Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 103

Finale Live

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jul 21, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

We go live to the remaining three housemates who are watching the show on a huge plasma screen in the back yard. Kyle & Jackie talk to the housemates about who they think should win, before the ex-winners from series 2-7, Peter Corbett, Regina Bird, Trevor Butler, Greg & David Mathew, Jamie Brooksby and Aleisha Crowcher, alongside series 1 representative Sara-Marie Fedele join the hosts on stage to discuss what it's like to be in the final and how winning has changed their life.

Gretel Killeen sends a message to the show from Sydney, were she's currently starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, before we take a look at highlights of the final day in the house. Kyle & Jackie then go back to the house live to let the housemates know what's gone on at home whilst they've being in the house. Ten News anchor Sandra Sully presents the last three months news in a special report prepared for the housemates.

Some highlights from the housemates time in the house is followed by a look at the percentage votes so far. Next is a look at the Kombi van's time in the yard. Club Kombi housemates Saxon, Travis and Nobbi join the hosts on stage to discuss their time out of the house and who they want to win.

Next is a look at Cherry and Brigitte's relationship, as it's revealed that voting lines have closed. Then a look at the generation gap within the house as the youngest and oldest housemates entered the house this year. The younger housemates Cherry, Brigitte and houseguest Corey join Kyle & Jackie. Corey talks about his mission and his instant arrest outside of the house. Brigitte talks about her and Terrence's relationship and her and Terri's relationship. Whilst Cherry says he wants Rory or Terri to win. Brigitte is then reunited with Terrence and they talk about their relationship outside of the house. We then go backstage with Mike Goldman who's joined by Rhianna and Rebecca who are preparing for the dance routine that the housemates are about to perform.

We take a look at the remaining housemates memory of the garden. Then a look at the twists that this series has seen. Ex-housemates Dixie, David and Alice join Kyle & Jackie to discuss their time in the house. Dixie talks about her new radio show, which David is a correspondent on and Alice talks about her reaction to the mole. We then go live to the house, were the unofficial favourite houseguest makes a return -- Ollie the guide dog. All of the ex-housemates then return with a dance routine performed to The Veronica's Untouched.

Then a look at the housemates breaking things accidentally and falling over. Followed by a look at the two failed relationships in the house with Renee & Nathan and Ben & Bianca. All of the housemates except for Ben join the hosts on stage. Bianca talks about what she now thinks of Ben and why she declined a offer from Zoo magazine. Renee and Nathan reveal they haven't hooked up, they're just good friends. Nathan reveals he's got a new girlfriend. They then reveal who they want to win the show. We then go live to the house, were it's revealed that Ben has received the most votes to be evicted, he joins Kyle & Jackie to discuss his time in the house further. There's a look at him not behaving and he then talks about his and Bianca's relationship.

They take a look at him buffing up. Bianca is then reunited with Ben, before we see his best bits. He's then given his prizes, he receives the same prizes as other evictees and $10,000 dollars to spend at westville as well. We then go back live to the house were the remaining two housemates are reunited with their loved ones -- in the house, as Terri is joined by her daughter Roslyn and grandson Dawson and Rory is joined by his mum Kerry and his brother Trent. As soon as they enter, they are then asked to leave. We then rejoin Mike, who's with FNL co-hosts Bree and Fitzy to tell us that they'll be joined by Rory and Terri soon.

Kyle & Jackie celebrate Rory and Terri's time in the house with them watching their highlights in the backyard. They are then sent to stand by the eviction doors with their "money cases". They are met by Mike, Bree and Ryan. They meet the ex-housemates gathered outside, before been driven to the main studio.

Kyle and Jackie are then joined by Rory and Terri, who talk about been let out of the house at last. They talk about their time in the house and have a look at the journeys that the two have taken. They then talk prizes, as it's revealed the runner up will win the phone, internet broadband, a holiday plus a $20,000 Westfield shopping centre gift voucher. Whilst the winner will not only be taking away $250,000 but a holiday as well. Jackie reveals that the winner of the series is Terri and her family join her on stage and the 2008 housemates as well.

Terri talks about what it's like winning, as Jackie and Kyle say thank yous. There's then a look back over the last eight series of the show.

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