Big Brother (Australia) - Season 6

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Episode Guide

  • Day 100 - Finale
    Day 100 - Finale
    Episode 66
    After 100 days in the house, it all came down to one huge finale night! We watched as all the former evictees re-entered the house to see finalists Jamie and Camilla, we remembered with fondness some of the big moments from the past three and a half months, we clapped along as Danielle, accompanied by her fellow evictees, sang "Underneath the Radar", and we were on the edge of our seats as Gretel announced that the winner of Big Brother 2006 was Jamie!moreless
  • Day 99 - The Final Eviction
    Doesn't it make sense that the most emotional eviction yet was the final eviction of 2006? From Max's dancing with Gretel on stage to David's long-awaited reunion with partner Sherif, Day 99 proved to be a huge night of television. Equally important, however, is how the stage is set for tomorrow's finale - only Jamie and Camilla remain in the house, and one of them will come away as the winner of Big Brother 2006!moreless
  • Day 99 - Surprise Visit
    The final weekend of BB06 begins with the four remaining housemates sharing an intimate lunch date with Big Brother. While they happily chatted, conversed, and flirted in the Diary Room, David, Max, and Jamie's mothers and Camilla's best friend Laura entered the house and left some gifts for their loved ones. Tears and joy flowed from all four final Housemates when they realised that they had been paid a very special visit.moreless
  • Day 97 - The Prize Fight
    The Prize Fight returned in 2006 as the final four Housemates were given a chance to reclaim some of the $800,000 that had been lost over the course of the series. The night saw some of the most challenging (and quickest) games yet, as Housemates were made to climb a diagonal rope ladder in under 20 seconds, smash through 10 walls of foam within 10 seconds, score penalty goals against FNL co-host Fitzy, and finally take a giant leap of faith off a platform raised high in the air. By the end of the night, over $300,000 was won back, increasing the prize money to $511,000 for whoever the winner is on Monday's finale.moreless
  • Day 95 - Surprise Eviction
    As to whether or not it was actually a surprise to the Housemates was debatable, but the fact is by the end of the night they had been reduced from five to four, as Chris was evicted with 69% of the merged vote. Following this, all of the final four HMs were nominated for the upcoming Sunday eviction.moreless
  • Day 93 - Live Nominations #13
    With five Housemates and exactly one week remaining, it was time to really cut down the numbers in the house, and this was the HMs' last chance to have any power over who would be leaving in the next eviction. In the final nominations for 2006, it was Max, Chris and Jamie who were initially put up. But Jamie used his 3-point power to save himself, and succeeded, but in the process put the remaining two, David and Camilla up in his place.moreless
  • Day 92 - Double Eviction
    Deep down, the Housemates no doubt expected this to be a typical "get rid of the easy targets" kind of night, but it was anything but - for it was not new Housemates Max and Chris who got the boot, but two originals, as first Claire and then Krystal were evicted via the exit room.moreless
  • Day 90 - Friday Night Live #12
    The Housemates celebrated Christmas in July with games including shaky sleighs, spelling competitions, conveyor belts, and reindeer poo! Jamie made it two in a row, and chose to take Chris with him into the Rewards Room, where he chose from six boxes to win a new scooter!
  • Day 86 - Live Nominations #12
    With a double eviction coming up (though the HMs don't know it), and the numbers running so low, nominations are more important than ever. Perhaps surprising some, the two new Housemates, Max and Chris, were not the sole targets tonight. Although they were both put up, so too were original HMs David, Krystal and Claire.moreless
  • Day 85 - Live Eviction #11
    Only two weeks left, and the numbers are slowly being cut down. Tonight, Darren is evicted with 73% of the merged vote.
  • Day 83 - Friday Night Live #11
    It was a French-themed night in the games arena, with HMs taking part in baguette fights, frog hopping, and housemate snail racing. In the end Jamie defeated Darren and took Camilla with him into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 80 - The New Housemates
    Big Brother decided it was necessary to fill the gap left by John and Ashley, and so, with only three weeks remaining, sent in two new male Housemates - Max and Chris.
  • Day 79 - Live Nominations #11
    Despite using the three-point twist on himself, Darren couldn't save himself from being an ingredient in the nomination pie. This week Camilla, Darren, David, and Krystal face the public vote.
