Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 23

Friday Night Live #3

Aired Daily 7:00 PM May 16, 2008 on Channel Nine

Episode Recap

Big Brother announced that the theme for tonight would be 'Celebrities Behaving Badly' and because of Brigitte's antics earlier in the week, she would automatically be through to the next round. The first round consisted of six mini games where the housemates were paired up. Ben and Travis were the first up, playing 'Pin the the nose on Michael Jackson' and after Travis' half-hearted effort, Ben moved onto the next round. The next game was 'Handbag Hammer Throw' which saw David dressed as Paris Hilton, and Nathan dressed as Lindsay Lohan, and trying to through a handbag as far as they could with their mouth. Nathan won the game and moved onto the next round. The third game saw Alice and Renee competing in the 'Hasselhoff Hamburger Race' where they both had to slide across a long mat until they reached a plate with a hamburger on it that they had to eat without using their hands. Alice ate her burger the quickest and so was through to the next round. Nobbi and Rory then competed in the 'Posh and Becks Soccer Kick off' where they had to wear stilettos and kick a soccer ball as close as they could to the Beckham model. Nobbi easily won this game. Next, Dixie and Terri faced off in the 'Suri Cruise and Shiloh Pitt Dummy Spit' which Dixie managed to spit her dummy the furthest and therefore won. The final game was the 'Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Twist and shout' which saw Rebecca and Bianca being spun around 12 times, and having to run as close as they could to a ninga holding a decibel recorder in the allocated time, then scream 'show me the money' as loud as they could. Though Rebecca's scream was louder, she was disqualified for not following the instructions properly by not looking up as she was being spun around, so therefore Bianca moved on to the next round.

The second round was called the 'Britney Spears Chuck' where the competing housemates had to throw umbrellas with paint on the end of them at paparazzi targets, and whoever scored the lowest amount of points was out of the games. Brigitte and Bianca tied last place, only scoring one point each. Both the girls faced off in one final throw to determine who would be out. Brigitte won when Bianca failed to hit the target yet again.

The housemates had to split up into two groups of three for the third round. The groups consisted of Brigitte, Ben and Nathan, and Alice, Nobbi and Dixie. The game was called the 'Tom Cruise Couch Jump' where two of the group members pushed a couch around the arena, while the third housemate had to jump on the couch, collecting numerous hanging items whilst shouting "I love Katie Holmes" then finally high fiving a large Oprah cutout. Brigitte's team competed the game in 38 seconds, while it took Alice's team 48 seconds, therefore seeing Brigitte's team move through to the next round.

The next round needed four players, so Big Brother asked the three remaining housemates to choose one of the eliminated contestants to come back. The decision unanimous, and Rebecca was asked to come back as it was her birthday. The final four had to then split up into pairs, which consisted of Brigitte and Ben, and Rebecca and Nathan. The game was called the 'Hollywood Walk of Shame' where the competing team had to take it in turns to ride a little tricycle, weaving in and out of the letters of the Hollywood sign, carrying 'concrete' in plastic cups on their head, and pouring it into the hollywood star at the other side of the arena. Rebecca and Nathan managed to get the most concrete and moved through to the final.

The final round was the 'Tori Spelling Bee' where Rebecca and Nathan were each given three celebrity names to spell. The pair ended up finishing on a draw, so when Nathan was given the decision to play or pass a final word, he decided to risk it and play, however when he found out his word was Schwarzenegger, he incorrectly spelt it making Rebecca the winner of the Friday Night Games!

Once all the housemates had returned to the house, Big Brother called Rebecca into the diary room and informed her that currently the three housemates that were in danger of being up for eviction were Alice, Dixie and herself. Rebecca looked disappointed after hearing this. Big Brother then asked her who she would like to take into the Strategy Room, which she replied Brigitte because as she was her best friend in the house.

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