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  • People who watch this show really need to get a life

    The show consists of eagertistical young people who really do not have a clue and are willing to subject their lives to the public for enjoyment, humiliation and self indulgence.I really do not get this show and how people can actually watch it and get excited..\\\\\\\\
    The thought of watching people in a housed environment was only to be done on animals, but I suppose when you have enough monet to throw at something, anything is possible, as we see in big brother ( does it really need to be capatilised??)
    All i hope is that i would never be self indulgent enough to want to appear on this show or others like it.

  • A show about a group of randoms going into a house where they sit around and complain, and only do tasks when they are forced to do so by big brother himself. Basically that’s what this show has to offer.

    I hate big brother with a fierce passion!!! First of all it's on at 7-7:30pm, which is kind of a family friendly time slot, or at least it's supposed to be! But with shows like Big Brother, it hardly makes Channel 10 family friendly for that half an hour.

    Oh sure they try to edit out the swearing with beeps, but they don't do it very well.
    And the's like they get worse every year...or there just the same personalities but one different people so it's like watching the same thing over and over.
    I mean really at one point the viewer doesn't the viewer have to be like ”hey that's kinda like last year, and they year before, and they year before that!”
    I mean people complain about 10 putting repeats of the Simpsons on...well when you think about it isn't that the same as big brother, because every year it's the same "drama".
    e.g. "I'm so angry, I thought everyone liked me and now I'm up for nomination!" "I hate that person so much let's have a fight with them over nothing!" "Gosh I wish they liked me the way I like them *sigh*"
    So c'mon Australia, as you hear that annoying theme song, pick up the remote change the channel or just turn off your TV.
  • one of the worst shows ever made.

    The show: Big Brother... throw a couple of people who've never met each other together, and put them in a house for three months without any contact with the outside world.

    The contestants: Mostly people with nothing better to do with their lives, who do nothing but dress up for the camera's everyday, parading actions which have no moral issues what-so-ever.

    Why do people watch? It gives them the opportunity to watch and laugh at the stupidity displayed by the characters on the show everyday.

    All together one of the worst... quite possibly THE worst show ever made in television history. The show does nothing but parade the contestants walking around in little clothes, crappy attitude, and absolutely no moral system at all.

    Oh.. and if theres any hope of even a score point of 1.1 (couldnt give it anything less than 1 for some reason) ... get a new host.
  • Big Brother is a reality series where a bunch of people are put into a house for 3 months and eventually people are voted out until you have a winner.

    Although previous years of Big Brother have been absolute tripe, this years was slightly more interesting for viewers, but by the time they reached the finale, it was so tiring that it was a waste of precious time to watch. By about the six or seventh week, the only thing you saw was cat fights and boys bullying each. If I want to see people fight I can watch boxing, which is also a horrible waste of sport.
    My Rating: Don't go near it with a ten foot pole.
  • Possibly the worst ever show on television, seeming that this show manages to pull an audience of over one million for an eviction show, really makes me question the intelligence of Australian's.

    Possibly the worst ever show on television, seeming that this show manages to pull an audience of over one million for an eviction show, really makes me question the intelligence of Australian's. How can anyone subject themselves to watching a group of people who must have been found in Redfern and Inala, sit around a house 24 hours a day participating in vulgar activities, swearing worse than a tradie and having sex in front of camera's.

    And all wrapped together in a lovely every package, tied together with the ghastly host known as Gretel Kileen. Its a gift that never keeps giving, every single day of the week. Hopefully in 2006 network ten will raise the intelligence of its programming and remove Big Brother from its schedule.
  • What rubbish.Hoo-ray it's axed.

    Big Brother is annoying,rude,selfish in every single way. I don't really need to say really anything because everyone knows the deal with this idiotic show. Why would you wanna go on this show? When you know something bad is going to happen, I mean just plain stupid. The contesants are very annoying as well. Nobbi from the last ever season was just a plain bully, Travis from the same season and his annoying girly voice. That is just an example of how annoying Big Brother contestants can be. So Big Brother: don't come back ever or face a court case by anti-Big Brother groups who will stop you and that will be led by me.
  • This show is a disgrase.