  • Day 78 - Live Eviction #10
    Suddenly, the house became a lot quieter - as Intruder Perry became the 13th evictee.
  • Day 76 - Friday Night Live #11
    Darren won these American-themed games, choosing to take Krystal into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 72 - Live Nominations #10
    After David used his three-point twist to save Darren, the nominees were Perry, Krystal, and David.
  • Day 71: Live Eviction #9
    After already losing two HMs the previous day due to rule breaching, this eviction provided a stressful end to a very stressful two days as Gaelan got given the marching orders by the voting public.
  • Day 69: Friday Night Live #10
    David became a two-time winner as he emerged victorious in tonight's Asian-themed games.
  • Day 67: Housemates on Trial
    It was time once again to see how truthful the HMs were being, as one by one they were asked a series of audience-submitted questions and evaluated by a Layered Voice Analysis system.
  • Day 65: Live Nominations #9
    With numbers slowly dwindling, Big Brother reminded the HMs that their power to nominate was more important now than ever. With that in mind, it was Camilla, David, Krystal, and first-timer Gaelan who were put up for this week's vote.
  • Day 64: Live Eviction #8
    It was a special double eviction this week. Firstly, the HMs were ordered by BB to nominate one of the three new intruders to evict. Lauren earned a single point more than Perry, leading to her immediate eviction. Then, it came down to the public's vote, and we saw earlier intruder and "Super Bitch" Rob get booted out.moreless
  • Day 62: Friday Night Live #9
    It's bug night! Claire overcame giant fans and thousands of cockroaches to take out this weeks' games. She took Rob with her into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 60: Intruders Incoming
    Big Brother decided that it was time for some new personalities in the house, and so unleashed Perry, Darren, and finally Lauren on the excited housemates.
  • Day 58: Adults Only #7
    The final Adults Only.
  • Day 58: Live Nominations #8
    Camilla, Rob, and Jamie gained the most nominations. John tried to save Jamie with the three-point twist, but Jamie had enough nomination points that no difference was made.
  • Day 57: Live Eviction #7
    Apparently the public had had enough of power couple JamKat as Katie was thrown out of the house via the exit room.
  • Day 55: Friday Night Live #8
    It was London night in the arena, and at the end of it John came out on top. He chose to take birthday girl Claire into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 51: Adults Only #6
  • Day 51: Live Nominations #7
    Refusing to save himself, David used his three-point twist on Ashley, leaving David, Jamie, and Katie up for this week's public vote.
  • Day 50 - Live Eviction #6
    We're halfway through Big Brother 2006, and it's time to evict another Housemate! This time, with 44% of the merged vote, it was Intruder Danielle who felt the public's wrath and became the latest evictee.
  • Day 48 - Friday Night Live #7
    World Cup fever was about as the housemates competed for this week's cup of life! The final round came down to Camilla and David in a penalty shootout. After going into overtime, Big Brother decided that Camilla had hesitated too long as she took a kick and David was declared the winner.moreless
  • Day 44 - Adults Only #5
  • Day 44 - Live Nominations #6
    With some of the biggest personalities now on the outside, it was Rob, Danielle, and once again Camilla who found themselves up this week. Katie's three-point twist made no difference on the nominees.
  • Day 43 - Live Eviction #5
    It was another double eviction, and we saw as first Jade and then Dino were voted out of the house.
  • Day 41 - Friday Night Live #6
    It's Caribbean night! And after some intense limbo-ing and some giant ten-pin bowling, it was Katie who emerged victorious. Obviously, she chose Jamie to take into the rewards room.
  • Day 38 - Under the Radar
    The results from the special vote are in, and the public has decided that Krystal and John are flying under the radar and not having enough impact on the house. The nominees for eviction this week are now Dino, Jade, Camilla, Krystal, and John.
  • Day 37 - Adults Only #4
  • Day 37 - Live Nominations #5
    By the end of the night, it was Camilla, Jade, and Dino up for eviction. But, unknown to the Housemates, a special 24-hour vote was opened to the public to select two more Housemates to be nominated, with the potential nominees coming from the results of the lie detector test done on the weekend. Big Brother encouraged the viewers to vote for who they saw as being "under the radar" in the house.moreless
  • Day 36 - Truth, Lies, Eviction

