them into a special lockdown area, where they will stay for an indefinite amount of time. The other housemates think that they have left. Also, the twins have been discovered and so they are officially intoduced to the house.moreless
    • Day 06 - Friday Night Live #1
      Day 06 - Friday Night Live #1
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      The first edition of a new Big Brother concept. The housemates will compete against each other in a special arena for three rewards: access to a special "rewards room" (featuring food, a bath, a TV, and a large bed) for the weekend, the authority to allocate the weekly household chores to the housemates, and the power to affect nominations by subtracting three points from one of the nominees, thus potentially saving them.moreless
    • Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
      Season 5 - Episode 7
    • Day 15 - Live Eviction #1 (Angela)
      Angela is the first official evictee from the Big Brother house.
    • Day 79 - Live Nominations #11
      Day 79 - Live Nominations #11
      Season 5 - Episode 38
      Initially, this round of nominations saw Melanie, Vesna, and Greg up for eviction. But Tim used his three-point twist to save Greg, who was replaced by Kate. Now the three remaining girls are up for the public vote.
    • Day 79 - Live Eviction #10
      Day 79 - Live Eviction #10
      Season 5 - Episode 37
      The first double eviction of 2005 saw both Rita and Christie being voted out of the house.
    • Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      The latest FNL. Michelle wins.
    • Day 16 - Live Nominations #2
      Day 16 - Live Nominations #2
      Season 5 - Episode 9
    • Day 02 - Live Surprise
      Day 02 - Live Surprise
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Gretel compares the two Logan twins' traits. The two swap places in the Big Brother house for the first time.
    • Episode 84: Eviction #13 - Paul
      Episode 84: Eviction #13 - Paul
      Season 4 - Episode 84
      It's time for the surfer dad to head back home to Jan Juc. With so much pot-stirring, it looked like Paul might be evicted months ago! But he's survived nomination after nomination. And finally, just 24 hours short of the finish line, he's been given his marching orders. Paul had an almost silent start to his Big Brother adventure. With 14 personalities competing for attention in the opening weeks, Paul took the chance to keep quiet, lay low and observe things from the sideline. Rising early every morning, Paul was a regular as the opening shot of every Big Brother Daily Show, wandering around the backyard, enjoying a coffee and pondering life in the hours before the rest of the house woke up.moreless
    • Episode 83: (Surprise) Eviction #12 - Ryan
      One of the audience favourites for the whole season, tonight Ryan fell just short of the line, evicted from the house with only three days remaining. Providing much of the house's laughter and tears, Ryan was a joker, a dreamer, a lover and a loser, all rolled into one. Ry-anne, Fryzie, Brian Denim, Root Man - call him what you will, Ryan's certainly been one of the biggest characters of Big Brother 2004. Imposingly tall, hopelessly romantic and the ultimate loud, laughing, football-loving larrikin, Ryan was instantly one of the focal points of the show. His relationships with the girls, his steamy sessions in the gym, his boozy, joke-filled partying - Ryan was inescapable, for both housemates and viewers alike.moreless
    • Episode 75
      Episode 75
      Season 4 - Episode 75
      Paul and Catherine are the only parents in the Big Brother house. They have little else in common, and they've both been staying in their 'boys' and 'girls' clubs over the past 10 weeks. On Wednesday night, however, they poured their hearts out to each other in a marathon deep-and-meaningful.
    • Episode 74
      Episode 74
      Season 4 - Episode 74
      Bree's making a habit of talking about Monica. In fact, she's spoken about the former intruder every day since she left the house on Sunday night. After a few drinks on Wednesday night, she got pretty worked up and ended up warning Ryan not to hook up with Monica when he leaves the house, or else!moreless
    • Episode 73
      Episode 73
      Season 4 - Episode 73
      For most of her stay in the house, Bree has managed to bite this forked tongue, but since the intruders arrived, it's been another story. First Bree spoke openly about her dislike of Violeta. And now Bree's been venting her opinions on Monica, who in Bree's opinion at least, acted in an unacceptable way given that she has a boyfriend. On Monday night, while the live nominations show was going to air, the housemates gathered in the kitchen. Bree brought up the issue of Monica's gushing video farewell for Ryan. She seemed angry at what Monica had done.moreless
    • Episode 72: Live Nomination #10
      Episode 72: Live Nomination #10
      Season 4 - Episode 72
      There's only five housemates left. And each of them had to pick two others to nominate this week. This made many of the housemates squeamish in the Diary Room chair. But the votes are in, and Ryan, Paul and Catherine are now up for eviction.
