Big Brother (Australia)

Season 8 Episode 43

Intruders Go In! [Eviction #7 Live]

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on Channel Nine

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  • Dixie is dust! Intruders are in!

    Personally I don't buy it when evicted housemates are happy to be leaving and claim it was their "time to go". It's kind of like, well why did you even bother? But I'm just a punter and I don't know what it's really like in the Big Brother house so what do I know?

    I do know that Dixie bounced outta there, cheesy and cheerful, and to be honest it's kind of a relief to see her gone. As an Indigenous young woman, she did a lot of good for the Indigenous and a lot of bad for young women.

    Do we really need intruders this year? They have been such a desperate device in the past, as a concept they seem somewhat obsolete. Yet in came Terence (old geezer), Rhianna (pretty blonde) and Cherry (spunky surfer) and time will tell whether they're a hit or a miss. Australia always loves a pretty blonde, and throwing another oldie into the mix has fantastic possibilities.

    The exciting new eviction proces has been chucked for the old eviction process which could mean the end of Teri, or perhaps rough old Renee. Will it make a difference? Maybe, maybe not.