Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 103

Finale Live

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jul 21, 2008 on Channel Nine

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  • Is it always like this?

    In the UK series our finales always seem so dragged out in the two hour slot it's normally allotted. However after watching tonights show I think that the Australian formula is right and that UK producers would be able to learn alot and gain more viewers if they took some ideas from the show.

    Firstly although the ex-housemates return, aside from last year were host Davina asked them each a question, they are all sat away from the action in a secluded seating area. Interviews with what's gone on since they've left the house would be a really good idea, because they worked so well tonight.

    Secondly the remaining housemates watching the show I think makes it more shocking for them when they leave the house then what it would be for a series like ours were they have no idea what's going on until Davina talks to them.

    Thirdly the idea of bringing back Ollie and letting the family members into the compound worked well as well, as did the news report. Kyle's presenting was as most of the Australian reviews seem to read, poor, but Jackie seemed to control the show the whole way through. The only thing I would of wanted was more of the returning housemates from previous series.