Big Brother (Australia)

Daily 7:00 PM on Channel Nine Premiered Apr 01, 2001 In Season





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  • Big Brother rivetting show. Entertaining housemates. Strangers living together. Rules, tasks , evictions,nominations. Spin-off shows. Fabulous shows. Viewer interaction.

    Big Brother Australia has kept me rivetted to every show from the very first BB . It is entertaining, unpredictable, spontaneous, surprising, funny, sad (at times) and as I said before, rivetting. When the \'housemates\' enter the house they are a group of strangers, but by the time each one leaves he/she becomes like a friend (or not)to both other housemates and the public. It is very exciting to see how friendships and rivalries develop in the house and how each one is affected by the different rules, tasks, interaction ,nominations, evictions of the house. I love every aspect of the show, and the spin-off shows like BB Uplate and Friday Night Games. There is also viewer interaction with voting and internet sites. I cannot wait each year for Big Brother to begin again. I hope it continues every year.