    • Episode 76
      Episode 76
      Season 4 - Episode 76
      The boys talk about how they act rougher around their mates than they do around their partners. The Housemates receive a fine for talking about a previous Big Brother series'. The Housemate talk about their parents' relationships. Ryan says his parents are joined at the hip and go everywhere together. Paul says his wife is well aware of how rough he can be and he doesn't need to keep his behaviour in check when he's around her.moreless
    • Episode 77: Eviction #11 - Catherine
      Entering the house quite famously as Big Brother's first mother, Catherine's eleven-week run has finally come to an end. The house has lost a nurturing mum, a party animal and a gym junkie rolled into one. Cat went into the house to find herself after marrying, and having kids young, and recently separating. Setting up an adventure in the house as her time, she went in to have fun, relax and discover more about herself.moreless
    • Episode 81
      Episode 81
      Season 4 - Episode 81
      Ryan and Bree discuss how they have been matched in the house because they are both young and single. They discuss the big argument Paul had with Merlin over his citizenship. The Housemates continue to talk in the kitchen. Even though Merlin was also single Ryan says it was obvious Merlin wouldn't be considered as a match for Bree. The Housemates are still in bed. In the dark room Ryan and Trevor share a laugh but soon everything is quiet again as they head to sleep.moreless
    • Episode 80
      Episode 80
      Season 4 - Episode 80
      Paul comes out of the diary room with a pair of letters. The Housemates head to the bedroom, he reads the first one. Big Brother has given the Housemates a treat on the basketball to help them readjust to the fast pace of life. Ryan thinks it will be punk music. They Housemates start to arrange which order they'll leave the bedroom. Bree suggests from palest to darkest. The Housemates leave the bedroom. They discover a car on the basketball court. The vehicle has a plasma screen on the front of it and is designed to play a rally driving game.moreless
    • Episode 79: Live Nomination #11
      Episode 79: Live Nomination #11
      Season 4 - Episode 79
      With only four people nominating this time around, there was a strong chance that every housemate would be up for eviction this Friday night. But Trevor managed to scrape through with only one point against him. This makes him the only Housemate guaranteed a place in the top three.
    • Episode 78
      Episode 78
      Season 4 - Episode 78
      Big Brother calls Ryan and Paul to the diary room. They emerge with a couple of boxes full of material. Paul reads out a letter that explains Big Brother wants them to compete in a pageant. There are three elements to this task, a swimsuit parade and a spoken word task where they have to say how they'll apply what they've learnt about themselves in the house. Paul reads out the final element of the task, a stand up comedy routine.moreless
    • Day 71 - Live Eviction #9
      Day 71 - Live Eviction #9
      Season 5 - Episode 33
      Dean was evicted from the house.
    • Day 72 - Live Nominations #10
      Day 72 - Live Nominations #10
      Season 5 - Episode 34
      Despite the voting of the Housemates, Big Brother decided to put everyone up for eviction. Furthermore, the Logans were given the chance to save themselves, by choosing between two boxes, one of which meant they were nominated, the other meaning they were safe for this week.
    • Day 74 - Surprise Twin Eviction
      Day 74 - Surprise Twin Eviction
      Season 5 - Episode 35
      Big Brother decided that it was too great an advantage to have both of the Logans working as a single housemate, so he decided to shock the housemates by evicting one of them. In a vote by the housemates, it was David who was evicted.
    • Day 93 - The Final Countdown (Special)
      The purpose of this final-week special was twofold. First, viewer-submitted questions were picked out of a hat and posed to the Housemates. Secondly, we saw the entry of special guest intruder Nadia (winner of last year's BB UK) into the house, to spice things up a bit for the final week.moreless
    • Day 92 - Live Eviction #12
      Day 92 - Live Eviction #12
      Season 5 - Episode 44
      With only 8 days left, Melanie was the latest housemate to be evicted, with 59% of the vote. This brought the house down to its final three - Greg, Vesna, and Tim.
    • Day 43 - Live Eviction #5
      Day 43 - Live Eviction #5
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      Rachael was evicted with 47% of the vote.
    • Day 41 - Friday Night Live #6
      Day 41 - Friday Night Live #6
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Dean won these "Nautical" themed games and chose Hotdogs to take with him into the Rewards Room.
    • Day 97 - Friday Night Live - The Prize Fight
      This special version of FNL saw Gretel entering the arena to oversee the activities as the housemates fought to earn back all of the prize money that had been lost in fines over the past three months. They had to overcome bungee cords, boxes of bugs, fear of heights, and some rapid-fire trivia to achieve their goal, and by the end of the night they had reclaimed $236,000 of the $400,000 lost.moreless
    • Day 44 - Live Nominations #6
      Day 44 - Live Nominations #6
      Season 5 - Episode 21
    • Day 55 - Friday Night Live #8
      Day 55 - Friday Night Live #8
      Season 5 - Episode 25
    • Day 51 - Live Nominations #7
      Day 51 - Live Nominations #7
      Season 5 - Episode 24
    • Day 50 - Live Eviction #6
      Day 50 - Live Eviction #6
      Season 5 - Episode 23
    • Day 48 - Friday Night Live #7
      Day 48 - Friday Night Live #7
      Season 5 - Episode 22
    • Day 37 - Live Nominations #5
      Day 37 - Live Nominations #5
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Rachael, Dean, Christie and Geneva were nominated, until Glenn used his power to save Dean.
    • Day 36 - Live Eviction #4
      Day 36 - Live Eviction #4
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Michelle is evicted with 41% of the vote.
    • Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      This week had a "country fair" theme to it. Glenn won, taking Michelle into the Rewards Room.