    Big Brother has sex scenes and lanaguage that is very rude. Like two housemates turkeyslapped a another housemate. It is inapporiate.It is disgusting.intruders is just a waste of time to keep the show going longer. Then there\\\\\\\'s Friday Night Live where the housemates play this stupid competiton to not be evicted on Sunday.
  • Used to be great, now just tacky. Bring back the normal people.

    I have no idea why Channel 10 felt the need to take BB to the gutter. It used to be fantastic with fun and interesting people who did not talk about sexual positions and object 24-7. Come on BB, bring back the normal people. I loved the previous years so hoping you will redeem yourself to Australia in 2006.
  • All good things must come to an end.

    All good things must come to an end.. This has been on its 5th series now? Just let it die already because I'm sick of this crap being on prime-time. We know there is trouble putting 14 people into a house togeather.. We understood that ther first time! sheesh.. I enjoyed the first Big brother though.
  • Big Brother rivetting show. Entertaining housemates. Strangers living together. Rules, tasks , evictions,nominations. Spin-off shows. Fabulous shows. Viewer interaction.

    Big Brother Australia has kept me rivetted to every show from the very first BB . It is entertaining, unpredictable, spontaneous, surprising, funny, sad (at times) and as I said before, rivetting. When the \'housemates\' enter the house they are a group of strangers, but by the time each one leaves he/she becomes like a friend (or not)to both other housemates and the public. It is very exciting to see how friendships and rivalries develop in the house and how each one is affected by the different rules, tasks, interaction ,nominations, evictions of the house. I love every aspect of the show, and the spin-off shows like BB Uplate and Friday Night Games. There is also viewer interaction with voting and internet sites. I cannot wait each year for Big Brother to begin again. I hope it continues every year.
  • Absolute rubbish

    I'm still astounded that Big Brother is so popular, and that some people actually begin to idolise some of the housemates and turn them into celebrities.

    How sitting around and talking about sweet f/a turns you into a celebrity is just incredible.

    I seem to be in the minority though, as the show continues to get good ratings here in Australia
  • What is the point if this show?

    I am not much of a fan of any reality show but until Big Brother I thought people like these shows for a reason. However, when Big Brother appeared on australian tv I knew that it was a complete waste of tv time. I don't see the appeal of a bunch of people in a house talking, usually about nothing interesting at all. Some people are mentioning that the show is going downhill but I don't see any difference at all. Big Brother cuts in to all of the great shows that they have on channel 10 and personally, I believe they should have cancelled it in season 1.
    Reality shows are at the bottom rung of my tv list and big brother is at the bottom of that category. Bring back sitcoms.
  • Big Brother Australia this year is the worst I have ever seen.

    I may be the editor of this show, but I think this is the most disgusting season yet! I am so disapointed with the disgusting comments of the housemates, they're all filthy, rude, and they really don't care if there is a camera infront of them or not. They may as well only play it at night, because all the material belongs on Uncut. And host Gretel Killeen doesn't help either. She is so past her prime, and on the Uncut show, she acts like an old bag! I'm very disapointed. At this rate, I hope it doesn't come back for another season if its going to be like this.
  • Tasteless and only good for a perv.

    Only gets 1 due to the fact that some serious hot chicks have come out of it. Otherwise a completely distasteful and tactless show. I would be lying if I said that i've never seen an episode but I guess my voyeristic side got the best of me and I wanted to see what it was like to live in a house full of air headed bimbos and ball-brained men.

    I can see the appeal of the show, a look inside the mind of individuals, but I cant help but feel that the whole thing has been manipulated and concoted in such a way that we really dont see whats actually going on for real. Anyways, avoid it at all costs, you get to know more about the 'inmates' through reading an article about them in Zoo magazine :P
  • Big Brother is the best show on the planet!!... If you're a monekey!

