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updated thoughts about the housemates

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    [1]May 8, 2007
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    So now that its a few weeks into it, I wondered if anyone has changed their opinions on the housemates.

    I still dont like TJ, but Im enjoying watching her strings get pulled by Bodie.

    Rebecca is BORING and just toooo warped for my liking.

    First few days I thought Emma was never gong to get outta bed, but now that she has, I am really liking her....although she is a little bit ****

    Glad Kate has gone...what a drag queen.

    Jamie...can he leave rebeccas side for 2 minutes to indulge in some sort of dialogue with someone else.

    Billy....SEXY...need I say more.

    Hayley has helped QLD out with the drought, bananas are back down to $2kg now that she cant stop crying....and for gods sake Andrew, get some balls and tell her to get over herself...yous are there for a good time, not a pity party. Shes not gunna dump you!!!

     Aleisha...still as cute as a button...but i wanna see something more from her.

    Get rid of Zoran this week...he just floats around offering nothing.

    Joel, still a character and now that he is up for eviction, we might actually get to see some more of him.

     Bodie, up...down...around and around. For Gods sake, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND. "I  like TJ, Cuddle me TJ", next night, "Leave me alone TJ, I wanna be friends TJ".

    Sussanah...nice girl, but ggeezzzzzz shes stuck up.

     And Thomas...he needs some balls too, cause who would let someone like TJ treat you the way she did, especially when he is 28 and shes like 20 or whatever.

    Have I forgotten anyone...if i have then maybe that speaks for itself. Thats my rant. So what do all of you think?

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    [2]May 8, 2007
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    Don't like TJ but it IS fun to watch her go nuts every other day

    Keep Bodie for being the cause of that

    Emma is a cow. Don't like her one bit.

    Aleisha is dumb and is like a mini Emma. I wish she would go away

    Rebecca is weird yes. But in a less psycho way. She has some strange ideas about stuff, but I think she'll go far

    Hayley is in conrol of that relatioship and Andrew is a bit whipped I think... I agree he needs to tell her to get over herself.. but I don't see if happening

    Don't like Joel either. Something about him that makes me go ick.

    Everyone else is a bit blah. They haven't really defined themselves to me yet
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    [3]May 12, 2007
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    Rebecca - She was a major try hard the 1st night in the house. Now she's a little pathetic, always crying, questioning her own persona. She always looks sad.

    Aleisha - Sweet, bubbly. I don't have a prob with her.

    Joel - My fave male HM. Very funny. Love the faces he pulls.

    Demet - My fave female HM. I think she's a bit of fresh air in the house what with all the blondies in there. And I like how she fits in both groups.

    Zoran - Don't like him, don't know why.

    Suzannah - Don't like her either. She has her nose in the air, bit fakish perhaps.

    Andrew - Hayley's shadow. His personality is very low key. Went up a notch in my opinion though when he took Travis into the rewards room.

    Hayley - She is playing the game. Cries too much. Should be evicted asap.

    Jamie - I don't mind him. My sis heard he's actually an actor. He won't be winning a Logie anytime soon.

    Nick - New guy, bit of a diso. Went down in my opinion when he took Andrew & Hayley into the rewards room. Plus I get dizzy looking at his eyes.

    Emma - She claims she's not cruel & doesn't **** she so does!. She's entertaining at least.

    Bodie - Immature, selfish, attention seeking fool.

    Thomas - Weak, non-existent, offers nothing to the house.

    Travis - Nice Aussie bloke.

    T.J. - Mega crazy, her brain works differently, but I still like her. Plus she messed with Thomas.

    Billy - Like that he's not in Hayley's back pocket. Could do with a haircut.


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