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  • Big Brother is a reality series where a bunch of people are put into a house for 3 months and eventually people are voted out until you have a winner.

    Although previous years of Big Brother have been absolute tripe, this years was slightly more interesting for viewers, but by the time they reached the finale, it was so tiring that it was a waste of precious time to watch. By about the six or seventh week, the only thing you saw was cat fights and boys bullying each. If I want to see people fight I can watch boxing, which is also a horrible waste of sport.
    My Rating: Don't go near it with a ten foot pole.
  • All good things must come to an end.

    All good things must come to an end.. This has been on its 5th series now? Just let it die already because I'm sick of this crap being on prime-time. We know there is trouble putting 14 people into a house togeather.. We understood that ther first time! sheesh.. I enjoyed the first Big brother though.
  • Big Brother is the best reality show Australia has ever had. It is a very addictive show.

    Big Brother (Australia) is my absolute favourite show currently on TV.

    Gretel Killen does amazing job at hosting the show. Big Brother gets millions of viewers attracted to it.

    I personally like watching the Evictions which are air every Sunday and the Nominations which air every Monday, but my personal favourite would have to be the "Friday Night Live" games. It's always interesting to see who would win the games.

    Big Brother Uncut is the best i've seen. Most Australian viewers complain that it's a rood show and should be take off the TV. I completely disagree with those people

    I would recommend Big Brother to the whole of Australia.
  • What is the point if this show?

    I am not much of a fan of any reality show but until Big Brother I thought people like these shows for a reason. However, when Big Brother appeared on australian tv I knew that it was a complete waste of tv time. I don't see the appeal of a bunch of people in a house talking, usually about nothing interesting at all. Some people are mentioning that the show is going downhill but I don't see any difference at all. Big Brother cuts in to all of the great shows that they have on channel 10 and personally, I believe they should have cancelled it in season 1.
    Reality shows are at the bottom rung of my tv list and big brother is at the bottom of that category. Bring back sitcoms.
  • Possibly the worst ever show on television, seeming that this show manages to pull an audience of over one million for an eviction show, really makes me question the intelligence of Australian's.

    Possibly the worst ever show on television, seeming that this show manages to pull an audience of over one million for an eviction show, really makes me question the intelligence of Australian's. How can anyone subject themselves to watching a group of people who must have been found in Redfern and Inala, sit around a house 24 hours a day participating in vulgar activities, swearing worse than a tradie and having sex in front of camera's.

    And all wrapped together in a lovely every package, tied together with the ghastly host known as Gretel Kileen. Its a gift that never keeps giving, every single day of the week. Hopefully in 2006 network ten will raise the intelligence of its programming and remove Big Brother from its schedule.
  • Big Brother is about 12 housemates going into a house for a certain amount of time and they have to go through nominations, evictions and friday night live games.

    I really loved this year\'s Big Brother. It was so entertaining and interesting. I really loved Tim, Christie, Michael, Logan Greg and Geneva. But my favourite was The Friday Night Live games with Mike Goldman, Fryzie and Bree. This year\'s Big Brother was the best and Gretel Kileen did a fantastic job as the host.
  • Absolute rubbish

    I'm still astounded that Big Brother is so popular, and that some people actually begin to idolise some of the housemates and turn them into celebrities.

    How sitting around and talking about sweet f/a turns you into a celebrity is just incredible.

    I seem to be in the minority though, as the show continues to get good ratings here in Australia
  • Leading the way in reality television because its so simple.

    This show keeps it simple and is the most talked about show on TV.

    There isnt alot to it just watch people live like watching fish in a fish bowl. The show relys on peoples personallities. The public also enjoy it because they feel that anyone even they could be on it.
  • Used to be great, now just tacky. Bring back the normal people.

    I have no idea why Channel 10 felt the need to take BB to the gutter. It used to be fantastic with fun and interesting people who did not talk about sexual positions and object 24-7. Come on BB, bring back the normal people. I loved the previous years so hoping you will redeem yourself to Australia in 2006.
  • This isn't a bad show, it does have its moments

    I am perfectly fine with this show. Maybe Big Brother Uncut is very pornographic, which I agree with. The Daily Show is the one to watch if you want a PG rated show (Australia). Big Brother Uncut and Up-Late are the MA rated shows. The housemates have become single in BB05 and even sexier, but BB05 is very mysterious and secretive. I do not understand on what the problem is when parents say that Big Brother is not appropriate! It is not, ladies and gentlemen! The only inappropriate parts are when your children are sneaking away watching Uncut or Up-Late! Why do you think that the Daily Show, Eviction and Nominations are all rated PG? Seriously, you cannot think that MA should be the rating for EVERY Big Brother show broadcasted! Why do you think that the Daily Show's nudity is censored and swear words are beeped over?! I think that I have made my point...
  • Big Brother Uncut - A bad example for teenagers? I don't think so.

    There have been many disputes against Uncut, especially that it's not suitable for audiences in their teenage years. What people actually don't realise is that the majority of people who watch it are actually teenagers, being a teenager myself I know what I'm talking about. The reason teenagers watch uncut is because they are curious. They want to broaden their sexual knowledge to an extent where they know enough to realise what is good or what is bad. Big Brother Uncut can be informative, I myself have watched it a couple of times and I actually learned things that are quite informative. But I do agree that sometimes things shouldn't be shown- Let me tell you that someone picking through their pubic region is particularly flattering. So, what I think - Uncut should be 'lightened up' a bit, but still kept.
  • Big Brother Australia this year is the worst I have ever seen.

    I may be the editor of this show, but I think this is the most disgusting season yet! I am so disapointed with the disgusting comments of the housemates, they're all filthy, rude, and they really don't care if there is a camera infront of them or not. They may as well only play it at night, because all the material belongs on Uncut. And host Gretel Killeen doesn't help either. She is so past her prime, and on the Uncut show, she acts like an old bag! I'm very disapointed. At this rate, I hope it doesn't come back for another season if its going to be like this.
  • A cause for national shame.

    I have to admit it: I watch Big Brother. Now, after Season 1, the mystery and charm was gone, the housemates knew what they were in for and it became completely dull, year after year.

    Then came 2005.
    I don't know why I bothered tuning in, maybe I just wanted to give it a chance, maybe I'm secretly addicted to the show. Whatever the reason, I have BB05 it's chance, and it really didn't come off too badly.
    Channel 10 have gone out of their way to put the most abrasive, sexually frustrated people they could find in the house - after ensuring they were all single - and we've really seen some great sparks.
    The Uncut show is simple filth, but still draws over a million viewers weekly, because let's face it guys, we like filth.
    Add in the mayhem caused by the introduction of the Friday Night Games and we have the makings of a decent program. In a way, I want to see more once this season is completed, but at the same time I'm fully aware that the show simply won't extend successfully to another season, not after they pulled out all the stops this year.

    I cateogrized this 'underappreciated' not because it doesn't get the respect it deserves - because it is trashy drama at it's worst - but because I'd hazard the guess that only one in five people who watch BB05 are admitting to it.
    Oh, and aren't all the critics peering down heir noses at us so well informed for people who would *never* lower themselves to watching that level of filth?
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