    The night began as we watched the Housemates be subjected, one by one, to an intense round of questioning by Big Brother. Their answers to the questions were then put through a voice stress analysis test, to determine how truthful they were being.

    The night continued as any Sunday night would - with the eviction of a housemate. This week, it was time up for the game-player Michael.

  • Day 34 - Friday Night Live #5
    The housemates had to face their fears in a horror-themed night of games. In the final round, Danielle got the victory over Krystal to become this week's champion.
  • Day 30 - Adults Only #3
  • Day 30 - Live Nominations #4
    By the end of the night it's Michael, Camilla, and John who are facing eviction this week.
  • Day 29 - Live Eviction #3
    The public decided that they had had enough of the outspoken Anna, giving her the boot with 25% of the merged vote.
  • Day 27 - Friday Night Live #4
    It was rocker night! Gaelan took it out this week, taking Krystal with him into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 24 - Intruders
    Day 24 - Intruders
    Episode 22

    It was the most dramatic night in the house so far this year. It began with Big Brother dropping a bombshell on the housemates as he revealed Michael had been an Insider, secretly working against the house, since week one. There were more than a few tears flowing.

    Then, adding to the emotion the HMs were already feeling, over the course of the next several hours, Big Brother unleashed three intruders into the house. By the end of the night, the housemates had been joined by Rob, Jade, and Danielle.

  • Day 23 - Adults Only #2
  • Day 23 - Live Nominations #3
    Ashley, Camilla, Krystal, Anna, and David got nominated for eviction.
  • Day 22 - Live Eviction #2
    The public votes Karen, with 36% of the merged vote, to be the third official evictee.
  • Day 20 - Friday Night Live #3
    It was "Back to work" night, and we saw Michael winning the office-themed games to become this week's champion.
  • Day 16 - Adults Only #1
    Gretel Killeen presents some of the things you don't get to see at 7:00.
  • Day 16 - Live Nominations #2
    As week three began, the HMs were once again put under the nomination microscope. As a reward for succeeding in his secret task in the previous week, Michael was immune from nomination (which was lucky for him, as he had enough points to be up). Dino was also up initially, but used his three-point twist to save himself, leaving Karen, Krystal, and Camilla as our nominees for this week.moreless
  • Day 15 - Live Eviction #1
    The first official eviction for 2006 saw the housemates shocked as not one, but two of their own were kicked out of the house. Tilli had the majority of the public votes and so was the first evictee of Season 6, but she was soon followed by Elise, who had never managed to come out of her shell.moreless
  • Day 13 - Friday Night Live #2
    In a farmyard-themed night, Dino took out the prizes, but only after incurring two $5,000 fines and earning the ire of his fellow HMs with his rough behaviour. He chose to take Claire into the Rewards Room.
  • Day 10 - Revenge Room Return
    As well as the usual Daily Show updates, we went live to the house to take a look at John's 21st birthday party, and Big Brother's present for him - Camilla and Anna, who have passed their revenge task and been allowed back into the house!
  • Big Brother: Unforgettable
    A special look back at all the biggest and most memorable moments from the first five years of Big Brother.
  • Day 9 - Live Nominations #1
    In the first official round of nominations for 2006, Elise, Tilli, and Ashley were at the top of the tally board. But Gaelan, using his three-point twist, saved Ashley, which caused Claire and Dino to be put up aswell. And Michael, for failing his first Insider task, was automatically up, making it a total of five Housemates in line for the upcoming double eviction.moreless
  • Day 9 - Daily Show
    Day 9 - Daily Show
    Episode 10
    All the fallout from Sunday night, where the secret relationship was revealed and Anna and Camilla were (supposedly) evicted from the house.
  • Day 8 - Surprise Eviction
    In a night of twists, Karen and Krystal revealed their secret relationship to the shocked Housemates (especially Michael, who had failed to pick them for his secret task), and not only one, but two Housemates were evicted, from the HM's own vote. But it wasn't an actual eviction: Anna and Camilla were instead led into a secret "Revenge Room", where they will spend the next 48 hours getting their revenge on those who voted them out by secretly sabotaging the house.moreless
  • Day 8 - Daily Show
    Day 8 - Daily Show
    Episode 8
    In a big one hour daily show, catch up on all the weekend action from the Big Brother house.
  • Day 6 - Friday Night Live #1