    How can i sum up Big Brother in as little time as possible:

    This is the worst series ever created! I can't beleive it got on the air or got picked up in the first place. The most strongest of my hatred for the show is, The rape incident should've got the show down the tube and in a lot of trouble, that was just so bad, I can't beleive our government didn't stand up for its people and can the show for good. Another thing from the second season onward it is just truly unorigonal I mean it's the same thing each and every time, cry cry cry cry, someone wins! Another of my hatreds is that Big Brother is one of the most bitter people or things ever, and he is always right, and the roommates just talk &**& about him behind his back, I hate them.

    Well there I got out my thoughts on big brother, and one more thing the only reason that got this show a 1.0 is that some chicks, ******* they may be, however they're really hot.

    -an opinionated captaindillo and yeah that was the minimum amount of time for describing the show...
  • A disgrace to telivision. Channel 10, remove it immediately!

    This show is just awful! How it lasted past 1 Season amazes me! For starters, it's completly unoriginal and borrows ideas from other versions of the games, the housemates are boring and the show itself is ridiculous. The majority of it is people sitting around a table talking about the most pure garbage. It's boring, pointless and why it's still on is beyond me.

    It needs to be taken off telivision. It's overrated! Reality Telivision has been bad for awhile, this is just hitting rock bottom! A show about people in a house talking? Gee, if I wanted to watch that i'd videotape myself!

    It's bad and one of my least favourite shows. Take it off Channel 10!
  • One of the worst shows to appear on Australian Television that along with the problem already with this that has previously result in it ending up in the headlines. Along with the show running overtime.

    The problems that I see with big brother may be biased as a result to my overpowering dislike of reality television maybe the reason behind why I dislike Big Brother so much. Also the fact that the show is aimed and marketed directly at a younger audience then some of the dialogue or conversations as well as action by the contestants would not be accepted in normal society among the intended audience. The other main thing about big brother that annoys me is the fact that on channel ten it constantly runs over time by sometimes only a five to ten minutes but sometimes it tends to run over time by up to a half an hour to three quarters of an hour making my attempts to record show that are on later that night is a nightmare with times being out of the scheduled times resulting in recording only part of a show.
  • This is, and always has been, an utter pile of s***.

    Watching stupid arrogant idiots do stupid arrogant things is what this show is all about.

    The sheer fact that people actually enjoy watching brain-dead bogans complain, is disgusting.

    Watching it is just the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself. I'm pretty sure it actually kills your braincells, making you as utterly worthless as the idiots displayed on this piece of trash. Appalling.
  • Interesting Idea, novelty wore off quick though.

    This show was like nothing I had ever seen before at the start, but this novelty wore off quite quickly with boring housemates and pathetic twists and rule changes.

    If you watch a whole season of this you will be well and truly tired at the end of it. Honestly I couldn't handle it but with Big Brother daily show, Big Brother friday games, Big Brother up-late, Big Brother Un-Cut and Big Brother Evictions there is just way too much of these people shown.
  • alright show.

    this show is o.k i guess like i mean it's interesting to like have your vote and stuff like australian idol but it's just a bit boring sometimes like they should make it more interesting it's funny to watch but now like it just gets to the point where they talk about love so much it's like 'oh will u just be queit or i'll change it back to disney!'it's o.k i guess if your really big on reality tv and i like some reality tv shows but i'm not that big of a fan u can check my profile faves if you dad used to watch this show all the time and most of the time i'd put my i-pod on soo yeah but the bits and peices i saw were o.k i guess i suppose i recommend this to people who r into reality tv.ok,well there u go thats my review!bye!
  • Big Brother '07. What exactly was to expect. A ridiculous show but yet some what addictive.

