Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 25

Eviction #4 Live

Aired Daily 7:00 PM May 18, 2008 on Channel Nine

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  • Rebecca and her breasts leave the building but stay on forever in our hearts!

    Is anyone else starting to miss Gretel? At least she owned that Sunday night eviction stage! Kyle and Jackie O have the look and feel of fill-in's for someone else's show. Still, it's early days – lets see how they progress.

    And tonight it was Rebecca to leave the house, having not only garnered the majority of her housemate's votes, but also giving herself the big 4 pointer, securing her spot as this week's evictee. Rebecca will now go on to fulfil her ultimate ambition of becoming a Ralph bikini model. Live the dream, baby!

    Travis announced to the entire nation that he had shingles which, along with his sexual naivety, is apparently something else he procured from the last century. Kudos to him though. A friend of mine got shingles a few years back and she was bed ridden for two and a half weeks. Trav makes it look about as debilitating as a scraped knee.

    And what about poor Brigitte now that her BFF Bec has left the house? If you thought last week's dummy spit was entertaining television imagine how badly she'll react having to face that oestrogen-packed female firing squad all on her lonesome. After alienating all and sundry, it will be interesting to see who she goes to for solace. My money is on Nathan who is becoming more of a big brother figure in this house than Big Brother.

    Stay tuned…