    The first Friday Night Games for 2006 had a stone-age theme. The HMs went through four rounds, with Gaelan being crowned the eventual winner.

    See recap for a full rundown.

  • Day 6 - Daily Show
    Day 6 - Daily Show
    Episode 6
    The latest from the Big Brother house.
  • Day 5 - Daily Show
    Day 5 - Daily Show
    Episode 5
    David exits the diary room and tells everyone to sit in the lounge room. They're all sitting down and listening to him while he's standing and talking about things the housemates don't know about him. David tells the housemates that it's been really hard, but he hasn't been completely honest with them. Then he starts talking about the speed dating task and says "I wouldn't normally be speed dating where guys are on one side and girls are on the other. I'd be speed dating where guys are on one side and guys are on the other." Then he finally comes out and tells everyone "I'm the token farmer and the token gay guy." Everyone is proud of him that he's comfortable with his sexuality and they all start clapping and cheering for him, that is, everyone except Camilla. She's still sitting on the sofa with eyes full of tears. David later calls her to the bathroom and cheers her up.moreless
  • Day 4 - Daily Show
    Day 4 - Daily Show
    Episode 4
    Big Brother gave the housemates a weekly task. This week's task is called 'Line Up'. In the first weekly task, Housemates had to line themselves from 'Most' to 'Least' according to each of Big Brother's queries. Before another line-up, Big Brother called his insider (Michael) to the diary room. He asked Michael which male housemate he thought was the most and least hunky. Michael decided that Jamie was the most hunky and Ashley was the least hunky. Then Big Brother told Michael to make sure that Jamie was at the 'Most' signpost and Ashley was at the 'Least' signpost. Michael completed the task successfully. Big Brother decided that the housemates were losing too much money on microphone fines, so now, whoever receives a fine for not wearing their microphone will be individually punished. Dino was punished by having to remove two single mattresses from the bedroom and take them into the diary room.moreless
  • Day 3 - Daily Show
    Day 3 - Daily Show
    Episode 3
    Michael has been made Big Brother's Insider, and we watch as he begins his secret investigation into which two housemates have an existing relationship. Can Karen and Krystal keep the secret?
  • Day 2 - The Insider
    Big Brother decided he wanted an 'insider'; someone who would undertake secret missions to sabotage the housemates and the tasks. A 24-hour public vote chose Michael to be the Insider. Mikey happily accepted, and was immediately given his first task: find out which two housemates have an existing relationship, and what that relationship is!moreless
  • Day 1 - Launch
    Day 1 - Launch
    Episode 1

    Big Brother 2006 begins! 15 new housemates entered an all-new house, and it was revealed to us that two housemates, Karen and Krystal, are actually mother and daughter! If they can keep this a secret for a week, they will both receive immunity from the first round of nominations. If they are found out, they will both be immediately nominated.

    It was also revealed that this year Big Brother wants to have an insider who will be secretly working with him. In the auditions, three housemates claimed that they would "do anything" for the $1 million. Big Brother put these three into a public SMS vote, with the 'winner' to be announced the following night.