    Big Brother Australia. What exactly was to expect. A reality show full of boring conversation and imagination. 3 months in a closed in house spent with the same people is a tough task. The housemates have to learn to live with each other and to live without their family. Season 7 is underway and like usual it is the same to the previous 6 seasons however there is the odd twist or turn. Big Brother is on some level entertaining to watch if you want a quick laugh. The housemates can sometimes go crazy and there is a lot of conflict in the house.
  • Throw some strangers into a house and give them no contact with the outside world. Well, it started out mildly amusing but with no plot to lose it desperately needs to find one now.

    What started out as a half interesting social experiment hosted by a pop cultural feminist writer has ended up a boring annual rehash fronted by a producers' puppet. What made reality show Big Brother interesting to begin with was the thought that these strangers off the street could literally go off the rails and give us some long needed surprises as their unscripted antics and personality clashes were brought to the boil. With a dozen or so people locked away from the rest of the world, with every move scrutinised, there was a promise of something, especially as they were verbally poked and jabbed by anti-TV personality host Gretel Killeen. But somewhere along the way the spaontaneity has eroded away. Soon the highlight became watching to see when Killeen would next spit the dummy because one of the housemates again went against the producers' wishes: an unexpected political protest was chastised by Killeen, a gay kiss was cut away from, discussion of a sexual incident was quashed and Killeen continually spoke over any householder who dared speak up against producers' manipulation of housemates. Hey, this is the stuff that's interesting! Instead, housemates were auditioned as if for a catwalk cattlecall, housemates attempted to use their time in the house to launch embarrassing attempts at showbiz careers (singers, actors, quiz show host wannabes crawling out of every corner of the BB house and live feeds became heavily censored. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn.
  • Big Brother is BACK, baby! 08 season is a bit of a corker!

    'Tis a difficult thing to review so early in the season. I mean, it's a lot of carry-on, drama, colour and movement, but essentially not much more. At this stage of the game, I feel a bit like a one-year old whose parents are dangling the keys at me to get my attention.

    Having said all that, my attention they've got! It's all trash and glamour with housemates like the fabulous Brigitte, whose Paris fixation got tongues wagging from the get-go. And muscle boys like Nobbi and David whose shower scenes are very easy on the eye. We've got some potential controversy BB-style with opinionated bigmouths such as Saxon, a professional boofhead, and Terri who at 52 is the oldest person in the BB house ever (if you don't count Gretel Killeen on her many visists). And the much-maligned "party boy" Corey, whose five minutes of fame is looking somewhat relentless - for good or for bad? That's for us to decide.

    Of course there are those who aren't actually likeable per se, but aren't yet overtly offensive enough to warrant a strong opinion one way or the other. But the likes of Bianca, Alice and Ben can't fence sit for too long without some sort of consequence falling upon them.

    Major changes to this season are really yet to show their face. Other than the spectacular inclusion of BB Big Mouth 9.30pm Wednesday nights. Tony Squires and Rebecca Wilson gab on about the psuedo-intellectual social aspect of the series, and then seemlessly move onto trashy nudie shots of the housemates that Ten aren't able to show during the family hour. Ex-housemates come on to give their two cents worth, and the constant attack that an ignorant and annoying media tend to give the show is finally addressed in a calm and rational manner, each week. Do NOT miss this show!

    So with the first eviction coming this Sunday, who can we kiss goodbye? Dixie is already infuriating with her teary demeanour. If you can't take the heat stay out of the spa bath, Dixie! And save your tears for more substantial dramas later on, like when you reveal the truth about a dying relative or a secret past. And speaking of secret past, what is Travis' story? Someone out there knows and it's bound to be juicy, but juicy enough to keep him in, or chuck him out?

    On a more analytical human behaviourist side , this season doesn't appear to have pushed the envelope, so much as just set people up for conflict. It's a time honoured TV tradition, and if it aín't broke don't try and fix it I guess.

    Best line of the series so far goes to Brigitte: Terri started chastising her for putting on makeup and tarting herself up of a night time, and without blinking Brigitte reminded her, "We are on camera, you know!" Indeed you are, Brigitte. Indeed you are.
  • so bad it's good.

    "it's not the big emma house, it's the big brother house" haha loves it. so glad nick is gone though.
    it's such a stupid show but i can't stop watching it.
    love friday night games, it is the best part of big brother. i laugh myself silly everytime!!
    bree, fitzy and mike are really funny too.
    so sick of jamie and his werid staring. he should get voted off as soon as possible.
    joel is so funny. i love his voices and the way he talks is so funny. i think to win, if it was a guy, joel and a girl, susannah or aleisha.
    i don't know yet. see how it goes. its a pretty good season though.
  • less sexs and more game on

    Big brother is a classic Aus realitit tv show. This season is a good come back from lest season (year) less sex and more game on. friday night live is a good thing to tell the housemates (cast) again "Big brother is not a holday its a game". My Feb tv shows on big brother are Friday night live and up late and my feb season was in 2004 season 4. The host of Friday night live and up late Mike Goldman is my feb host and Bree Amer and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald too. My feb season of housemates was season 4 and my feb housemates was Bree and Fitzy.
  • Big Brother is the best reality show Australia has ever had. It is a very addictive show.

    Big Brother (Australia) is my absolute favourite show currently on TV.

    Gretel Killen does amazing job at hosting the show. Big Brother gets millions of viewers attracted to it.

    I personally like watching the Evictions which are air every Sunday and the Nominations which air every Monday, but my personal favourite would have to be the "Friday Night Live" games. It's always interesting to see who would win the games.

    Big Brother Uncut is the best i've seen. Most Australian viewers complain that it's a rood show and should be take off the TV. I completely disagree with those people

    I would recommend Big Brother to the whole of Australia.
  • Leading the way in reality television because its so simple.

    This show keeps it simple and is the most talked about show on TV.

    There isnt alot to it just watch people live like watching fish in a fish bowl. The show relys on peoples personallities. The public also enjoy it because they feel that anyone even they could be on it.
  • The first season was excellent and after that is just deveolped a habbit of getting worse and worse. Until season 5 where everything changed and the show became an absoloute hit again. I think season 6 will be really good...

    Big brother Australia began in 2001 with excellent ratings. Every year after that it just became more pathetic and stupid, until 2005 where they reintroduced it and I loved it once more.

    In season 5 (2005) they introduced the friday night games, everyone being single and much more. I personally thought that this year was better that the first. Although ratings are now higher than ever, oldies still hate it.

    I think the whole idea of yound people living together 24/7 and given set tasks is excellent. This was always the basics of Big Brother until they changed alot (In a good way) in 2005. 2006 is going to be really good because there is this truth or lie thing, a 'world first' and we get to have more to do with the house.
  • Big Brother is about 12 housemates going into a house for a certain amount of time and they have to go through nominations, evictions and friday night live games.

    I really loved this year\'s Big Brother. It was so entertaining and interesting. I really loved Tim, Christie, Michael, Logan Greg and Geneva. But my favourite was The Friday Night Live games with Mike Goldman, Fryzie and Bree. This year\'s Big Brother was the best and Gretel Kileen did a fantastic job as the host.
  • This isn't a bad show, it does have its moments

    I am perfectly fine with this show. Maybe Big Brother Uncut is very pornographic, which I agree with. The Daily Show is the one to watch if you want a PG rated show (Australia). Big Brother Uncut and Up-Late are the MA rated shows. The housemates have become single in BB05 and even sexier, but BB05 is very mysterious and secretive. I do not understand on what the problem is when parents say that Big Brother is not appropriate! It is not, ladies and gentlemen! The only inappropriate parts are when your children are sneaking away watching Uncut or Up-Late! Why do you think that the Daily Show, Eviction and Nominations are all rated PG? Seriously, you cannot think that MA should be the rating for EVERY Big Brother show broadcasted! Why do you think that the Daily Show's nudity is censored and swear words are beeped over?! I think that I have made my point...
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